The turning of round face is machined outside

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The form of round turning is mixed outside the circle outside machining precision turning is a kind of the the commonnest, basiccest turning method, its are main the form sees a picture 1. Graph the round formation outside 1 turning the circle outside turning can differentiate commonly the car that it is barren, thick car, half fine vehicle, fine vehicle and careful car, the treatment precision that all sorts of turning plan can achieve and exterior surface roughness each are not identical, must choose reasonably. Detailed sees a table 1. Watch 1 outside round face machines plan Normal LINE-HEIGHT of Center" Align=center> serial number: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Center" Align=center> machines methodological Normal Align=center> economical accuracy (tolerancepublic errand grade) Normal Align=center> economy / μ Mnormal LINE-HEIGHT of Center" Align=center> scope of application: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Center" Align=center>1normal LINE-HEIGHT of Center" Align=center> thick car: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Center" Align=center>IT13~IT11normal Align=center>50~12.

5normal Align=center> applies to quench all sorts of metal Normal Align=center>2normal Align=center> thick car - Normal Align=center>IT10~IT8normal Align=center>6.


2normal Align=center>normal Align=center>3normal Align=center> thick car - half fine vehicle - fine vehicle Normal Align=center>IT8~IT7normal Align=center>1.


8normal Align=center>normal Align=center>4normal Align=center> thick car - half fine vehicle - fine vehicle - boil press Normal Align=center>IT8~IT7normal Align=center>0.


0255normal Align=center>normal Align=center>5normal Align=center> thick car - half fine vehicle - grinding Normal Align=center>IT8~IT7normal Align=center>0.


4normal Align=center> basically is used at quenching steel, also can use at quenching steel, but do not apply to nonferrous metal Normal Align=center>6normal Align=center> thick car - half fine vehicle - kibble - essence of life grinds Normal Align=center>IT7~IT6normal Align=center>0.


1normal Align=center>normal Align=center>7normal Align=center> thick car - half fine vehicle - kibble - essence of life grinds - superfinishing (or annulus type exceeds essence of life to grind) Normal Align=center>IT5normal Align=center>0.


012 (or Rz0.

1)normal Align=center>normal Align=center>8normal Align=center> thick car - half fine vehicle - fine vehicle - careful car (King Kong car) Normal Align=center>IT7~IT6normal Align=center>0.


025normal Align=center> basically uses at the requirement taller nonferrous metal Normal Align=center>9normal Align=center> thick car - half fine vehicle - kibble - essence of life grinds - exceed essence of life to grind (or lens face grinds) Normal LINE-HEIGHT of Center" Align=center>IT5 above: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Center" Align=center>0.


006(or Rz0.

1)normal Align=center> extremely of high accuracy outside round treatment Normal Align=center>10normal Align=center> thick car - half fine vehicle - kibble - essence of life grinds - abrade Normal LINE-HEIGHT of Center" Align=center>IT5 above: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Center" Align=center>0.


012 (or Rz0.

1)normal Align=center>2.

When the outfit of round turning workpiece places turning of the circle outside the method to machine outside, method of the commonnest workpiece outfit clip sees a table 2. Express 2 the commonnest turning to install clip method Normal MARGIN of Center" Align=center> name: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Center" Align=center> outfit places diagram Normal Align=center> outfit places characteristic Normal Align=center> applies Normal Align=center> chuck Normal Align=left>normal Align=center> blocks claw 3 times but at the same time Normal Align=center> is mobile, automatic centering, normal Align=center> outfit places rapid convenient Normal Align=center> grows diameter comparing to be less than 4, sectional for the circle, the medium, small-sized workpiece of 6 body machines Normal Align=center> chuck Normal Align=left>normal > blocks claw 4 times to be able to move alone, the workpiece that hold clip needs to search Normal > grows diameter comparing to be less than 4, sectional for quadrate, elliptic bigger, heavier workpiece Normal MARGIN of Center" Align=center> flower disc: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Right" Align=right>normal > dish on the face many chamfer and T form chamfer, use bolt, pressing plate holds clip, before holding clip, need to search Normal MARGIN of the workpiece with 20pt"> irregular appearance, workpiece with the circle outside Kong Huo and fixed position perpendicular tool reference plane: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Normal Align=center> double tip: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Right" Align=right>normal > centering is correct, outfit clip stabilizes Normal > grows diameter comparing to be 4 ~ the solid arbor of 15 kind the spare parts machines Normal Align=center> double center wears Normal Align=right>normal > raises claw adjustable, increase workpiece tigidity Normal > grows diameter comparing to be more than the Normal Align=center> places to follow tool carrier Normal Align=right>normal > raises claw to move together along with cutting tool, without the mark that receive a knife Normal > grows diameter comparing to be more than Normal MARGIN of Center" Align=center> arbor: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Right" Align=right>normal > can assure outside round, end panel internally the positional precision Normal > covers the treatment Nextpage3 of kind of spare parts fiducially for fixed position with aperture.

The configuration lathe tool of lathe tool differs by the structure can divide for integral type, solder clip of type, machine is heavy grind type and machine to place but dislocation type a few kinds. Integral type lathe tool is hold the cutting part of lathe tool and clip the part to use same in material is made, be like dimension not big high-speed steel lathe tool is commonly used this kind of structure. Solder type lathe tool is in carbolic steel arbor (commonly used 45 steel) after going up to give knife slot according to the appearance of bit and dimension mill, be solder of drill rod of hard alloy razor blade in knife chamfer, next the geometrical parameter that blade grinds a place to need. Solder structure of type lathe tool is simple, compact, rigid good, flexibility is big, can ask according to cutting relatively conveniently blade grinds a place to need point of view, reason application is wide. But the hard alloy razor blade of solder of drill rod of classics high temperature, easy generation stress and crackle, cutting function drops somewhat, and arbor cannot repeat use, waste is bigger. The bit that machine clip worries type lathe tool again and arbor are two detachable independent component, clamping unit relies on to originally them closely together when cutting, because avoided the limitation that produces because of soldering, can improve the cutting performance of cutting tool, and arbor can be used for many times. Machine clip but dislocation type lathe tool is have suppress the reasonable geometry parameter, chamfer that break bits, polygon that has blade of a few cutting bit, place the method of solid with machinery, outfit clip is on standard arbor, in order to achieve the structure of a kind of cutting tool of cutting. Grind when the blade of a cutting of bit blunt hind, loose clamping unit, change bit dislocation into blade of another new cutting, can continue to use. With solder photograph of type lathe tool is compared, machine clip but dislocation type lathe tool has cutting efficiency tall, bit service life is long, cutting tool uses up cost to use low good point. But the arbor of dislocation lathe tool can repeat use, saved arbor stuff. Arbor and razor blade can realize standardization, seriation, the government that uses cutting tool works. Graph the 2 structural sketch map that are common lathe tool. Graph sketch map of structure of 2 commonly used lathe tool 4.

The choice of round lathe tool is mixed outside install lathe tool of the circle outside clip to answer round face machines plan option outside the basis. Intensity of round thick lathe tool is high outside round requirement outside thick car, can be in cutting deepness holds knife head below the circumstance with big or rapid rate taking a knife solid. Edge of round lathe tool is sharp, bright and clean outside round requirement outside fine vehicle. If the graph is shown 1 times, intensity of head of knife of round lathe tool is high outside ° of R=75 of К of tool cutting edge angle, manufacturing middling chooses thick lathe tool of the circle outside be; Lathe tool of bend of ° of R=45 of К of tool cutting edge angle, use convenient, OK still car end panel and pour wine cup, but because of its deputy slant horny К R is big, workpiece surface treatment is rough, unwell at finish machining; Of ° of R=90 of К of tool cutting edge angle outside round lathe tool can use thick car or car of essence of life, still but turning has perpendicular steps leading up to a house outside circle and long and thin axis. The lathe tool installation on tool carrier height, should make point of a knife is in commonly wait for tall place with workpiece axis of rotation. Tip of usable rear push frame serves as a standard when installation, or in car of workpiece end panel one moulage, with respect to position of knowable path axes, adjust lathe tool installation is fine. Lathe tool is in the position on tool carrier, answer commonly perpendicular at workpiece axis of rotation, can cause change of R of К of tool cutting edge angle otherwise, make point of a knife plunges into workpiece to already machined the surface or quality of influence surface surface roughness possibly still. 5.

Lathe (1) all sorts of hodometer faces that the utility lathe of lathe basically uses at machining a spare parts, be like surface of cylinder of inside and outside, inside and outside is conic the surface, the end panel of figuration circumgyrate surface and swing tower, some lathe are returned can turning whorl surface. Because most machine spare parts has circumgyrate face, and need for the most part be machined with lathe, accordingly, lathe is a kind of machine tool with the widest application in average machine manufactory, occupy the 35%~50% of machine tool gross about. On lathe, undertake machining except use lathe tool besides, still can use all sorts of aperture to machine cutting tool (wait like broach, reamer, boring cutter) undertake Kong Jia is versed in, perhaps use thread tool (tap, front tooth) undertake inside, outside thread machining. (2) the whirligig of the athletic ① workpiece of lathe is lathe advocate motion, its characteristic is speed taller, consume power bigger. The linear shift of ② cutting tool is the feed motion of lathe, it is to make the new metallic layer on semifinished product is thrown ceaselessly cutting, so that cutting gives whole treatment appearance. Afore-mentioned motion are the exterior figuration campaign that lathe forms place of treatment face figure to need. When whorl of the turning on lathe, the linear shift of the whirligig of workpiece and cutting tool forms helix campaign, it is motion of a kind of compound figuration. (3) the classification of lathe asks to get used to different treatment, lathe cent is a lot of sort. By its structure and utility differ, can divide for: Center lathe (graph 3) , vertical lathe (graph 4) , turn tower lathe, answer profile modeling of round of lathe, heavy duty face lathe, hydraulic pressure and much knife to be mixed automatically all sorts of semi-automatic lathe, special lathe (wait like crankshaft lathe, cam lathe) , numerical control lathe and turning machining center. 1, 11, bed leg 2, feed box 3, main shaft box 4, bed saddle 5, in slide 6, tool carrier 7, sole plate 8, small slide 9, rear push frame 10, lathe bed 12, feed rod 13, guide screw 14, sneak away board box pursues 3 CA6140.

CA6140 center lathe (1) the craft limits of the machine tool and the craft range that its comprise CA6140 center lathe are very wide, can apply to the treatment of all sorts of circumgyrate surfaces, if turning inside and outside is columnar,chamfer of face, taper seat, annulus reachs figuration circumgyrate range; Turning end panel reachs all sorts of commonly used whorl; Still can have opening of bore, reaming, bore with a reamer, roll a flower, attack whorl and cover the work such as whorl. The typical surface that its machine sees a picture 5. Graph the versatility of the typical surface CA6140 that 5 CA6140 center lathe machines center lathe is stronger, but the structure of the machine tool is complex and automation rate is low, auxiliary time is longer in machining a process, apply to sheet, small lot production and repair a workshop. The layout of CA6140 center lathe and series preconceived idea pursue 3. Graph the transmission system of 6 CA6140 center lathe pursues (2) the transmission system of the machine tool pursues the 6 transmission system graphs that are CA6140 center lathe. The main shaft case of the machine tool represents inside the pane of wrong upper part in the graph, it is in casing from advocate electromotor arrives of lathe main shaft advocate athletic drive catenary. Communicate the orgnaization of slippage gear gearshift in catenary, can make main shaft gains different rotate speed; Piece reversing mechanism of type attrition clutch, can make main shaft gets, retrorse rotate speed. Casing of wrong lower part represents feed case, casing of right lower part expresses to sneak away board box. Leave half part drive from inside main shaft box, hang the drive in box of turbine compose, feed to left outboard, filar lever or feed rod and smooth the drive in board box, formed arrive from main shaft the feed drive catenary of tool carrier. Feed reversing mechanism is located in bottom of main shaft box, use at cutting Zun Xuan or dextral whorl, hang annulus or the commutation orgnaization in feed box, use a decision to conduct campaign guide screw or feed rod. If pass guide screw, mix through guide screw smooth the split nut in board box, conduct campaign to tool carrier, realize catenary of cutting whorl drive; If pass feed rod, mix through feed rod smooth the changeover orgnaization in board box sends tool carrier, form chain of motor-driven feed drive. Smooth the changeover orgnaization in board box is used is fore-and-aft certainly feed or it is transverse feed. ① advocate athletic drive catenary moves by advocate electromotor classics V takes round of drive Ф 230mm of deputy Ф 130mm/ is passed to main shaft box medium axial Ⅰ , contain on axial Ⅰ two-way and multichip attrition clutch M1, make main shaft is turning, invert or stop. Advocate transmission line expression can see for the transmission line expression of athletic drive catenary, main shaft can obtain 3 × of 2 × [(2 × 2) + 1]=30 class is turning rotate speed, because axial Ⅲ comes,4 kinds of transmission comparing of group of gearshift of gear of slippage of two groups of between axial Ⅴ double couplet are among them U2=u3, so actually only 3 kinds of different drive are compared, because this main shaft can obtain 3 × of 2 × only [(2 × 2 - 1) + 1] = 24 class are turning rotate speed. The main shaft that be the same as manage can obtain 3 × [(2 × 2 - 1) + 1] 12 class of = invert rotate speed. When main shaft inverts, axial Ⅰ - the value that the cost that the drive between Ⅱ compares is more than the drive when turning to compare, invert so rotate speed is more than turning rotate speed. Main shaft inverts general need not at cutting, use at turning whorl however, cutting is over after one knife, make go back of corkscrewed yarn of lathe tool edge, lest the next time when cutting " buckle in disorder " . Rotate speed is high, can save auxiliary time. CA6140 of catenary of drive of ② turning whorl lathe can turning the metric system, imperial, modulus is made and diameter is abstemious whorl of 4 kinds of standards, still can turning big lead, nonstandard with more accurate whorl, these whorl can be sinistral also can be dextrorotation. The action of catenary of turning whorl drive, want to get afore-mentioned lead of all sorts of whorl namely. The pitch parameter that expresses all sorts of 3 standard whorl and the conversion concern Normal MARGIN of sort of Center" Align=center> whorl: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Normal Align=center> pitch: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Center" Align=center> pitch / Mmnormal Align=center> lead / Mmnormal MARGIN of Center" Align=center> the metric system: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: P/mmnormal Align=center> pitch: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Center" Align=center>P=Pnormal Align=center>L=KPnormal Align=center> modulus makes Normal MARGIN of Center" Align=center> modulus: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Mnormal Align=center>Pm= π : 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Mnormal Align=center>Lm=KPm=K π : 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Center" Align=center> imperial Normal Align=center> A(tooth / In) Normal Align=center>Pa=25.

4/anormal Align=center>La=K Pa =25.

4K/anormal Align=center> diameter is abstemious Normal Align=center> diameter / In) Normal Align=center>PDP=25.

4 π / DPnormal Align=center>LDP=KPDP=25.

4K π / the whorl of DPnextpage different level expresses its pitch with different parameter, watch 3 listed the metric system, imperial, modulus is made and diameter is abstemious the pitch parameter of 4 kinds of whorl and the conversion between its and pitch P, lead L concern. When turning whorl, must assure main shaft every turn, cutting tool moves well and truly to be machined the LI of a lead of whorl, its carry dynamic balancing type is note: The K in the watch counts the U in type for whorl line -- compare to the total drive between guide screw from main shaft; L silk -- the lead of machine tool guide screw (=12mm of silk of CA6140 lathe L) ; LI -- by the lead of treatment whorl (Mm) . In this balance type, through changing transmission cable length medium drive compares U, with respect to the whorl lead that can get wanting to machine. Expression of afore-mentioned line of the transmission when all sorts of whorl are CA6140 lathe turning among them U radical is axial Ⅹ Ⅲ and axial Ⅹ Ⅳ between 8 kinds of transmission comparing of gearshift orgnaization, namely: Afore-mentioned gearshift orgnaizations are the basic orgnaization that obtains all sorts of whorl, call main pitch orgnaization or weigh main group. U times it is axial Ⅹ Ⅴ and axial Ⅹ Ⅶ between 4 kinds of transmission comparing of gearshift orgnaization, namely: 4 kinds of afore-mentioned drive are arranged than concerning by multiple. Use at enlarging kind of number of lead of whorl of machine tool turning. This gearshift orgnaization is called add times orgnaization or add times groups. When machining normal whorl lead, Ⅸ of straight drive axis of main shaft Ⅵ , meantime drive is compared, the L=12mm of lead of the biggest whorl that can machine right now. If need turning lead when bigger whorl, but the slippage gear axial Ⅸ 58 move right, the made gear that goes up with axial Ⅷ 26 clench the teeth, make clear than be this to the drive between axial Ⅸ from main shaft Ⅵ , when part of other of catenary of turning whorl drive is changeless, do afore-mentioned adjustment only, can make whorl lead expands accordingly than normal lead 4 times or 16 times. Weigh afore-mentioned main transfer machinery normally to enlarge pitch orgnaization. On CA6140 lathe, through enlarging pitch orgnaization can the lead of whorl of the oldest the metric system of turning is 192mm. Must point out, enlarging the drive of pitch orgnaization to compare U enlarge is by advocate the place of position of clench the teeth that turbine compose gear carries on the back in athletic drive catenary is definite, and the place of gear clench the teeth with back turbine proper form, corresponding and certain main shaft rotate speed, accordingly, when main shaft rotate speed is certain, the multiple that whorl lead may enlarge is affirmatory. Specifically, main shaft rotate speed is 10 ~ 32r/min when, lead can enlarge 16 times; Main shaft rotate speed is 40 ~ when 125r/min, lead can enlarge 4 times; When main shaft rotate speed is higher, lead cannot expand. This also as it happens accords with big lead whorl to be able to be only when low speed the real need of turning. Should need turning nonstandard when whorl and accurate whorl, m3, M4 mixes the tine type clutch in needing to will take bear case on M5 all joint, right now, Ⅶ of Ⅳ of axial Ⅹ Ⅱ , Ⅹ , Ⅹ and couplet of Ⅷ of guide screw Ⅹ become an organic whole, motion by hang annulus pass guide screw directly, can be deserved to hang through choosing by the lead L labour of treatment whorl annulus will come true, because this is OK turning is aleatoric of lead nonstandard whorl. In the meantime, because transmission catenary shortens greatly, reduced transmission make and assemble the error influence to whorl pitch precision, if choose the gear wheel of high accuracy as hang annulus, can machine accurate whorl. Hang rotate buy formula to be: ③ is fore-and-aft with catenary of drive of transverse motor-driven feed fore-and-aft feed is used at commonly outside round turning, and transverse feed is used at end panel turning. To reduce guide screw wear away and facilitate operate, motor-driven feed is sneak away by feed rod classics of board box drive, expression of its transmission line is: Fore-and-aft motor-driven feed has CA6140 lathe 64 class. Among them, move when feed by main shaft classics when line of transmission of whorl of normal pitch the metric system, can win range for 0.

08 ~ 1.

22mm/r 32 level is normal feed; Move when feed by main shaft classics normal pitch is imperial when whorl transmission line, can obtain 0.

86 ~ 1.

59mm/r 8 step is bigger feed; If put through,enlarge pitch orgnaization, choose route of drive of whorl of the metric system, make times =1/8 of U, can obtain 0.

028 ~ 0.

054mm/r8 class is used at the fine feed of vehicle of high speed fine; And put through enlarge pitch orgnaization, introduce line of imperial whorl transmission, adjust appropriately add times orgnaization, can win range for 1.

71 ~ 6.

33mm/r 16 class offers puissant cutting or car of wide blade essence use increase feed. The analysis is knowable, when the transmission line in main shaft box and feed box is same, progression of gets transverse motor-driven feed and fore-and-aft and identical, and horizontal =1/2f of transverse feed F even if. This is often be used at grooving because of transverse feed or cut off, easy generation is oscillatory, cutting condition is poor, reason uses lesser feed. ④ tool carrier moves quickly the sudden shift of transmission catenary tool carrier is by outfit in smooth the fast electromotor inside board box (0.

25kw, 2800r/min) of drive. Press fast and mobile pushbutton, after starting fast motor, by smooth M8 and M9 control the two-way clutch in board box its are vertical, horizontal two-way and sudden shift. When tool carrier moves quickly, but need not take off a catenary of motor-driven feed drive, in gear 56 with contain between the axis surmount clutch M6, can assure to feed rod and fast electric machinery pass an axis to move at the same time and be not interfered each other. CNC Milling CNC Machining