Of clamping apparatus of turning of prejudicial and orthogonal round Taper Pipe improve

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Summary: The article analysed the outfit with original clamping apparatus of turning of prejudicial and orthogonal round Taper Pipe to place treatment method, improve clamping apparatus composition afresh through analytic hind, the efficiency that makes this orthogonal round Taper Pipe is machined raised 2 times, reduced manufacturing cost. Mode of structure of this clamping apparatus has referenced value to the treatment of this kinds of spare parts. Keyword: Right angle is conic; Prejudicial canal;   of thin wall workpiece my unit is a school of medium profession technology. Run a school come 30 years, basically develop the each respect person with ability such as industry and financial management for the society. Run a school come for years, the dimensions of the school expands with each passing day, the equipment of each respect already was added gradually much with perfect, already became Guangdong to visit one of base of demonstrative profession education now. For better raise pedagogic level, accompany better cure a student, the school can use holiday time and outside connection of a few enterprises, undertake a few significant have treatment job. July 2004, school workshop suffers company of Dong Yang stainless steel to entrust, the treatment that has product of a series of prejudicial and orthogonal round Taper Pipe (product data is 0Cr18Ni9 model stainless steel) . Product measure is shown 1 times like the graph. This kinds of spare parts basically is used at path of the bassoon in wholesome conduit installation and canaliculus path to be in horizontal join, a key that does not use below the circumstance of high demand installation that be patient of accumulates fluid phenomenon to arise joins, application is wider, demand is bigger. Because its are prejudicial orthogonal round Taper Pipe already used φ by manufacturer material of canal of 57 × 2mm does preform, by round canal through extruding workpiece figuration is prejudicial and orthogonal round Taper Pipe. Small Duan Bihou of the workpiece after figuration turns into by former 2mm 2.

3mm, size carries length mental allowance more (size carries each 5mm) . Want to undertake to workpiece cutting is machined to make workpiece accords with blueprint dimension, want to undertake its machine craft machining be analyticed first, relative to character is machined with lathe relatively other method is businesslike mix higher the characteristic with inferior cost. But by the graph 1 can see workpiece is Bao Bi workpiece, and it is prejudicial workpiece, in lathe treatment has certain difficulty. Difficulty 1: Spare parts classics after extrusion, appearance is peculiar, it is an eccentric throw for 6.

The prejudicial and conic Bao Bi of 35mm is in charge of, size end panel is rough whole. Difficulty 2: This workpiece is Bao Bi eccentric awl workpiece, when thin wall workpiece is machined, fall to be out of shape easily in clamping force action, when turning is machined, easy generation leaves in cutting strength effect vibration and be out of shape, the dimension precision that affects work and form precision. Additional, the oneness that prejudicial workpiece machines and prejudicial precision assure hard. Difficulty 3: The form of this workpiece precision is taller, side generatrix and the verticality of two end panel do not exceed 0.

2mm, the parallelism of two end panel does not exceed 0.

1mm, form the assurance of precision is quite difficult. Difficulty 4: This workpiece is extrusion, perpendicular the side generatrix at two end panel is not apparent, decide hard; Size two end and prejudicial and conic jumper are more ambiguous, make workpiece size carries dimension of stiff figure length to be controlled not easily, after small end is contractive at the same time, small Duan Bihou turns into by former 2mm 2.

3mm, than 1 what blueprint asks.

5mm became thick 0.

8mm, want lathe cutting method to be machined accord with blueprint dimension, it is difficult that treatment looks for positive to become. Through machining the analysis of the requirement to workpiece, if use the groovy method that hold clip, assure work measure precision, form hard of precision accurate reach consistency. To make workpiece can be machined smoothly, the design made workshop teachers a clamping apparatus, can machine from the installation on centering chuck in 3 claw. Clamping apparatus design accords with thin wall workpiece to install clip principle: Use clamp of axial clamping force, divide a working procedure to be machined to workpiece. Machine main aspects first, rework small end, machine the aperture inside small end finally. Working procedure 1. Axis of the intention when face of turning main aspects with prejudicial taper hole serves as fixed position inside workpiece fiducial, with one clip outfit places face of methodological turning main aspects, its install clip to if the graph is shown 2 times,machine sketch map. When workpiece locates with eccentric awl arbor, the very close to each other between workpiece and arbor is unoccupied place, fixed position precision is tall, arbor restricted the Z of workpiece, y, x6 each by degree. Is its insufficient place: ? Mei of bureau of narrow one's eyes of take along sth to sb suffers from  of any of several hot spice plants of Xing Huan シ to need Zou of ぃ  take along sth to sb wearies ° of? of bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase of Qian of superintend and director of  head dark blue locks up horn oneself, need carries axial clamping force on the head with end, but spare parts small end panel is rough whole, form point contact with end panel blocking claw, workpiece is caused easily to return a pine to skid in cutting strength effect, make side generatrix and out of tolerance of verticality of main aspects face, turning main aspects is prejudicial turning, length treatment amount is larger. When workpiece main aspects circles line of center of lathe main shaft to rotate, line of center of lathe main shaft and workpiece main aspects are prejudicial, increased turning acreage (if pursue 2 left graphic representation) . When using radial method turning, because be interrupted cutting is caused easily,vibration is mixed plunge into a knife; When using axial turning, criterion cutting deepness relatively greatly 14.

7mm, cutting muscularity, easy vibration and be out of shape, manufacturing efficiency is low. Because the spare parts is extrusion, main aspects and eccentric awl jumper are not apparent, the length dimension of main aspects measures difficulty, dimension difficult control. The appearance of batch goods and size consistency assure harder. Working procedure 2. Turning small end panel is fixed position with main aspects face fiducial, with eccentric of workpiece of nut axial impaction awl appearance face. The parallel shift that screw end panel can restrict workpiece X axis is spent freely, the whirl of Y and Z axis is spent freely, nut can restrict workpiece Y, z, x axis parallel moves to be spent freely. Axes of turning Shi Xiaoduan and lathe axes are prejudicial, cutting muscularity, turning difficulty, efficiency is low. And it is not OK to can machine end panel only the aperture inside treatment. Its install clip to if the graph shows 3 times,machine sketch map: Nextpage   working procedure 3. The aperture inside the car clips the circle outside small end with soft claw, with inside Kong Dao is retrorse the aperture inside turning small end, it is more difficult that aperture is measured inside. And area of the contact that hold clip is little, workpiece tigidity inadequacy is easy cause vibration, manufacturing efficiency is low. Its install clip to if the graph shows 4 times,machine sketch map: Finally after many effort, finished 50 sample to give eventually Dong Yang company is checked and accept. What via Dong Yang before long company report sends sample percent of pass for 94% . As a result of its company date of delivery is tightened quite, so requirement school arranges time as far as possible, by blueprint requirement batch produces treatment. Below the circumstance that be produced in batch and should assure date of delivery, because productivity is low,machine craft so, machine the loaded down with trivial details that hold clip, already cannot satisfy manufacturing need. Regard lathe work group as the group leader, I am carried removed this to improve manufacturing technology, improve manufacturing efficiency, ensure the task of product date of delivery. One, the breach that the treatment craft analysis of prejudicial and orthogonal round Taper Pipe wants to find out craft to improve, the treatment technology that wants pair of each process above all and manufacturing efficiency undertake statistic is analysed. If the watch shows 1 times,combine statistic of Dong Yang company: By the watch 1 can see, the working procedure of efficiency lowest is turning treatment, belong to the bottleneck working procedure in machining a process. Main reason is clamping apparatus the design is unreasonable, restricted manufacturing efficiency badly, root Ju actual condition, should improve labor efficiency best method improves original clamping apparatus namely, make its can locate accurate, hold clip quickly. Taking the issue that comes up against in producing an operation actually, analysed spare parts feature and treatment requirement seriously, the concerned data such as the treatment method of workpiece of referenced and many concerned Bao Bi and prejudicial workpiece and principle of the method that hold clip, clamping apparatus design and work location, via anatomize research, decide workpiece treatment fixed position is standard afresh, the method holding clip that places outfit of thin wall workpiece method and prejudicial workpiece machines organic union to rise. Improve clamping apparatus afresh, via the workshop each master is passed certainly, accurate in order to carry out. 2, improve   of train of thought 1.

Clamping apparatus can be in eccentric part 3 claw from centering chuck fast coaxial holds clip, and need not search to be able to machining small Duan Duan face and inside aperture. turning of coaxial of instead of prejudicial before turning, reduce turning area and difficulty, original treatment technology 2 working procedure combine for a working procedure, improve manufacturing efficiency. 2. the prejudicial turning that machines main aspects face formerly, change but coaxial turning, reduce turning area and treatment difficulty, improve productivity. Che Xiaoduan clamping apparatus improves plan: Certain work location is fiducial: Locate with the Kong Wei inside eccentric awl fiducial. Because this workpiece is to use figuration mould extrusion, workpiece appearance precision is assured by figuration mould. Have precision of higher fixed position and the character that can transmit bigger torque according to conic surface additionally, so when treatment, the appearance precision dimension of small end panel and perpendicular side generatrix can assure. Because clamping apparatus fixed position is standard,be eccentric awl arbor and chuck, cannot machine in average milling machine and lathe, need uses machining center or CNC Milling treatment. (the precision of such clamping apparatus gets effective assurance) . Line of the reoccupy after mill of Che Xiaoduan chuck is good is cut machine in perpendicular the section plane place at side generatrix azimuth cuts a 1mm narrow groove, can rely on already narrow the soft ungual action that groovy flexibility is out of shape clamp workpiece can rise to process thin wall work again, assured the appearance precision of workpiece. If the graph shows 5 times: Nextpage   machines turning process: Turning small end and inside Kong Shi, put work into eccentric awl arbor, cover prejudicial chuck again into workpiece, clip is held from centering chuck with 3 claw on lathe, the circle that measures workpiece small end with dial gauge is jumpy for 0.

05mm. It is OK to catch turning small end and inside aperture. If the graph shows 6 times,its hold clip: Because arbor is,serve as fixed position with taper hole of machine tool main shaft fiducial, fixed position precision is tall, when workpiece locates with eccentric awl arbor, workpiece and arbor can be done without clearance fit, arbor restricted the X of workpiece, y, z axis is spent 6 times freely. Additionally cone angle is more than the circle of workpiece to lock up horn oneself, want to add a chuck so, make workpiece and arbor more close together contact, prevent workpiece to add man-hour to return a pine. Clamping apparatus of face of car main aspects improves plan: former turning the prejudicial turning of main aspects face changes coaxial treatment, its clamping apparatus shows 7 times like the graph: When turning mains aspects, it is fixed position with small end panel fiducial if the graph shows 8 times,its hold clip: Main aspects axes and lathe are coaxial, have 2mm only with deepness of axial turning cutting, the cutting deepness that compares former prejudicial turning decreased 12.

7mm, improved cutting efficiency greatly. Effect of two kinds of clamping apparatus is comparative; A1. A2 of   of   of   of clamping apparatus of former Che Xiaoduan.

Clamping apparatus of the Che Xiaoduan after improving belongs to   of   of   of   of prejudicial turning   to belong to area of cutting of coaxial turning   big, machine difficult cutting deepness to have 2mm only, treatment outfit mix is easy firm   cannot be machined inside   of   of aperture     is OK precision of fixed position of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of the aperture inside treatment is high-energy, make sure verticality of line of   of   of   of   of     of small end panel and   of   of   of   of   of side mother   is 0.

2mm, need not search B1.

Car main aspects places B2 of   of   of clamping apparatus   .

Clamping apparatus of main aspects of the car after improving belongs to   of   of   of   of prejudicial turning   to belong to deepness of coaxial turning cutting 14.

Muscularity of turning of   of 2mm of deepness of cutting of   of   of 7mm     , make workpiece returns a pine easily, the operation is simple, fast. Cause main aspects face and out of tolerance of side generatrix verticality. 3, the improvement that epilogue passes pair of clamping apparatus, simplified the treatment operation of the spare parts, solved the difficulty that encounters on actual production successfully to make sure the product delivers the goods on schedule smoothly. Since the product development already helped Dong Yang company successfully finish a series of prejudicial right angle smoothly up to now the export job of product of round Taper Pipe, for the school innovation gives greater benefit. 4, express one's thanks to is in compose in the process of this paper, ever got this unit vice-president cause of senior lecturer bell is smooth, technician of Liu loose wave, Wu Zhao technician and institute of Zhao Qing technician are advanced technician establish talent, of the teacher such as Sun Dejiang show a help, pay cordial acknowledgment here. CNC Milling CNC Machining