Be based on the CAPP technology of PDM

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What PDM regards CIMS information as compositive platform is arisen and contented the demand that CAPP system expands, also brought the change of CAPP system architecture. The article analysed system of the CAPP below PDM environment to be different from the characteristic of general CAPP system, put forward the architecture of practical CAPP system on platform of a PDM, discussed to show a method actually. 1 foreword looks from the development of CAPP, no matter be inchoate and simple,retrieve type and derive type system, still change to improve intelligence later, practical change, generalization and CAPP of the CAPP expert system of development, integrated type and CAPP development tool or development platform, it is functional confine inside design and the narrow range that output craft file, with stand-alone sheet the kind of the user moves, the organization that lacks craft activity, harmonious with control, the compositive ability that waits for a system with CAD, CAM is very weak, often need special interface, cannot realize real time information to exchange, more do not talk to go up develop collateral project. Although have a few,in recent years commercial CAPP software was like InteCAPP to blend in a few pairs of craft to design the control of flow on the function, but still cannot satisfy a requirement as a whole. Of PDM technology arisen the synergic environment that provided to run paralell to develop and be made of the product. The CAPP that is based on PDM platform can make full use of the powerful function of PDM, implementation craft designs process control and collateral project. In home in a lot of CIMS projects, the use environment of the compositive platform that more and more enterprises begin to choose business to serve as CIMS with PDM software and collateral project, development is based on the CAPP system of PDM to be sure to make trend of a development. The support of platform of 2   PDM to CAPP the definition according to CIMdata, PDM is a management information is mixed related all products the technology of the process. It is with network and distributed database technology prop up, use the object-oriented method that build a model, can manage all data inside product complete lifecycle and all product relevant process, those who offerred an enterprise limits to the product inside is developed and be made is collateral the synergic environment that change. Generally speaking, mature business has data storehouse, documentation management, job to flow with PDM system / process of structure of process management, product and configuration, application is enclosed with compositive wait for main function. The powerful function of PDM system got used to the CAPP system of collateral project to provide strong support for development. It has the following characteristic: (1) opens sexual PDM technology to be a foundation with network and distributed database technology, below the premise of the security in data of the oneness that assures product data source, product and integrality, pass neuter interface, provided the support to environments of all sorts of different compose computer, it is an user through object-oriented method again at the same time custom-built or 2 times development offerred development tool or port, and have good open sex. CAPP system can use PDM to develop a tool to visit the data below environment of each different compose transparently, the complex environment to opening a gender requirement in satisfying CIMS already, eased development difficulty again, shortened development cycle. (2) collect by nature regards CIMS information as compositive platform, PDM system can implement all sorts of pair of application programs conveniently enclose or compositive, the person that all sorts of occasional that use a system support on disparate arrangement of ideas uses the information communication between system and PDM system, can realize information not only compositive, still can realize a function compositive with the process compositive. Because share an unified data storehouse, the data switch between CAPP and other subsystem need not rely on development again special interface, need to be aimed at only share a database to operate can. And because PDM fastened a database to undertake OO(to closing object-oriented) enclose, CAPP can use the way that operates product object directly to access data. Products plan BOM can be directly in data storehouse the product structure tree that arises through alling over system of all previous CAD is obtained, pass onefold data source to form craft BOM to the map of craft view, use in order to offer what technology design and production manage. (3) is organized to enterprise user and the supportive process management of working flow is the characteristic of PDM. The implementation of enterprise function is actually around move of all sorts of processes of of all kinds information start and undertake. PDM provided pair of the most commonly used extends to change a course with the project support in the enterprise, also allow an user to define a course oneself, in order to realize pair of company courses recombine neatly. Use an user to constituent function can be established and manage craft to design staff group, function of combinative job flow can allocate craft to devise plan of the task, harmonious job, realize simple project management, what still can support inter block craft to design a result is online examine and approve, feedback program of strict technology design, in time thereby the problem in solving a design to make, accelerate design rhythm, improve design quality. (4) is collateral to the support of collateral project the project is compositive, collateral design product reachs his the systematic method of relevant process, it is a collaboration, harmonious information essentially the process of seasonable communication and feedback. It emphasizes be based on information the function on compositive foundation is compositive with the process compositive, establish a product to develop a group, to the product development process undertakes effective monitoring chime is moved, and between each unit the seasonable communication of information and feedback. Afore-mentioned characteristics of PDM actually already compose built a contented and collateral project the synergic environment of demand of each unit information communication. Make flow can realize technologist through collateral chemical industry between, the collateral job between technologist and other department staff, shared data storehouse exclusively to provide the basis that information issues beforehand, can make to products plan thereby decision-making with craft the fast information between evaluation and implementation and other system communicates. The implementation of the 3 CAPP systems that are based on PDM (the first element of performance of system of CAPP of evaluation of principle of 1) system development is practical, reducing technologist labor intensity at the same time, on the base that increases craft to design quality, shirt-sleeve and advanced computer technology and administrative idea, reduce development workload, raise software vitality, it is the object that CAPP system designs, also be enterprise of suit our country actual condition, satisfy the feasible method of business demand. Generally speaking, because have PDM technology to had not formed uniform standard, the systematic each other that each manufacturer offers is incompatible, the development of CAPP system is having sharp specific aim, the software that develops on platform of a kind of PDM cannot transplant directly to other platform. But can be in modular with the thought of software put sb in a very important position guidance falls, draw lessons from CAPP to develop the design method of the tool, differentiate the component of CAPP for general module, half general module, special module, duplicate work in order to decrease, shorten development time, increase software adaptability. General module does not rely on specific PDM software, be like design of forms for reporting statistics and output. Half general module is point to module decompose have nothing to do with PDM, just realize the difference on the sentence level that the form differs and causes as a result of what platform of each PDM software offers, be like the construction of technical data library and management. Special module relies on the specific implementation of PDM completely, be like the implementation of working flow. General module can be developed independently, use repeatedly, it is a kind of tool actually, can finalize the design completely in a kind perfect ceaselessly on structural foundation, form commercial software, offer a client to change a function at the same time, OK when be carried out in the enterprise the actual condition according to the enterprise is custom-built. Half general module can undertake developing in bogus language class, form on the whole relatively fixed structure, undertake according to specific PDM platform fill is mixed revise, all sorts of interface that also can provide pair of mainstream PDM software or compile a tool. Special module needs to experience the characteristic of software of of all kinds PDM deep, produce its advantage adequately. On the other hand, no matter be to retrieve type, derive type, integrated type to still start type,practice makes clear, the CAPP of onefold mode cannot have satisfied the requirement of the enterprise. The product of the many breed in the enterprise often is in of habit of craft maturity, craft and craft achievement accumulate on not quite consistent, below the demand that covers a face to expand in CAPP cannot one knife is cut. all sorts of products in the enterprise cent becomes a few kinds big, according to of all kinds craft characteristic and design requirement, link the strong point of CAPP each mode, development is compositive the system that change is relatively feasible. The CAPP system architecture that is based on PDM platform pursues (the CAPP system that 2) system architecture is based on PDM platform (attached drawing) unlike average CAPP system, what it reflected traditional structure is patulous. The system is built go up in the network that is enclosed by PDM system and distributed database environment, its function layer includes the part of development and the demand according to CAPP system 2 times to have custom-built share to PDM function module. Unified PDM/CAPP interface and user are passed between this two parts alternant, form a whole from the function. 4 last words build the CAPP system on PDM platform to be able to come true to design the management of the process to craft not only, still can be in with same construction the other system on PDM platform is close together and compositive, satisfy the need that implements collateral project. The promotion as PDM technology and the wide application in CIMS project, build the CAPP system on PDM platform to be sure to make trend of a development. Article basis carries out the practice experience of CAPP in PDM environment, put forward to be based on the implementation technology of the CAPP system of PDM, be opposite not only henceforth system of each enterprise executive CIMS/PDM has referenced value, the CAPP system with the independent to development function of the integrates PDM characteristic implementation CAPP system that mentions among them is significant also. 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