The processing technique of advanced electric spark of unmanned treatment

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Come nearly 20 years, EDM serves as a kind of profession in industry, people decreased to its interest when entering service market. The reason may be the opportunity that duty 4L offers to groom to the student in various school too little. Because hand is in short supply, the reaction that machines industry is the character of service that uses an advanced technique to raise a machine tool. OK and average worker finishs today's machine tool to wanted know exactly about sth in the past year the treatment job that the handlers ability of experience finishs, another new contribution is a machine tool can day and night start working, and without what difficult. EMD worst element is time, the arrangement of man-hour is deciding whether the demand that presses an user is prompt delivery. The ability of unmanned operation job of reason machine tool is all in all. Design in Cheng of actor chemical industry, in making. And mean with the best method with proportional now technology, the time that adjusts a machine tool in total man-hour should decrease. BillKushmaul of TechMold company president is glad that the ground points out: "Our statistic spends actual discharge handling time, in general pattern noon the actual discharge handling time of EDM equipment takes a week 168 hours only the 20% one 30%o of working hours uses the most advanced equipment and automation technology to be able to get dramatic improvement. " as EDM of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut and North, 1998EDM of SouthMachinerv limited company innovates award on the west the gainer of the area, techMold has been made in the mould in was being used is almost most the automation system of innovation. It equiped with the WorkmanRobot system of 3R the forming machine of electric spark of VXl0 numerical control of 3 wheat electric machinery. TechMold the handling time it from increase 36 hours every week, increase namely 3 times much. The manufactory that uses EDM without other actually can spare parts of unmanned guard treatment achieves this rate. Kushmal says: "The automation of EDM can make sure the long-term and unmanned guard that we need actually is machined truly. Mould workshop has a kind of such feelings. The mould is made is the vintage business that belongs to a tradition. Actually die maker needs to have as far as possible much automation, in order to retain the competition ability of oneself and the requirement that satisfy an user " . VXl0 helped us accomplish this really. The EDM innovation award 1998 grants an user the plant, it is to reward its preferential in producing a course and creativity ground uses EDM. This is one of the 5 areas award that gives EDM every year the user only. Gainer of all 5 areas award will contend for national award on IMTS98, although had established 5 areas award and award of a state, the understanding of the modern technology that manufactory of EDM of Dan Sanling electric machinery still hopes to increase the public to regard nicety as the forerunner in treatment to EDM. The EDMKushmaul of automation cares for a long time and seek the automation technology that the mould makes hard. Because a problem is EDM technician,should cost a large number of time to adjust machine tool and change electrode rice processes a new work the worker that another problem is adroitness is fed up with; in the late evening or work overtime on the weekend, so electric spark treatment has day shift merely, also do the dusk at most. Should obtain, stage after the forming machine of electric spark of VXl0 numerical control of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut, the automation of Kushmaul planned to just begin truly. "Use as far as possible produce with the time on the weekend in the evening, it is than what important thing to us. " Kushmaul points out. Now, VXl0 joined 3RRobot but library of process designing knife, can show in unmanned guard from the week 5 work all the time afternoon morning of week early in the morning. 3RRobot knife library has 1.

The revolving stage with tall 829m, can keep in storage and exchange 72 workpiece and 72 electrode, and do not need a person completely to attend to, workpiece and electrode already tray. Take away by manipulator after a workpiece is machined, the electrode that subsequently reassume reinstate crosses. In the next of the make choice of inside knife library then workpiece is mixed electrode, chase installation, no matter be electrode or workpiece in clip dish on the precision of installation is in less than of 2 μ M. Realizing one of keys that TechMold Bai Gong changes is the input system of VXl0, ESPER(is called to be mixed easily in electric machinery of 3 water chestnut) of simple system of process designing expert, what it offers is the automatic process designing of man-machine interaction. The data of the input includes the measure of electrode of thick, finish machining, the dimension of electrode, the mark of treatment and treatment deepness. With this information, ESPER system can edit the most effective whole set regulation to allow for this workpiece. Book the order that give by the technician ability of an extremely rich and practical experience, ESPER system need not the person's assistance can be assembled give rice. The machine tool can be used above all measure a head to detect the real measure of workpiece and electrode, next manipulator gets off measure a head, mount discharge machines needs electrode. The result is to need to change the frequency of electrode decreases greatly. On Friday afternoon, it is Vx when the jockey of TechMold ready whole after the treatment task on the weekend, mere need gives the instruction set of 12 key its movement, ESPER can support the work of 3RRobot knife library completely, whole the automatic run time on the weekend makes the working hours of machine week increased about 60 hours, this is compared normally from week first phase the actual run time of 5 is times more. Nobody are operated even if be helpful for 10 produce efficiency, reduce cost and decrease artificial. With ambiguous logic control job can be done morely work to finish so long completely unmanned guard wants injunction, still advanced than original CNC in VXl0, pace, it used ambiguous and logistic control. Advantage of ambiguous and logistic pilot depends on, it considered all treatment conditions, make what suit adjust. Machine tool of pilot of use faintness logic will be ceaseless monitoring is all the real mark efficiency that machines a condition, is not an imagination or academic efficiency. Like that 8 hind ambiguous logic begins to adjust at the same time allow parameter in order to seek first-rate rule, machine efficiency in order to satisfy efficient discharge. A high-powered sensor can measure the change that gives small discharge state, human place cannot find this kind of little change, feedback information sends 32 microprocessor, after the ambiguous and logistic system of VXl0 is accepting these data, synchronous make response, adjust parameter. Kushmaul coachs his EDM jockey goes studying the faintness that improves a system is logistic, he says: "We should know us whether improve its performance further through handling control ably to come. We must adjust good software carefully to machine a condition in order to suit the type that we work and discharge beforehand. " Kushmaul says: "Because it has positive effect from beginning to end,the ambiguous logic that I like VXl0 so is. And other system may begin start action, but, after machining a state to change somewhat, it can tend conservative, treatment rate falls apparently. This one system is maintained from beginning to end suit goodly, those who have a process is ceaseless optimize, response rate is very rapid. " the careful pulse power source that VXl0 faintness develops as newly as the system logically (FP power source) harmonious job. The technology of FP power source that electric machinery of 3 water chestnut develops solved the discharges 2 times problem in EDM treatment successfully. 2 times discharge increased to machine the discharge capacity of scrap, electrode loss is increased, exterior surface roughness becomes poor. FP power source can eliminate completely 2 times to discharge almost. If 2 times discharge disappears, its annulus action decreases greatly. Kushmanl points out, discharge decreasing 2 times when long-term and unmanned guard works is very important, after he returns discovery to use this one automatic system, the exterior surface roughness of workpiece is improved energetically. This one very reliable software and very reliable hardware photograph are united in wedlock, made sure long on the weekend unmanned guard job can get very good result. The machine tool that looks into the closest TechMold to had used 3 decline electric machinery finished the past to ever was used former two projects that machine tool discharge has processed. The handling time after Kushmaul discovers VXl0 adopted automation measure shortened greatly. One of reasons are ambiguous logic response rate is mixed quickly have ESPER automatic process designing, we are so given work handling time decreased. Kushmaul points out: CNCEDM promise is the skill that the expert class jockey that we can get an adroitness possesses, and VXl0 can give us certainly. "As how many years before in that way, nobody are operated and did not change people to do not have enough interest to entering EDM service market this be related is solid, and VXl0 can help a workshop use really less finish equal treatment to make Wu artificially. And VXl0 can help a workshop use really less finish equal treatment to make Wu artificially.. CNC Milling CNC Machining