What 171/172 numerical control cuts off machine tool cutting tool is homebred change development

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Company of steel tube of 1 foreword Tianjin is bushing of our country oil and the main production company of the seamless steel tube that receive bind round. The numerical control that 80 time end of company introduce two to be used at cutting off treatment seamless steel tube from American PMC company is special machine tool (abbreviation 171/172 cuts off machine tool) . This machine tool uses main shaft to drive bit body to rotate (namely cutting tool rotates) , the treatment means of workpiece fall asleep, can avoid to use workpiece to rotate those who machine means is common the because pipe out of round, wall is large not equal element causes vibration when cutting off a machine tool to machine, can reduce what cause because of vibration to call knife and the damage to machine tool main shaft thereby. In addition, because add man-hour pipe to be in static condition, decreased to hold clip, adjust, wait for working procedure to the knife, improved manufacturing efficiency greatly thereby, made sure treatment is successional, reduced manufacturing cost. On the bit body that 171/172 cuts off a machine tool all cloth installed 4 to cut off a knife (1) seeing a picture. When the machine tool works, main shaft drives bit body to rotate, the treatment that inputting the computer dictates control falls, 4 cut off knife synchronism feed to reach retreat a knife, finish cut off treatment. Because 4 cut off a knife to participate in cutting at the same time, namely the 1/4 that every knife assumes total cutting to measure only, because of mental allowance of this cutting tool light, service life grows load of small, cutting. Graph the 1 precision that cuts off cutting tool to install sketch map 171/172 to cut off a machine tool to use cutting tool to reach its accessory to relevant razor blade, cutter hub and interchangeability demand are higher. Because use bit of calm dimension hard alloy, what bit can achieve when treatment is fast change; The structural design of cutting tool also considered the measure inside certain limits adjustable quality, the arbor because of this kind of norms applicably at a variety of norms pipe (4½ " ~ 10¾ " ) treatment, realized one knife multi-purpose. Because should cut off cutting tool special sex is stronger, dimension precision requirement is strict (parallelism, verticality, flatness error all is in 0.

005 ~ 0.

The) inside 010mm limits, the demand that waits for function index to hardness, wearability is very high also, accordingly since put into production of this machine tool, cutting tool counts an import all the time, not only the price is high, expend a large number of foreign currency, and the cycle that offer money is long, satisfy the spot to produce need hard. For this, began us to undertake with cutting tool to cutting off a machine tool from 1994 homebred change development, gained a success. 2 cut off cutting tool structure and working requirement 2.

If the graph is shown 2 times,structure of 1 cutting tool and dimension adjust the structure that cuts off cutting tool. The treatment size scope that cuts off a machine tool as a result of 171/172 is bigger (4½ " ~ 10¾ " ) , and what use cutting tool only 3 kinds of norms, because dimension was designed to adjust an orgnaization in this cutting tool, the adjustment of dimension comes true through adjusting bolt TA-2938. Adjust measure to be as follows: Place the knife below bit park TB-4121 to go up, through tightening solid screw TA-2872 of the pressing plate on 3 impaction, make bit is issueing the clamp on knife clip. Graph 2 cut off cutting tool to written guarantee composition of a picture is in next cutting tool preliminary adjustments is indoor the cutting tool that shows picture of cutting tool park 3 times is adjusted had secured inside compasses TE-2665, pass rotational handle TB-2468, but will adjust bolt TA-2938 to adjust place to require measure, tighten solid bolt 4(to see graph 2) next, impaction TA-3058-A of half nut pressing plate, make adjust bolt TA-2938 to secure, finished the setting that machines dimension namely. Cut off 4 of setting dimension knife installation to be on the bit body that cuts off a machine tool, can undertake cutting off machining. Graph 3 cutting tool adjust compasses figure blueprint of 4 cutting tool 2.

Temperature of job of requirement of work of 2 cutting tool: Normal temperature; Cutting speed: 200 ~ 600ft.

/ Min(61 ~ 183m/min) ; Main shaft rotate speed (adjustable) : 100(400)r/min; Cooling fluid: Emulsification oil; When treatment, cutting tool makes radial motion inside bit body chamfer. Material of 3 cutting tool chooses to use circumstance analysis from what import bit, bit material is YT series hard alloy. By the design construction of cutter hub (cutter hub ply is 22.

6mm, length is 247.

25mm, the chamfer that there are 6 hollows on) knowable, if choice of cutting tool material is undeserved, when heat treatment extremely changeful form, very inaccessible 0.

The flatness of 01mm designs a requirement. According to Harbin works of the first tool machines the experience of similar product, experiment through craft, material of cutting tool of final make choice of is 42GrMo. Design of 4 cutting tool and workmanship 4.

When design of 1 cutting tool undertakes cutting tool is designed, undertake mapping to cutting tool sample above all, undertake investigating an analysis to field assembly, use circumstance, devise plan certainly finally. 171/172 cuts off a machine tool to use cut off cutting tool by bit, fluctuation pressing plate, adjustable pressing plate of whole bolt, half nut, bolt and composition of cutting tool main body. Cutting tool blueprint (with 4½ " ~ 10¾ " cut off cutting tool to be exemple) if pursue,show 4 times. 4.

Because 2 workmanship cut off cutting tool precision tall, external form is complex, groove is more, easy generation treatment is out of shape. Accordingly, when formulate machines craft, adopt give priority to with milling, grinding, the method that every working procedure checks will ensure cutting tool machines precision. The treatment technological process that cuts off cutting tool is: Forge → mill, grind attune of → of much chamfer of appearance → thick mill to handle → of → bore, tap character each chamfer goes to mill of essence of → of much chamfer of half essence mill half essence of dimension → grinds nitriding of appearance → surface to handle essence of arenaceous → of → liquid gush to grind dimension → → of final goods inspection is wrapped. Craft of heat treatment of 5 cutting tool reachs use requirement according to the characteristic of cutting tool structure, move qualitative processing to when cutting tool has heat treatment, needing to undertake first, move qualitative hardness 28 ~ 32HRC. After waiting for semifinishing machining to finish, undertake exterior nitriding is handled again, nitriding layer ply 0.

4 ~ 0.

6mm, hardness 600 ~ 750HV. Should make sure cutting tool is not out of shape after heat treatment, achieve design precision requirement. 6 epilogue install machine use proof more 5 years, 171/172 numerical control cuts off a machine tool to use homebred change the function index such as hardness of the dimension precision that cuts off cutting tool, surface, wearability, durability to already all reached level of foreign congener product, and aborning replaced entrance cutting tool completely. With the entrance cutting tool photograph is compared, homebred cutting tool is in the cycle that offer money, purchase the respect such as the price to all have larger dominant position. Cut off cutting tool homebred the manufacturing need that assured company of Tianjin steel tube successfully what change, shortened cutting tool offers commodity cycle, reduced finished cost. CNC Milling CNC Machining