Transducer is in T6160 boring machine is electric the application in transforming

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Summary: Large company has state-operated a lot of former Russia produce by the generation set, dc servo that hands in magnetism to enlarge the composition such as motive of aircrew, dc equipment, much, stability differs breakdown of this control means, original basis transforms charge to wait for defect greatly, the article uses transducer to be carried out to servo of original direct current of boring machine of Su Shi T6160 transform, implementation communication transducer is not had extremely timing control. Keyword: Su Shi boring machine; Electric transform; My company purchases preface of frequency conversion stepless speed regulation at the beginning of 2006 the T6160 boring machine that a former Russia produces, in electric component and component are caused to a large number of losing or damage in process of have a change of luck for many times, among them generation set, hand in magnetism to enlarge motive of station of ark of aircrew, electric control, pushbutton, dc to wait to all be lost or attaint, have a state according to afore-mentioned equipment, put forward 3 kinds electric transform plan to be as follows: A.

Use dc drive to control a system, the system that use V5 undertakes transforming to equipment, classics budget transforms expense for 6.

5 ~ 70 thousand yuan; B.

Use one transducer of PLC to control a system, do central data processing with PLC, do timing with common transducer, classics budget transforms charge to be 4, 4.

50 thousand yuan; C.

Use the transducer with advanced function one relay controls a system, do central data processing and timing with transducer, do control to carry out component with relay, classics budget transforms expense for 2.

5, 2.

80 thousand yuan. T6160 boring machine is to the requirement of servo: Timing range is wide (100 ∶ 1) ; Speed control precision is tall (in whole timing scope, apply the brake and moving process requirement run stability since) ; Location is exact (locate after fast feed stroke of time weak point, fixed position is quick, can improve treatment efficiency thereby) . Be aimed at afore-mentioned characteristics, compare 3 kinds of plan, considering the practical capacity with existing electrical engineering maintenance, we chose plan 3, with the drive of transducer of Xi Menzi Micro Master 440 with advanced function general asynchronous electromotor, carry out to the servo of original direct current of T6160 boring machine transform, left and right sides of around of turnover of staff of next shift on the main shaft box that realizes boring machine, boring, workbench and go to work make a stage rotate stepless speed regulation of frequency conversion of mobile implementation communication. 1 communication transducer is not had extremely the design of timing system 1.

Transducer of 1 Xi Menzi Micro Master 440 (7.

5kW) it is muti_function function of form of total number word is advanced transducer, it basically is in charge of the central data processing of whole system and timing, potentiometer of it and communication drive electromotor, timing (aviation essence moves potentiometer) , the resistor of apply the brake open loop that makes a typical case together is not had extremely timing accuses 11 make a system. If pursue,1 is shown. 1.

2 as a result of former T6160 boring machine by 3 4.

Drive of 2kW dc electric machinery, around of turnover of staff of mobile, boring, workbench, left and right sides and go to work fall to make a stage rotate on box of drive main shaft respectively mobile. According to the working characteristic of T6160 boring machine, 3 electric machinery permit a work only, this stage T6160 boring machine chooses friend stage transducer can satisfy the job. Power of the electromotor when moving with low speed to make up for the electromotor when low speed moves to give out heat is reduced, pass computational general 3 4.

2kW dc electric machinery changes for 7.

Electromotor of 5kW communication asynchronous (Y160M1-4, 7.

5kW, 380V, 1450r/min) ; Change reason is the stepless speed regulation that is contented T6160 boring machine (see a picture 2) 1.

3 because choose a transducer,procrastinate move 3 7.

5kW communicates asynchronous electromotor, and 3 electromotor ask timing, make control loop circuitry more complex, operate difficulty to simplify to operate and be reduced, switch of transfer switch of a combination is chosen in controlling loop to design 3 electromotor, make chain protection with relay, reduced operation difficulty, satisfy the craft requirement of equipment. 1.

The 4 jobs according to T6160 boring machine ask, when designing electric line, transducer has state of two kinds of jobs, namely low speed moves and high speed runs state, low speed moves and high speed moves through transfer switch one relay is free switch, what satisfied T6160 boring machine thereby is automatic take a knife (low speed moves) reach sudden shift (high speed moves) . Timing potentiometer is made outside passing transducer (10 aviation essence moves potentiometer) namely series connection adjustment secures front of low speed potentiometer series connection adjustment secures back end of potentiometer of resistor, high speed resistor, stepless speed regulation of implementation electromotor low speed (0 ~ 7.

5Hz; 0 ~ 225r/min) with stepless speed regulation of electromotor high speed (25 ~ 50Hz; 750 ~ 1500r/min) , satisfy T6160 boring machine to take a knife automatically thereby (low speed moves) reach sudden shift (high speed moves) working requirement. 1.

The affiliation of resistor of 5 transducer apply the brake can satisfy electromotor to stop to be moved with dynamoelectric mechanism quickly, solved electromotor thereby inertial move, satisfied the craft requirement of equipment. 1.

6 revolution counter are by the volts d.c. that losing 10V together the watch changes make, through transducer interior parameter set makes exterior D/A terminal exports electricity of 0 ~ 20mA, the output of electric current of 0 ~ 20mA and transducer frequency output become direct ratio, make through expressing dial to change to volts d.c. , be in volmeter two end are shunt-wound a proper resistor, make volmeter changeover is revolution counter, stand revolution counter installation to carry in pensile pushbutton, make jockey observes in time rotate speed circumstance. 2 moving effects and when trying moving train of thought to move, below condition of pilot of the vector that do not have PG, its timing scope is 100 ∶ 1, fall in the condition of 50Hz namely, its lowest running frequency is 0.

5Hz, electromotor of together with correspondence outputs end to have decelerate gear wheel, lowermost rate is 15r/min, satisfy the craft requirement of equipment of T6160 boring machine completely, achieved the result of frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. Should fall in condition of pilot of the vector that do not have PG, lowermost running frequency 0.

5Hz, rate of corresponding electromotor minimum is 15r/min when, if test-drive discovers existence jockeys to be not mixed firmly surely,low speed traversal speed is not stabilized wait for a problem, PG speed can be joined to control card on transducer, pulse coder is joined on electromotor rear axle, the PG speed that goes up to transducer by feedback of signal of pulse coder output controls card, the made closed-loop control system that makes the typical feedback that take PG. Make the system turns into vector having PG controls a system, in magnetic flux vector control means falls, its timing scope can achieve 1000 ∶ 1, the output frequency of transducer just is 0.

05Hz, right now corresponding at electromotor minimum rate, satisfy requirement of technology of equipment of T6160 boring machine completely. The course is transformed, the communication transducer that adding the composition below condition of PG vector pilot is not had extremely timing system, the structure is simple, operation habit and congener equipment are basic and same, classics test-drive did not discover jockey to be not stabilized do not stabilize with low speed traversal speed wait for a phenomenon, the action is credible. 3 last words 3.

1 adopt plan of frequency control system, total investment is only 2.

80 thousand yuan. Expenses of managing and direct investment 1.

7, 4.

20 thousand yuan. 3.

2 use system of transmission of original direct current, horary actual power comsumption is made an appointment with 16.

2kW, and system of frequency control of the communication after transforming only horary actual power comsumption is made an appointment with 2.

5kW arrives 3.

5kW, by 0.

6 ∶ TrJkwh is calculated, 14h of every class job (two) , annual presses computation of 300 stages class, everyday managing charge of electricity makes an appointment with F16.

2 ~ 3.

5) X14 × 0.


68 yuan, year managing charge of electricity is made an appointment with 106.

68X350=32004 yuan. Transform through above, what economy realized vintage former Russia practically to produce equipment is homebred change transform. Through use of 2 years, reduced greatly fault rate and use cost, the result is favorable. CNC Milling CNC Machining