To the measurement of big diameter component

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Up to now, of needle countershaft and oil cylinder measure all use those who contain metallic pipe rack to measure screw. But, when measuring large size workpiece, this kind measures a tool to operate special inconvenience. A kind of new-style measurement the tool is OK a reliable measurement component part and CFK matrix photograph are united in wedlock. Because its weight is very light, because this examines by,personnel can be operated. If need to go up to undertake metrical to the component of big diameter in equipment, so right the operation that measures a tool appears very important. New-style Cordameter accurate calipers is made by carbolic element material, because this is very light. In the meantime, are its blocked annul install and 10? The span of Mm also reduced the difficulty that measures the job further. Through using CFK light-duty structure, measure the job to need not be helped can undertake. Because span enlarges 10mm, because this is between two span also need not new calibration, can do the limitation that continues to measure a tradition to measure a tool up to now, large shaft all use calipers to undertake metrical with the manufactory home of oil cylinder. This kind of calipers contains traditional metallic pipe rack normally, because this is operated very hard when measuring large size workpiece, and function is couldn't get assure. The Kordt company that is located in Eschweiler breaks additionally path, will reliable measurement component part technology and CFK (carbon fiber aggrandizement is plastic) matrix photograph is integrated, produce a kind of new measurement from this tool. This kind new-style measure a tool at present most greatly 1500mm, because its weight is very light, because this is measured by,personnel can undertake operating alone. This kind measures a tool to be used at wind energy industry at first. Wind energy industry needs to use the drive rod of big diameter. The scope of production public errand that asks at the same time is less and less however. In the measurement with urgent good need the setting of function falls, manufacturer also is forced to want to take the maneuverability that measures a tool seriously. New-style Cordameter measurement unit can satisfy good temperature stability this kind of requirement. Tigidity of carbon fiber frame is very strong. Because its coefficient of expansion is extremely small, measure the effect that won't be changed by temperature accordingly. This kind measures the span that another characteristic of the tool is 10mm. This can be in every span need not do repeat a setting, can measure among implementation. Need to operate drag link only, calipers can be opened. Calipers has bigger parallel light side, facilitating calibration. Block annul use at the fixed position to calipers. Reading can pass imitate gauge or digital gauge comes true. If need record data, can pass module of a function, convey the measured value of digital gauge to survey the computer. Cordameter can adjust through adjustable Cordas young aide undertakes modulatory. This kind of adjustment that forms by CFK likewise assists a tool to be able to deploy many pilot valve. Its dimension can undertake modulatory through measuring chief instrument or gauge block. The still has stability of a temperature regulator that covers suitably with Cordas adjustment assistant can be offerred use. Kordt company measures the batch production of calipers at this coming true to plant by 2011. According to introducing, the user is very good to the feedback information of this kind of calipers. CNC Milling CNC Machining