Guide CAD graph the practical method of Coreldraw

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Theoretic CorelDRAW is OK the project plan with complex scale and electronic graph, but its good qualities is not here, this perhaps is the expert good fun of AutoCAD. But if want to make the documentation of constructive Wen Bingmao in Coreldraw, paraphrastic technology manual, very much perhaps when tagging the graph with fill design, be about to guide through graphical format exchange the file of AutoCAD format. Through the individual's practice, preliminary found a kind of more feasible method. Before explaining this method, what want a specification above all is, theoretic Coreldraw can be opened directly or guide * .

DWG, * .

The file of the format such as DXF, but I ever had tried, the effect is not ideal. The graph that is AutoCAD standard exchanges format document (* .

DXF file) , guide the effect in Coreldraw also is not very good, maintain the former appearance of AutoCAD file very hard, sometimes ulterly changed even, if pursue 1. At this moment cannot you always burn the copy of the dot with Coreldraw another? If turn into bitmap format to guide, the result is bad also, and file volume is too large. So we try the method below first. It is with AutoCAD R14 and Coreldraw10 exemple, its are basic train of thought is: AutoCAD ->DWG file - > derive WMF file - > guide in Coreldraw - > further processing, changeover is but file of editorial vector graph, want to had handled everything in Coreldraw only, can derive AI, PS, the format such as EPS, before OK and convenient redo imprints, presswork the job of the respect. Good, return to the subject, will see this compare first " stupid " but a kind of very practical method. 1.

In good figure of the scale in AutoCAD R14, choose a tool (Tools)-> system is configured (Preferences)-> shows (Display)-> color (Color) , turn setting look into white (the graph that sticks otherwise can bring pure black background) , click " OK " , if pursue 2. 2.

Return plot window, with respect to meeting discovery setting has become white. 3.

To be in AutoCAD can flowing and show accurately, input command VIEwres even, the setting is variable, its numerical value is moved big, like 10000. Otherwise if, show in CAD not only not quite careful and smooth, guide the graph into Coreldraw is met go out of form, common is the circle became polygon. If pursue 3. Pan(translation is inputted in command travel) - > right key menu is chosen " Zoom Eextens " , put the figure as far as possible big. 4.

The choice wants the figure of output, from " file " (File) menu is chosen " output (Export) " , choice output is Wmf file format, if pursue,4 are shown. 5.

Enter Coreldraw, build a documentation. Right hit working area, anthology " input " (perhaps use shortcut key Ctrl+I) , the file form that supports from a string big is chosen " Wmf format " , choose the Wmf file that a moment ago outputted, draw an object circle, guide. Much rarer aspect is unfortunate, the figure that we need and one chunk blank are united in wedlock cheek by jowl, make an organic whole (I think this is the white setting in AutoCAD) , occupied a space in vain, and the editor rises very no-go. If pursue 5. (for more apparent, highlight with gray in the graph express) how does   do? Fasten urgent, there is idea below. 6.

Do not abandon choosing, click attribute column to go up " cancel group of serieses " (the attention is not to cancel all group of groups) , big blank and useful graph depart leave come. Cancel all options by ESC, pitch on is clicked on the big blank of the Wmf graph of the input it, delete, but take out is blank, if pursue 6. (for can a few clearer express, the blank in the graph already fill becomes blue) , retain the useful graph share that we need only. 7.

You can discover, the graph after deleting blank is OK width of contour line of mobile, duplicate, drawing, setting, still can edit with appearance tool, undertake fill is waited a moment, the character also can edit well. If pursue 7. Good, restore vector again! Actually of AutoCAD scale is vectorgraph form originally. 8.

Still can try to output AutoCAD file EPS format, in reintroduce Coreldraw feasible also. But ask an attention, if the graph of the scale in AutoCAD is too complex (had design stuff for instance) , after inputting Coreldraw, disband group of groups, after the choice, condition column shows information is thousands of object, processing speed can slow. If the machine is insufficient cruel, this method had better not try. 9.

After deleting useless setting, guide the file into Coreldraw has been vectorgraph form, repass a few processing, still can output the vectorgraph form form such as AI, in entering Illustrator, open, (if pursue 8) undertake specific and detailed a lot of settings are mixed imprint after pre-treatment, can be printed or pressworked. The method that introduces above handles average CAD figure should enough, still have below a few problems are notable: 1) no matter be dimension,be being tagged still is a character in AutoCAD, be like,involve a few special signs " φ " , "± " wait, it is to use special method denotive (if use % % C, % % P expresses respectively " φ " , "± " ) , after guiding, coreldraw can not know this kind of agreement of AutoCAD, still be dutiful is illuminated unvarnished express, if pursue 9. I had not solved this problem, be obliged to be drawn afresh again " φ " , "± " wait for a symbol. 2) in AutoCAD R14, the symbolic font that law of a few Chinese character input inputs if " μ " " Ω " wait, guide after Coreldraw is medium, if be opened on other computer, and if other computer does not have corresponding font, cannot correct indication them, cannot show even. Eclectic means of settlement is turn its first in Coreldraw for the curve (Ctrl+Q) open on other computer. 3) generally speaking, the text in AutoCAD is in guiding still is text after Coreldraw is not a curve, can edit with text tool. But the character of a few characters in CAD assures very hard to won't change or be lost, this also need to notice. 4) the dimension in AutoCAD is tagged and design fill all is a whole, guide be met after Coreldraw " scamper leaves " fractionize is the boy or girl friend with younger more. 5) need to will guide the graphical line into Coreldraw adds hurried sometimes thick. Thought of AutoCAD2000 " the line is broad " new function, open a line then wide show, line wide numerical value is set in CAD, guide WMF file by afore-mentioned methods in Coreldraw, result very not ideal, it is thick almost a black. Without method, it is a problem, be forced to abandon. Still choose to want to add wide line in Coreldraw, line width is installed after combination. CNC Milling CNC Machining