Machine of new-style line cut is automatic Zhang Si device

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Use at the device of automatic Zhang Si of line cut machine at present, can divide from the principle it is two kinds: One kind is by gravity piece action, tighten silk with Heng Li, this device includes a group of guide pulley and a gravity piece; Another kind is the action that relies on bedspring, with changing force tightens silk, this device includes a group of guide pulley and unit of a bedspring close silk. Our trial-produce becomes a kind of structure the unit of automatic Zhang Si with acute and simple, reliable, small bulk () seeing a picture, can add on aleatoric machine tool outfit and cost is low. Machine of new-style line cut is automatic the knot composition of a picture of Zhang Si device device of this automatic Zhang Si is mixed by slideway box two parts comprise gripper shoe, secure slideway box the canister of lay aside silk at line cut machine and line to wear the molybdenum silk upper part between through gripper shoe. Slideway box includes guide bar, heavy weight, spacing bearing, oriented bearing, oriented board, prevent twist lever and Zhang Si annulus. The fore-and-aft activity of guide bar is fixed go up in slideway box, the spacing bearing inter block that the lower end sets, guide bar upside secures installation to have heavy weight, below paragraph it is Zhang Si annulus, mid an one aspect of the matter joins to it, another end secures those who have oriented bearing to prevent twist lever. Oriented board form the fore-and-aft scroll slide that prevents the oriented bearing that twists lever jointly with slideway box base, make guide bar in order to be restricted turn round. Guide bar is lived 4 to be spent freely by spacing bearing demarcate, can go back and forth between motion along axes direction only. When gripper shoe secures slideway box, need obligate to give Zhang Si annulus to control filar route downward. This device solved the oriented share that has piece of silk unit to want the issue with special treatment, high cost. Its core component all is general standard or general tool, among them guide bar is lever of round steel of crosshead screwdriver front changes his costume or dress and become by 300mm long Mu Bing, because screwdriver is standard tool, buy very convenient, and have verticality good, surface is smooth, qualitative the characteristic of hard wear-resisting, service life is long. Spacing bearing also is standard component, need to be installed via be being torn open simply only can finish whole to combine, have cost low, production cycle is fast, agile reliable, maintenance weight of Xiaohe of convenient, bulk is light wait for an advantage. The close silk journey of guide bar is go up by slideway box, lower end ministry bearing of each 3 spacing 2004 reach prevent twist lever and oriented bearing 2004 implementation, through adjusting M4 nut and spacer, make the circle outside bearing and columnar guide bar are point contact, on guide bar, issue each to suffer restricted at 3 o'clock, but reciprocate of edge axes direction. Bearing of 6 point contact is standard component, also rotate subsequently, precision is tall, wearability is good, and attrition force is small, criterion when guide bar is doing the exercise that tighten silk, what can hold campaign is even, fluent, the small pulling force of molybdenum silk changes, all can pass those who weigh hammer to rise fall to be shown well and truly. Line cut machine is added after holding unit of this new-style and automatic Zhang Si, can observe the change of tension of molybdenum silk interior reachs improvement clearly circumstance, avoided the short circuit appearance that when molybdenum silk works for long, produces effectively, absorb all sorts of vibration effectively, make molybdenum silk keeps stable, treatment quality rises significantly. Classics experiment, did not increase the line cut chance of outfit, new molybdenum silk uses 3 day hind to need to often tighten silk artificially namely, the short circuit phenomenon of molybdenum silk also happens constantly, treatment section tends coarse, and as a result of short circuit, handling time also expends more. And increase the line cut chance of outfit, new molybdenum silk uses 1 week to also do not need to tighten silk artificially, molybdenum silk puts depressive of simply general guide bar straight can, because molybdenum silk always maintains certain pulling force, all sorts of vibration are absorbed effectively by device of automatic Zhang Si, see those who be less than short circuit phenomenon happen almost consequently, treatment efficiency raises nearly one times, treatment section also maintains inferior exterior surface roughness. In addition, this device can be strung together stop loop urgently, or add buzzer, or add indicator light, those who make fracture of wire stops machine or filar pine warning function. If be used on the line cut machine of other type, also can achieve satisfactory result. CNC Milling CNC Machining