Treatment IT product uses small diameter bit

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OSG company opens the hard alloy broach that gives out minimum of a kind of diameter recently, basically use at machining the miniature aperture of accurate machinery and IT industry product, the trade name of this kind of broach is " WX MS GDS " , already put in the market as formal product at present. The characteristic of GDS broach is: ① base material exceeds fine grain hard alloy exceedingly goodly to fight collapse blade sex; ② broach surface passes TiAlN coating processing; Difference of allow of ③ broach diameter is 0 ~ 0.

01mm; When ④ processes weak qualitative data, performance of the processing that cut bits is good, can undertake high accuracy, efficient treatment; The broach under ⑤ 2mm, every other 0.

01mm is a norms; Exceed the broach of 2mm, every other 0.

05mm is a norms. CNC Milling CNC Machining