Hard alloy broach is repaired grind the application with coating technology

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Pass pair of cutting tool of relevant parameter optimize, grind the application of technology and newest coating technology again, improved broach service life multiple, reduced cutting tool cost apparently. The Pan Kongyuan of workshop passivity bevel gear of limited company uses case of bridge of Jinan of Chinese heavy steam radial drilling machine, use broach of common high-speed steel to undertake machining. Expand of scale of production ceaselessly as the company, original treatment means already cannot satisfy manufacturing metre, for this, advanced CNC machining center was introduced inside the workshop. Numerical control machine tool has treatment effect to lead the characteristic such as stability of quality of tall, product, suit large quantities of quantities to produce particularly. The product that processes inside the workshop at present is HOWO passive bevel gear, have 16 φ the via of 17, its material is SAE8822H. Hardness of this product raw material is in HB165-190, because contain the Ni element of certain part, cause agglutinant bigger. Be aimed at the character of this workpiece, choose appropriate broach, optimize cutting parameter, raise treatment efficiency to become urgent matter. Of broach material select the fabricating characteristics according to material, requirement broach has the following characteristic: The hardness of broach must is more than by the hardness of treatment workpiece; Because broach is bearing when processing work very big turn round force and axial force, because this must have enough strength and tenacity; Because be machined material tenacity is good, the edge when requirement cutting wants enough and sharp, accordingly cutting tool material must have enough fighting to wear away ability, such ability reduce treatment sclerosis; As a result of this workpiece chemistry character wants tall, because this asks cutting tool material and titanium alloy affinity want difference, lest the journey diffuses and cause stick a knife, break get a phenomenon. Current, apply to the material sort that makes cutting tool extremely various, include tool steel, hard alloy, exceed hard data to wait. At first, the attempt uses broach of common high-speed steel to undertake coating has a test, price of broach of common high-speed steel is low, after using coating technology, can reduce the coefficient of friction of cutting tool and workpiece apparently, improve cutting tool life. But because machine tool rotate speed is higher, intensity of place use broach is insufficient, broach is caused to break off in machining a process, the effect is not ideal. Hard alloy is the material of a kind of cutting tool that newest development rises, apply to the thick finish machining of most material, include steel, cast-iron, special material and plastic. For this, the decision uses bit of integral hard alloy. Broach is repaired those who grind each parameter is affirmatory 1.

A few when basically assist planar twist drill of twist drill main and auxiliary plane are tool reference plane, tool cutting edge plane, medium section plane and column section plane. If take no account of auxiliary motion, twist drill head advocate the bit more aleatoric tool reference plane on cutting blade, as a result of the framework characteristic of twist drill, broach advocate the tool reference plane that orders each on cutting blade is change. Advocate the bit more aleatoric tool cutting edge plane on cutting blade, it is to include direction of speed of this bits of cutting and cut the plane that machines the surface at this bits. Tool cutting edge plane and tool reference plane are perpendicular, and advocate the tool cutting edge plane that orders each on cutting blade all not identical. Advocate the bit more aleatoric column section plane on cutting blade is the columnar range that pass this to nod and makes, advocate the columnar face that the different column section plane on cutting blade is different radius. 2.

Helix angle of the choice of the horn after the horn before the chooses twist drill broach main geometry parameter of the main geometry parameter of twist drill broach chooses to include blade of cutting of the choice of broach vertex angle, broach is mixed, broach is right the relevant processing of the influence analysis of broach life and point. Broach vertex angle decides to cut the size of the horn before bits width and broach. When broach diameter and feed are certain, increase vertex angle, criterion scrap narrow, the bear on unit cutting blade is reduced. The horn before vertex angle is right has very big effect, increase vertex angle to be helpful for improving the cutting condition of the place that get a heart accordingly. Vertex angle influence cuts the way that bits pours out of. Cutting tool designs a material related the basis, hardness of product of combinative place treatment is not tall, but agglutinant bigger characteristic, choose this broach vertex angle to be 140 ° . Of twist drill before part is decided by the other geometry parameter of broach. When the machine tool undertakes high speed cutting, horn is out of shape to cutting before the influence that reachs cutting power is minor, use at the same time lesser before strength of point of a knife can enhance when horn. After current part is certain, horn is jumped over after big, point is sharper, but can reduce wedge horn to affect cutting tool accordingly intensity and medicinal powder hot area. For this, what choose the actor after broach is a few smaller, take for 8 ° . 3.

Broach helix angle is analysed to the influence of broach life by the appearance characteristic of twist drill each bits of helix angle on knowable cutting blade is change, helix angle is affected directly advocate of cutting blade before horn. Helix angle is bigger, criterion point is sharper, cutting is lighter, can cause serious treatment sclerosis phenomenon to make the crucial point very sharp otherwise wear away. Cutting tool designs a material related the basis, take helix angle to be able to satisfy use requirement for 30 ° , facilitate large quantities of quantities are produced at the same time. 4.

The processing of the relevant processing point of point includes horizontal blade to amend, arris and pour the measure such as blade. In the light of be machined by treatment material, machine tool parameter of function, treatment and clamping apparatus operating mode, undertook appropriate passivation to the point of broach, improve bit auger cut function, reduced cutting tool wear extent. The application of coating technology falls in the circumstance with cutting changeless parameter, produce cost to rise to manufacture efficiency and be reduced, use coating technology to cutting tool, reduce cutting tool to wear away, in order to raise cutting tool durability more and more make a kind of trend. Cutting tool coating is to point to better in intensity and tenacity hard alloy or high-speed steel (HSS) matrix apparently, use the difficult frit metal with good wearability of layer of Tu Fuyi of method of gas phase deposit or metalloid compound. Coating regards a chemistry as protective screen and hot protective screen, reduced cutting tool and workpiece between diffuse to react with chemistry, reduced cutting tool to wear away thereby. Coating cutting tool has exterior hardness tall, wearability is good, chemical function stability, heat-resisting is able to bear or endure thermal conductance of Xiaohe of factor of oxidation, attrition is low and characteristic. Through the broach after coating treatment amount had apparent promotion, odd cost is reduced greatly. CNC Milling CNC Machining