The Cimatron CAD/CAM application on pentahedral machining center

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After pentahedral machining center can assure to hold clip, complete many treatment, namely: After workpiece holds clip, 5 faces outside dividing installation underside are machined, hold the function of vertical machining center and horizontal machining center concurrently, the positional public errand of workpiece can assure in machining a process, size consistency is better. But structure of pentahedral machining center is complex, control system is advanced, cost is high, to develop its efficiency adequately, raise taller requirement to corresponding CAD/CAM software. As a result of Cimatron 11.

0CAD/CAM software has more agile coordinate commutation function and rich treatment method, better the requirement that gets used to pentahedral machining center, the MCR-BII pentahedral machining center that the article produces with Japanese OKUMA company machines one casing to come the application of software of specific specification Cimatron CAD/CAM in pentahedral machining center method, whole treatment flow chart is shown 1 times like the graph. Hypothesis graph shows casing underside 2 times to had been machined finish, regard datum plane as underside, also regard installation as plane at the same time, the end face on requirement treatment, all around bedding face and R face. MCR-BII pentahedral machining center has those who contain axis of B, C is muti_function milling head, the smallest graduation is 5 ° , b axis angle is alterable limits 0 ~ 90 ° , c axis angle is alterable ° of limits 0 ~ 360. Graph flow chart of 1 pentahedral treatment one, semifinished product set is in foregone shape thick 5mm is added on area base, with end face of WCUT means rough machining and sunken antrum. Mechanical coordinate sees the graph is shown 2 times, z axis is vertical up, coordinate is nodded namely workpiece origin. Size range of pipe bent is on end face is the biggest outline, the part machines method to see the graph is shown 2 times. Right now angle of axis of the B of pentahedral machining center, C is B=0 ° , c=0 ° , right now means of milling of similar and common machining center. Graph 2 on end face machines sketch map 2, when machining flank, rotate through coordinate the mechanical coordinate that if the graph is shown 3 times,gets, applied SRFPKT machines flank of means parallel milling. Right now the angle of axis of B, C is B=90 ° , c=270 ° , milling the two R that make a range transfer when the face, notice the suitable, pattern that go against mill, cut in order to had avoided. Other side kind with. Coordinate rotates divide a measure: The first measure is fastened to build UCS coordinate, click the auxiliary menu UCS of Cimatron right menu, in its child menu midpoint attacks CREATE, after building new UCS coordinate name, reentrance establishs a few kinds of pattern of UCS, choose ORIGN+ROT here, choose referenced coordinate to fasten the coordinate department that is rotated namely then, appoint rotate origin, should ask about when whether rotating, UCS is chosen to appoint runner shaft coming back after choosing YES affirmatory angle, building new UCS coordinate namely is; The 2nd measure is to build as mechanical as the treatment of UCS photograph correspondence coordinate to fasten. Specific means is click UCS child the ACTIVE in menu, the UCS of make choice of the definition is department of current UCS coordinate, in UCS child menu is chosen DISPLAY, coordinate shows the UCS that will choose to go up in current screen, after entering NC system, when asking about MACSYS of CREATING A   , choose YES, build as mechanical as the treatment of current UCS correspondence coordinate to fasten MACSYS. Graph 3 flank machine sketch map 3, the method that what the article is worth to emphasize is face of treatment forehead R, as a result of the limitation of cutting tool length, cutting tool is perpendicular when milling won'ts do, can undertake milling with proper point of view, when there still should is other feature on R face at the same time, direct choice size range of pipe bent is more troublesome, and easy the dart that creates cutting tool, the collision phenomenon of occurrence cutting tool and workpiece, for this, need establishs range of one auxiliary reference, see the graph is shown 4 times, the outline outside will machining a part is perpendicular and umbriferous go up to auxiliary plane. When face of graph 4 R should machine sketch map with SRFPKT means, the choice is umbriferous the contour line on auxiliary plane is machined as size range of pipe bent, idealer. Treatment method sees a picture 4. When be machined formally, angle of axis of B of pentahedral machining center, C is B=45 ° respectively, c=0 ° , how to choose cutting tool and treatment parameter to not be inside article discussion limits. Of course, after treatment method is handled through postposition, still need to undertake school nucleus to the program, those who make accord with demand of machine tool performance, interfere a phenomenon with preventing to appear in the knife of advance and retreat, process that change a knife, can see by above, use Cimatron 11.

0The coordinate of CAD/CAM alternates the function reachs agile treatment method, can solve a problem more satisfactorily, make the function of pentahedral machining center is able to develop adequately. CNC Milling CNC Machining