What development tendency will market of Chinese industry robot have?

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Endeavored to cast off in Chinese automation market 2013 low fan, when do one's best is smooth, industrial robot market all the way Gao Ge, market of Yuan Chao automation rises a level to enter high speed to increase level. Size of market of Chinese industry robot exceeded 30000 2013, add compared to the same period fast more than 30% . The main drive element that industrial robot market rose quickly 2013 has two sides: The first, labor cost rises in the round. Personnel of our country town year average wage maintains two digit growth, low end labor in short supply. Automation transition upgrades namely of industrial robot introduce make the mainest way, international robot federation forecasts China to will make the robot market with the biggest whole world. The 2nd, year after year of robot noumenon price drops. Manufacturing company had exceeded 100 related domain of robot of Chinese country industry 2013, add fast breathtaking, then makes market competition is sent more intense, brand of robot of together with foreign capital is established in mainland assemble a factory to reduce its to produce cost, quicken robot noumenon price to glide trend. Industrial robot uses cost pay back period on average to be two years, consequently enterprise of exciting and more manufacturing industry replaces artificial production with industrial robot. Market of Chinese industry robot will have the following respects to develop a tendency: Look from product development angle: Much more articulatory robot uses a sex extensively with its, prospective market will still hold dominant position. Range of application of shunt-wound robot market is narrower, basically apply at industry of tobacco of drink of electron, food, but the tremendous potential market that did not develop by right of this industry of short duration, robot of prospective paralell connection is valued likewise. From industry application angle looks: Current, market of Chinese industry robot is main by drive of place of automobile industry demand, other industry has powerful potential demand likewise, for example drink of electron of home appliance, consumption, food is packed, machine tool of carriage tool of vitreous tile building, communication, treatment all can exist better market prospect. Will look from applied function, carry, fluctuation makings, machining and spray will become main application to nod. From the brand development angle looks: Current, foreign capital brand holds market of industrial robot dominant, nearly two years outstanding achievement also obtains native land trademark bigger rise, future is occupied than will continueing to promote. Meanwhile, native land brand develops the bottleneck of existence to not allow to ignore: Rate of product industrialization application is inferior, brand acknowledge is spent low; Integral technology level is relatively inferior, core component counts an import basically, these difficult problem will get future improvement. CNC Milling CNC Machining