FEHLMANN PICOMAX®825 VERSA is efficient 5 axes machining center

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The company relies on Feierman old successful experience, newest research and development PICOMAX 825 VERSA efficient 5 axes machining center, use at the treatment of workpiece of medium norms high accuracy. The turn that the machine tool uses dragon door structure and unifinication / swing workbench, it is 5 axes the another high-quality goods of machining center. Applied domain machine tool basically uses 5 at high accuracy to machine / treatment of 5 axes linkage, comfortable at machining tool, mould and nice spare parts, can apply extensively at machinery to make, the machine tool of domain design concept such as car, aerospace, matters pertaining to defense and medical apparatus and instruments uses dragon door structure, the requirement that the slideway of special design, drive and constant temperature system machine with satisfying current and efficient, nicety. The machine tool uses guide of accurate and linear roller, each axis is complete closed-loop control, can win tall treatment feed rate and add / reduce rate, satisfy the high speed that to precision Yan Ke asks to machine demand. Cast lathe bed classics finite yuan the analysis is optimized, use propped up at 3 o'clock. The machine tool is all assemble a face to all use nicety to blow grind, geometrical precision is assured completely by machinery and do not use numerical control to amend way. The machine tool makes the material that chooses coefficient of expansion to be close to as far as possible and by lukewarm accuse a system to move to undertake cooling with main shaft partly to each, assure a machine tool to be able to reach stabilized operating temperature quickly and maintain constant temperature when treatment, treatment precision can keep stable when 24 hours of successive jobs. The need that there is the 5 axes treatment that Yan Ke asks to satisfy at the beginning of machine tool of 5 axes treatment is being designed, the circumgyrate of unifinication / swing axis of workbench edge X is placed, a axis is in the motion won't produce when swinging overlay of tall trends. Workbench by pitching moment electric machinery direct drive, full closed-loop control, the rigid control of tall trends can come true when 5 axes linkage is machined, its swing limits can amount to 230 ° (+ / - 115 ° ) . Workbench can choose 400400mm square mesa or diametical 560mm round mesa, also can offer the EROWA, 3R, SCHUNK standard port that changes clamping apparatus system quickly. Convenient project of man-machine of manipulator bed classics optimizes a design, can near treatment area from 3 flank. The Control Panel of system of Heidenhain ITNC 530 that can turn can satisfy a worker to be in two flank manipulator bed, the join automation system with the 3rd can convenient flank. Change knife system automatically to basically operate the place in worker of machine tool flank by, it is OK that the worker in machining a process need not move undertake changing to the cutting tool inside knife library. Crucial part machine tool configures Fehlmann company proper motion to design production main shaft, include 14 ' 000/20 ' HSK-A63 of 000rpm rotate speed and 30 ' 000/36 ' a variety of HSK-E50 of 000rpm rotate speed norms. Main shaft low vibration, high accuracy, best surface machines quality and prolong cutting tool life in order to assure. Machine tool standard configures the chain knife library of 44 knives capacity, can expand at most the posture knife library that measures for 218 Dao Rong. Unit of bit of machine tool platoon suits to work cut / wet cut treatment, automatic platoon bits implement the screw type that includes workbench of machine tool interior to control two side discharges bits implement and external chain discharges bits implement, a variety of refrigeration, system that discharge bits can offer an alternative. The machine tool uses heat to balance a gender to fine structure is designed and use all sorts of measurement, compensation method eliminates heat to affect an error, with period reach top precision level, include countervail of each axis vulcanize and main shaft to measure feedback of stretchy quantity to compensate directly among them. Of course, hot to the machine tool balance affects the biggest is treatment area to cut bits and cooling fluid, the machine tool is special introduce shield of stainless steel lining, treatment area quantity of heat and machine tool noumenon isolate, in order to gain the hot stability when the machine tool works continuously. The 5 axes machine tool of standard of 3 axes machine tool but its circumgyrate / swing workbench changes to become 3 rods to secure workbench machining center, have what the outfit of 1200750mm places area and 1000Kg to bearing, satisfy the 3 axes treatment of large work. Need to open working door only, crane can arrive at treatment area to undertake workpiece assembles and unassemble. Workbench still can configure tray to exchange a system. CNC Milling CNC Machining