Technology of aggrandizement of bolus of spring in season

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Before early, after heat treatment of leaf spring of a car, craftsman people can beat continuously with hammer ceaselessly, beat attack it. That moment craftsman people do not be clear about them so the clarity service life that can let board reed as a result lengthens 6 times, and now, fact of this be related already was understood adequately by engineers. Engineering technology of this one aggrandizement applies to columnar helix bedspring likewise (round reed) , twist lever, aim to different rate rises and improve bedspring exhaustion intensity and stress to corrode rupture intensity. A few otherer plane and car component, regard production as the necessary step of the process aggrandizement working procedure like lamina of engine of group of gear of connecting rod, crankshaft, rocker, planet, gear, aviation, landing gear, transmission shaft, and established rigid technical standard. Explain a spare parts simply what to change you can produce after aggrandizement first? The principle aggrandizement craft of aggrandizement craft is the pill that uses high speed campaign shed pair of metal surfaces pound and make the surface produces layer of circular plasticity meet an emergency, bring about this to the microstructure of the layer produces advantageous change and make surface layer introduces remains to press stress field from this. The microstructure of surface layer and remains press stress field is to raise the fatigue fracture of metallic stuff and its bedspring and stress to corrode rupture the two aggrandizement factor that defies force, in order to raise the dependability of bedspring and wear. Aggrandizement is " cold treatment " craft, have the hot-working processing that does not fall in high temperature at metallic spare parts. Press stress layer normally outspread to below material surface 0.

005 " to 0.

030 " in. If be necessary, also can pass change craft parameter, dimension of the makings that be like bolus, gush / cast shoot speed, in season / vibrating deflection is spent, gush / cast shoot time to wait will will press stress layer outspread deepness increases. Two when evaluate aggrandizement effect important parameter are intensity is mixed enclothe rate. Enclothe rate (100% , 200% or bigger) basically be support range estimation, and intensity needs to use representative spring steel test piece to undertake metrical (namely test piece of A Er door) intensity measures a spare parts to proofread a tool (PVT) , the design is used secure test piece at a few specific places, the test piece in these positions but imitate spare parts has intensity to ask and the area place that must undertake intensity detects. According to different applying, intensity limits from 0.

015 - 0.

030 (be in ' A ' on grade) . Equipment of aggrandizement of bedspring of type of bedspring aggrandizement equipment can divide for two sort model: ---Centrifugal type lamina casts bolus aggrandizement installation---The advantage of the week before equipment of aggrandizement of bolus of gush of pneumatic nozzle type is speed fast, yield is high, apply to board reed, round reed to wait quite produce can ask the aggrandizement of tall spare parts is handled, it can be cast in shorter time shoot more area, and let be achieved more quickly by gush place saturated intensity. Equipment of a kind of the aggrandizement that throw ball that successive chain carries a system applies to · board reed aggrandizement, many cast what the head aims board reed to go up the surface, the successive through type that reachs or so flank to undertake a kind of belt points to an axis casting ejaculation · casts bolus aggrandizement equipment to apply to round reed aggrandizement, there is to rotate in the room that throw ball round screw die, drive change of round reed edge coming back to pass, the process is here medium, the many alignment that throw a head its undertake casting bolus aggrandizement. The bedspring with · relatively lesser dimension, if be used at the spiracle bedspring of engine valve, no matter which are planted,the equipment that suits to cast bolus equipment to undertake aggrandizement handles · to twist lever to also suit to use successive through type with crawler undertakes aggrandizement craft parameter aggrandizement technology, the purpose is to should obtain to last constant, but reduplicative aggrandizement intensity. Accordingly, in must understanding process, what crucial variable can affect final aggrandizement result, include: These craft variable can affect above aggrandizement is final the effect: · heaves the rate when head diameter decided steel ball medium is cast to be shot by proper point of view. Below the same rotate speed that throw a head, the diameter is 17.

5 " the steel ball of the generation that throw a head casts firing rate to spend be more than a diameter to be 14 " throw a head, the aggrandizement strength that generates consequently is higher also. · cast the horsepower of the head to decide the · of steel pill measure that is hit inside unit time throws a head is by frequency changer of direct drive, through the change the frequency of electric machinery can change the rotate speed that throws a head, change steel ball to cast the initial velocity that go out thereby. · casts a head to be secured to be in normally the specific place of the room that throw ball, but can pass adjust directional covered position, will change cast shoot way. Directional covered position decided steel ball is cast finally the head casts the angle that shoots the craft parameter of result of aggrandizement of bolus of other influence gush includes: The discharge that the consistency bolus of the dimension · dimension of the ball of discharge · steel of · steel ball expects is by special flow control valve is controlled. In equipment of the aggrandizement that throw ball, this control a powerful person is installation in cast a head to enter makings area, through adjusting the mouth of flow control valve adjusts a course this a powerful person enters the steel ball discharge that throws a head; In equipment of gush bolus aggrandizement, bolus makings controls installation of a powerful person to export an area in pressure canister. A vibrating separator undertakes filtering to bolus makings, the sieve singles out the bolus of acceptable measure to expect, ensure the steel pill measure that uses in aggrandizement process is consistent, achieve stable aggrandizement result thereby. Steel ball (or cut into shreds) dimension, can immediate impact covers rate and aggrandizement time. Common law is, diameter of · steel ball is small, the leftover stress that workpiece surface produces is taller, but aggrandizement layer is more shallow diameter of · steel ball is big, the leftover stress that workpiece surface produces is inferior, but aggrandizement layer is deeper board reed aggrandizement can use a kind of successive through type to cast bolus aggrandizement equipment to undertake to board reed the aggrandizement with alone one after another is handled, let concave side of board reed geometry exposed to the open air flow in high speed bolus. Typical type is to include to cast a head to be used at casting to shoot board reed coping, side outfit throws a head, at the same time gush board reed controls aspect. This standard money of equipment of board reed aggrandizement carrying rate is 10 feet / minute, if need taller yield fast, can increase the amount that throw a head, adjust electric machinery frequency. Below working requirement, board reed can repeat get one-way curve stress influence, because this is sometimes by stress aggrandizement. In aggrandizement process, the meeting in the process is being used after with respect to imitate board reed is in gets " stress aggrandizement " circumstance, let it be in bear the bestow on the direction of bear " static stress " while, undertake gush bolus aggrandizement to its. After aggrandizement ends, release this adscititious static state stress. The experiment proves, stress aggrandizement can prolong the service life of board reed further than groovy aggrandizement. Round reed of round reed aggrandizement, as a result of appearance of its helix geometry, the board reed aggrandizement that because should be compared with working to its aggrandizement,makes the same score the surface is some more difficult. Additional, return the aggrandizement effect that must evaluate round reed cross section strictly, understand round reed adequately to fight the size fighting force of fatigue fracture thereby. Round reed is carried alone via in succession add by each catenary system sends the room that throw ball, throw ball indoor of a group of parallel roller, aggrandizement while, roller path keeps rolling, drive the travel before the edge rotating by the side of round reed. Such whirl can make high speed bolus current spend round spring through means between each ring, the metal that makes inner lane apparently, just is round reed stress over there most centralized place. Can ask to apply high to producing, can choose a kind can at the same time gush the aggrandizement equipment of two round reed. Result of newest research and development, it is to be on foundation of equipment of the original aggrandizement that throw ball, union enters many spray head, use at be opposite round reed location (stress centers please) more the gush bolus of concentration of clear, firepower treats the cause. Twisting lever aggrandizement to twist lever aggrandizement is to will twist lever park on conveyer belt of type of an inclined roller, many a alone Bian Xuan turns the edge passes the chamber that throw ball, bring frequency conversion electric machinery with cast a head to undertake eject aggrandizement to its. Bedspring of spiracle bedspring diminutive, if be used at the aggrandizement equipment that the spiracle bedspring of engine valve applies to crawler. The bedspring part that handles test piece of door of an A Er and tape puts crawler to cast ball machine together in, after aggrandizement ends, take out test piece of A Er door, the development industry production of the equipment of aggrandizement of aggrandizement intensity bedspring that gets according to measuring the strength that give to be worth spare parts of knowable way is mixed to aggrandizement result consistency but the demand of repeatability is higher and higher, its are important degree is self-evident. A few necessary device were joined to ensure in aggrandizement equipment the process of high quality, be like vibrating separator, use at choosing pill measure, make sure pill size is consistent and even; The frequency conversion motor that throws a head controls eject rate; The speed controller that carries chain can adjust eject time. Current, more advanced, the more accurate and complex, aggrandizement facility that has function of the synchronous control that monitor uses the program extensively already also at bedspring manufacturing industry, implementation is monitored to the real time of craft parameter and show as a result today, "Feeling screen " with the operation that is based on computer the interface replaced original key-press and indicator light. Control system not only can synchronous show of all kinds the craft parameter that monitors, still can let him operator write acting relevant parameter " program " . Make up to these programs on exclusive code is indicative, store in the system, be sent on a diplomatic mission is taken to use after facilitating. Safeguard the problem when making mistake with equipment what be convenient maintenance technician to solve daily, the control system of equipment still can offer a directive graphic representation, the row has all entrances in the machine or export, the circumstance before showing they look. Such facilitating maintenance technician find a wrong place quickly, undertake correctional processing in time. Newest control system still can cooperate safe need, let the person of different position, systematic manager, engineer, safeguard personnel, operator, the machine that 4 class differ controls limits of authority. Conclusion bedspring aggrandizement already was a kind of Gao Ke engineering technology charging a sex. The supplier of bedspring manufacturer and bedspring aggrandizement equipment people realize, process of this kind of aggrandizement is made like other nicety same, the consistency to craft, but repeatability and quality demand are higher and higher. Technical development not just on the mechanical function of equipment of aggrandizement of bureau be confined to, can offer synchronism to monitor to the system, show, the expectation of record and other function is day-to-day also increase, aim to enhance the effect of bedspring aggrandizement and definition. CNC Milling CNC Machining