With the method of aperture of heavy head of twist drill Huo

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Graph aperture of 1 taper heavy head pursues 3 cylindrical heavy head Kong Tu 2 with taper of twist drill wear Huo gets a picture 4 get a picture with Huo of form of column of twist drill wear clamping apparatus of 5 clip twist drill uses Kong Shouxian of twist drill Huo to should make sure cutting tool is in the cutting that be mixed by the centering inside Huo aperture. Build the cutting part of twist drill the geometrical form with proper wear to be able to change Huo getting. The geometrical appearance of the quality stand or fall of Huo aperture and cutting tool cutting part had affinity correctly. If the geometrical figure of cutting tool cutting part is incorrect, heart of adventitious of the cutting tool when Huo aperture, the Kong Huicheng that Huo of the place on workpiece gives is polygonal, treatment surface shows waviness to wait. 1 with taper of twist drill Huo taper of Huo of heavy head aperture sinks head Kong Rutu is shown 1 times. Its cone angle (2Ø) has 60 ° , 75 ° , 90 ° reach 120 ° 4 kinds, among them 2Ø=90 ° is used at most. Sink with taper of twist drill Huo head aperture, long grind cutting tool cone angle (2Ø) can make model or measure with bevel protractor, two advocate cutting blade length, cone angle wants centering of symmetrical; cutting tool and feed 0.

05 ~ 0.

15mm/r, lean advocate from the back symmetrical and local cone is controlled (2) seeing a picture. The horn before cutting tool is - 10 ° , horn is 2 ° after. Appearance of cutting tool geometry is repaired grind correctly, centering of the cutting tool in using, cutting is smooth, treatment surface surface roughness is worth Ra1.

6 the left and right sides. The graph shows cutting tool 2 times advocate from the back symmetrical and local cone has the attrition mark that shines apparently, rely on it to restrict feed and make sure cutting tool is in heart of aperture decided at the higher level but not officially announced. On drilling machine Huo Kong Shi wants a hand to move feed. With afore-mentioned cutting tool reaming, process quantity volume no matter, this cutting tool has decide goodly (with) heart, cutting is smooth. 2 with twist drill Huo cylindrical Huo of heavy head aperture is cylindrical heavy head aperture sees the graph is shown 3 times. When the amount of Huo aperture is less, can sink with afore-mentioned Huo taper head aperture cutting tool, huo aperture arrives dotted line position. The twist drill that dimension of identical, length approachs another diameter size repairs reoccupy wear makes the same score blade, of cutting tool before horn is - 10 ° , horn is 2 ° after. Examine with square after cutting tool is eligible, the dimension that twice Huo aperture asks to blueprint. Huo is cylindrical when workload of heavy head aperture is bigger, with twist drill long wear lives form Huo is gotten (4) seeing a picture. Namely wear of twist drill front cylindrical, its diameter D and aperture cooperate to be H8/f7. Carry twist drill position of the proper measure around afore first, with curium treatment gives an emery wheel grinding undercut, load twist drill clamping apparatus (inside aperture of 5) seeing a picture, on cylindrical grinder, pass clamp of twist drill of clamping apparatus general with chuck (surface of the 6) seeing a picture, circle outside pressing clamping apparatus searchs. By the technology requirement measure grinding machines cylinder of twist drill front to locate oriented part. Labour of armrest of end panel edge is in dish form or curium piece etc repair on emery wheel grind piece, the horn after cutting tool is 2 ° . This kind of Huo gets front cylinder to locate oriented part still has helix chamfer, the sharp point that groove and round cylinder form should fall blunt, otherwise when heavy aperture of Huo column form, original alveolus wants scratch below, special grind when edge when asymmetry. Original Kong Hui expands, scratch. Should foretaste Huo aperture, sure, reuse. Repair with twist drill Huo getting changes after grinding, huo taper, cylindrical the methodological classics of heavy head aperture is used for years, the proof is feasible, repair the method that grinds cutting tool simple, easy control and popularize, huo aperture quality can satisfy technical requirement. Graph 6 pass clamp of twist drill of clamping apparatus general with chuck CNC Milling CNC Machining