China is the biggest lie snail centrifugal comes out in Chongqing

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The large horizontal solids discharge by scroll conveyor that by machinery of Chongqing river north limited company develops manufacturing model to be D7NC sedimentations centrifugal, classics empty wagons tried recently move, each technology index achieves design requirement completely, indicating China is current development of the biggest horizontal helix centrifugal is successful. This machine is a basis PVC colophony market develops development to the requirement of centrifugal of large treating capacity, it is home the bedroom centrifugal of the biggest norms, compare with centrifugal of D6NC, D5MC, d7NC centrifugal design is more reasonable, can get used to the need that uses a mass production more. According to statistic, our country amounted to 8 million tons to PVC resinous demand 2005, and domestic century productivity has 6.5 million tons only. Predict 2010, our country will amount to 12 million tons to PVC resinous demand, the amount of product requirement of horizontal helix centrifugal with PVC consequently large to big norms, treating capacity market will soar. CNC Milling CNC Machining