The handiwork that bearing assembles horny figuration lathe tool is ground make

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Graph graph of craft of 1 lathe work pursues the installation characteristic of bearing reachs the 3 example grounds that measure horny point of view the feasibility of treatment, the design on lathe work craft takes what 15 ° guide to assemble part, in order to assure bearing and the guiding that coordinate a side, make bearing is loaded smoothly (1) seeing a picture. The dimension that bearing assembles part, appearance reachs what angle affects bearing directly to assemble quality, affect bearing and the life that combine a part suitably. The method that the car formulates bearing to assemble part is very much, like use turning of numerical control lathe or use nonstandard car of figuration lathe tool is made, quality is good, but cost is high. Show a semi-automatic lathe of common hydraulic pressure (C7620) is used cut means turning to assemble part, grind the methodological introduction that makes figuration lathe tool to be as follows by hand. Want to come true cut means turning to pour wine cup, grind with what pour the figuration knife of be identical of horny appearance photograph making is crucial. Because grind a knife,used emery wheel rough sketch is handlers handiwork repair and maintain, make grind the appearance control that makes figuration knife to make a difficult point, to solve this problem, assemble horny characteristic according to the product, designed pour horn to wear knife sample plate (2) seeing a picture. The working place appearance of this example and shape of degree of lip-rounding of cutting tool blade are complementary, in the consumed when grinding a knife unoccupied place law checks figure of cutting tool point, as long as cutting tool point and example point rely on to tighten and light is unoccupied place consistent, explain cutting tool appearance is eligible already, the handlers that has experience a bit is very easy can lathe tool accurate grind make take shape. The installation angle of cutting tool is the another crucial factor that affects horny coordinate dimension and angle, as a result of common solder the knife repeats installation to cannot make sure cutting tool repeats fixed position precision on the machine tool, the angle pouring wine cup that brings about treatment to go out asks very hard with craft conform to, through practice, the special example that the design measures horny point of view twice (3) seeing a picture, after repeating the installation that grind a knife so, examine through first test-drive, handlers can adjust good cutting tool correctly very quickly to machine angle. Want cutting tool installation to agree as high as main shaft center highly only, treatment goes out pour horn to be able to satisfy craft requirement completely. Detect in dimension of coordinate pouring wine cup on, use 0 ~ 150mm 3 with vernier calipers, make special callipers through measuring horn to change to callipers front, make horn measures precision to achieve 0.

02mm. Graph 2 pour horn to wear knife sample plate CNC Milling CNC Machining