Cut metal new method: Appearance of custom-built beam of light

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Solid of tall brightness, high power stimulates illuminant, be like fiber-optic laser, showed them to use medium latent capacity in prospective metal cut. IPU predecessor develops a society for Danish product, namely Institute For Product Development, the new idea that has a research and development used laser of Chan Moguang fine to undertake Laser Cutting, already began to be in DOEFLAC and ROBOCUT are able to apply in two projects, begin collaboration with a lot of other project associate. First experimental test makes clear, this kind of new treatment way has latent capacity to surmount advanced fiber-optic Laser Cutting and CO2Laser Cutting, the treatment speed of technology of two kinds of Laser Cutting after comparing faster, effect is better, and cheaper. Predict, after two projects are finished, technology of this kind of cut will mature increasingly and reach certain level, but according to normally commercial condition is used at making a product be sold. These projects are based on appearance of custom-built beam of light a principle, namely: With use sheet Shu Yuan form stimulates the photograph of traditional Laser Cutting of beam of light to compare, new cut technology used figure of complex laser light beam. Use high-power the focusing with distinctive laser of Chan Moguang fine is characteristic, produce figure of complex beam of light, what make is possible from inside integral laser energy cent gives one share, so that found " spoon aperture " , be used at laser beam welding to receive or in Laser Cutting application. The energy of the others will allocate fuse-element; Before this, advocate beam of light is used found a proper tall vapour pressure to distributing in melt material surface. This makes it OK on the fuse-element that brings to bear on local pressure to be poured out of in cut, this exceeded the pressure of commonly used in Laser Cutting coaxial gas eject far. The result is, cut is very narrow. New technology has latent capacity extremely, mao Bian won't arise inside bigger cut speed limits, and also can undertake high speed cutting in narrow outline cut, the cut that produces high quality (graph 1 with the graph 2) . Graph means of a few kinds of 1 cut: Typical Laser Cutting, advanced spoon aperture Laser Cutting, and use stimulate beam of light custom-builtly to have cut. Graph 2 principles graph: Custom-built the light intensity that stimulates beam of light. And, through appearance of correctly custom-built laser light beam (add " lid " the appearance of beam of light of form) , although do not have use cut to assist gas, melt fluid also is met along incident laser bundle opposite way pours out of cut. Because this one only channel is long-range,cut technology is come out by development, this kind of technology has clear applied perspective, handle purify melt matter effectively from cut. Plastics of beam of light the core of technology of this kind of Laser Cutting is plastics of beam of light, can come true through different kind, for example: The design deserves to have the system of laser of Chan Moguang fine. Set a structure through beam of light -- is not an all single standards transmission beam of light collects to be transmitted greatly fiber-optic in, can transmit these light beam cut head, no less than is used at high-power much model fiber-optic laser configuration. Use source of laser of a Chan Moguang fine. The artificial hologram that uses a kind of advanced optical system and a special design (also call diffractive and optical parts of an apparatus) , stimulate the input changeover of beam of light to be radiation mode, so that optimize given Laser Cutting craft (graph 3) . Because mode of beam of light is unsymmetrical (graph 2) , diffractive and optical parts of an apparatus needs fibrous root turns according to actual cut direction, if pursue,3 are shown. Graph 3 principles graph: Use custom-built laser bundle the mechanism that the Nextpage of system of long-range Laser Cutting of mode generates vapour pressure about powerful laser, mix early in bore of the laser a few years ago spoon aperture is penetrable model when laser deep fusion welding is received, know with respect to humanness place, local vapour pressure is the drive mechanism of penetrability bore, the spoon aperture in and be used at arise and maintaining soldering. Spoon aperture is penetrable model Laser Cutting has history of 20 years, in those days a flock of scientists in Fulaoenhuofu laser technology institute considers to use CO2 laser to make high speed cut to Ban gold. However, undertake with CO2 laser spoon aperture Laser Cutting is confined to very small plate, because powerful plasma is formed in spoon aperture,this is, this also solders in laser of high power CO2 in appear. Gao Liang spends the focusing function of fiber-optic laser and its wavelengh, make this kind of laser can be in thick board cut of aperture of aspirant travel spoon, because fiber-optic laser compares the cut rate of CO2 laser,get quickly much. Because can more businesslike melt the central line eliminate from cut forward position, spoon aperture cut is compared normally Laser Cutting is more efficient; In former treatment process, the ahead that can is in to stimulate beam of light by fused material flows. This makes melt layer ply thinner, ensure from melt the surface can conduct quantity of heat effectively consequently, fuse-element forward position of the surface absorbed laser, and need energy in order to fuse more material. However, in spoon aperture cut, the melt fluid that stimulates periphery of beam of light can cause quality problem. Melt flows from cut side, this will make cut quality exasperate, because rate of fiber-optic laser cut is very rapid, but when should cutting ply to increase, cut quality is not high. In the Laser Cutting in the model and advanced spoon aperture cut, coaxial gas assists the only motive force that means is cleared melt content; Cut must magnify, so that reduce the pressure through cut part. Here, the intensity of pressure that laser irradiation earning goes to is greater, and be in whole cut part enduring enormous pressure. Accordingly, can be designed completely according to smooth road limitation custom-built the new method that stimulates beam of light, it can cut gives the narrower cut below means of more advanced than using Laser Cutting. The test that develops up to now up to now, the test that uses this kind of new method to begin shows the cut that changes in big range there is clear improvement in quality below rate, already proved, can get do not have the effect of burr cut almost. The foreground clearly of these two projects (graph 4 with the graph 5) . In addition, laser of Chan Ciyuan Cheng is fused the result of cut (come from a fast company) had proved, the purify of melt can pass laser irradiation only. Graph 4 use stimulate appearance of beam of light custom-builtly to have cut, deserve to auxiliary gas pursues 5 comparative figures: Long-range Laser Cutting and use custom-built laser bundle the cut of appearance. The solution that tells fast company however is the laser that is based on a circle bundle, this asks through coming loose Jiaolaishi shows afore-mentioned working mechanism. It is not good solution, because this is planted,thing of melt of the requirement below the condition goes from the cut eduction that stimulates ahead of beam of light -- already open result showed this is nodded clearly. By of technology of another long-range cut nots institute of technology of laser of Lao Enhuo's husband (Fraunhofer IWS) proof, namely the circular single standard of focusing of a height stimulates beam of light to be in material apparently scan for many times, undertake deepness is carved. This kind of technology applies to laminose cut only; Because need multiple scanning, the advantage of scanning is lost more or less. The crucial job of this project is centered in the experiment to calculate and be made in the design at present, prepare to test level, and in Denmark Ao Erbao university builds experimental establishment, included a 3 kilowatt among them laser of Chan Moguang fine. CNC Milling CNC Machining