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The analogy principle that if can be being bought,gearshift bicycle applies when large special material machines equipment, can obtain better result. People buys gearshift bike is for recreation or take exercise, but riding when going, always use 3 two speed change that feel the most comfortable to block however. Cycle track athlete and the athlete that other passes good training pay close attention to annulus law already each components of cycle racing, the dominant position that uses each parts again at the same time (frame, foot step, gearing, wheel, etc) when climbing slope in order to no matter be,win motorcycle race, still ride in flat when travel most the output of high-power. To a lot of job shops, the work of high temperature alloy that processes high strenth is like climb slope general hardship. To solve this problem, machine tool manufacturer raises the tigidity of milling machine and lathe, improve the measurement of the damping function of main shaft and machine tool structural frame, improved motor performance; These measure are to can provide needs big cutting power, reduce harmful machine tool vibration at the same time, the treatment quality that reduces workpiece in order to avoid and shorten the service life of cutting tool. In titanium material treatment, to make cutting tool system achieves optimization, achieve the oldest metallic excision rate, need pays close attention to the machine tool performance that provides cutting power output particularly, the cutting blade of cutting cutting tool and workpiece contact the character of place, and the connection place of machine tool and cutting tool - main shaft coupling device. In April 2012, company of Mitsui Seiki of machine tool manufacturer (root of Er of new jersey low) with cutting tool and supplier of knife handle product Kennajin is belonged to (law Ni Yazhou draws guest on the west Teluobu) cooperate together, to titanium material (Ti-6Al-4V) workpiece undertook machining a test; The test uses a machine tool to be machining center of horizontal of Mitsui-Seiki HPX63 CNC, 4 Kennajin were used to belong to cutting tool product in the test, every cutting tool used coupling device of KM4X 100 main shaft. The main design standard of machine tool HPX63 includes size of a large cutting, diameter of the biggest treatment is 1050 millimeter, workpiece height (Y axis) can be 1050 millimeter most. X axis journey is 1000 millimeter, z axis journey is 900 millimeter, tray dimension is 630 millimeter. Rotate speed of B axis revolving stage can amount to 12 Rpm, have tall torque, quicken fast performance. Floating rate is rapid, can amount to 32 meters / minute, acceleration / decelerate is spent for 0.

5G, cutting feed rate is 12 meters / minute. This machine tool is designed for accurate treatment only, adoption metallurgy technology makes cast has the biggest tigidity, course of slippery course of axial of main shaft box quenchs, grinding, handiwork is blown grind processing. Fixed position precision and repeat fixed position precision for 0.

001 millimeter. The main shaft device of Mitsui machine tool can undertake be compensatinged automatically to temperature change, do not need time of » of » heat engine. This company offers a variety of main shaft to choose plan, in order to satisfy the need of user choice straight drive and positive drive, and the need to different torque and rotate speed. Altogether, HPX-63 machine tool has good consistence, tigidity, with the accuracy, suit to be opposite very much steel of alloy of titanium, chromic ferronickel, tool, stainless steel, and the treatment of aluminous material, apply to part of prototype of aerospace industry, energy industry, compressor, mould, clamping apparatus and tool equipment, car to make, and treatment of general high accuracy. To make cutting tool system achieves optimization, coupling device of requirement main shaft can the biggest change the ground to transfer machine tool power. Product of most cutting tool is integral type cutting tool on the market, main shaft clamping force is relatively inferior. The tigidity of coupling device is very finite, and radial cooperates need maintain be worth in the least provision. Contact function to obtain stable end panel, need very close together tolerancepublic errand order and degree, accordingly finished cost rises considerably. Main shaft coupling device agrees the coupling device of KM main shaft that the KM4XTM that accept metal company produces is new generation. Although some coupling device can deliver high-power torque, but before achieving the biggest torque, the likelihood bending quadrature that cutting force produces has exceeded coupling device can susceptive limit. The design of 3 surface contact of KM4XTM device increased stability, optimized clamping force distributing and be filled with too cooperate. Accordingly, the function of the quadrature that defy a turn of this device is 3 times of system of other knife handle. In checking cutting to machine, HPX63 provided the main shaft unit of big torque high power; Most high-power is 26/22 KW, the biggest torque is 1082 Nm. Coupling device of KM4X100 main shaft can form the clamping force of 85 KNm, be HSK100 device 2 times much, be BT50 device 3 times (the clamping force of these two device is 40kNm and 25kNm respectively) . Cutting used 4 different cutting cutting tool in cutting tool test, it is respectively (1) 203.

The end panel milling cutter of 2 millimeter diameter, contain 7 square but dislocation razor blade; (2) the end panel milling cutter of an identical diameter, contain 7 round bit; (3) 76.

21 millimeter diameter, 228.

The corn milling cutter of 6 millimeter length (HARVI UltraTM) , contain 5 helix platoon, there are 11 bits on every helix platoon, and (4) the flat bottom of diameter of a 125 millimeter but dislocation is gotten (FBI) , contain 6 but dislocation razor blade. Nextpage has enough power output because of machine tool and main shaft, and main shaft coupling device has outstanding clamping force, test treatment result is very outstanding. The metallic excision rate of milling cutter of end panel of quadrate razor blade was achieved 88.

74 cubic metre centimeter / minute, main shaft speed is 64 Min-1, cutting deepness is 12 millimeter, cutting width is 45 millimeter, feed rate is 164.

3 millimeter / minute. 73 Min-1 is in main shaft speed, cutting width is 177.

8 millimeter, cutting deepness is 3 millimeter, feed rate is 88.

9 millimeter / minute below the condition, the metallic excision rate of milling cutter of end panel of circular razor blade is 47.

42 cubic metre centimeter / minute. Milling cutter of HARVI UltraTM corn can undertake the cutting of X axis and Y axis direction at the same time, 171 Min-1 is in main shaft speed, feed rate is 101.

6 millimeter / minute, cutting deepness is 40 millimeter, cutting width is 76.

The rate of excision of the biggest metal below 21 millimeter condition can amount to 309 cubic metre centimeter / minute. FBI getting got a smooth bottom outlet on titanium material workpiece, 102 Min-1 is in main shaft speed, feed rate is 10.

2 millimeter / minute, bore diameter falls for 125 millimeter condition, metallic excision rate is 125.

2 cubic metre centimeter / minute. After drilling the first hole, rotate workpiece on main shaft 45 degrees of horn, get an inclined bore again, inclined bore crosses the bore brim point of the first aperture. Although machine a process to be serious interrupted cutting, machine tool and broach show good performance. Function optimization and convention or general-purpose machine tool photograph is compared, the metallic excision rate that HPX63 is processing titanium alloy work can rise 1.

5-2 times. Coupling device of KM4X main shaft has enough clamping force and had used be filled with cooperate means, add man-hour to be able to use higher rotate speed, torque output is the biggest change. The machines efficiency and cutting tool cutting function of the machine tool gets remarkable promotion. In addition, the function of coupling device of KM4X100 main shaft can reach the performance level of HSK125; Not only such, still can avoid to use main shaft of train in excess specified length, large the arm that change a knife, library of large cutting tool, and the element that other can add a machine tool to cover an area of area device. Use correct cutting tool and main shaft coupling device to be able to reduce the size of the machine tool, mix in titanium material treatment efficiency improves significantly in treatment of material of alloy of other difficult cutting. Main shaft coupling device can ensure the function of cutting tool is achieved the biggest change, can develop the cutting blade, milling cutter, broach, property with lathe tool adequately, improve treatment efficiency. Machine tool of Mitsui Seiki of brief introduction of Mitsui Seiki machine tool has the durable sex of train in excess specified length, in the service life that train in excess specified length still has for long below heavy-duty treatment condition. Our brand advantage depends on this. Treatment efficiency of the client can rise greatly. The production quality of the machine tool is higher, the long-term movement cost of the machine tool is lower, because can fall the machine down time of the machine tool,come lowest. In addition, when the client is buying our equipment, we can offer satisfactory quality to assure to the client, make sure the machine tool has extremely tall accuracy in be used for a long time, and the locomotive time of train in excess specified length. Compare with manufacturer of other machine tool, this is Mitsui Seiki company's outstanding respect only. Know more detail, consult our staff member please, or entry Www.


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