Technology of laser beam machining

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One, technology of technical overview laser beam machining is to use the character that stimulates beam of light and corporeal interaction to material (include metal and metalloid) have cut, solder, finishing, stiletto and small treatment a processing technique. Technology of laser beam machining is to involve smooth, machine, report, material to reach detect a when wait for much door course integrated technology, its research limits can divide commonly for: 1. System of laser beam machining. Include laser, guide system of optical system, treatment machine tool, control reachs testing system. 2. Craft of laser beam machining. Include cut, solder, finishing, stiletto, dozen mark, underline, all sorts of treatment craft such as fine tuning. 2, one of pillar of the current situation and the main sign that develop a trend domestic and internationally to regard 20 centuries science and technology as development and technology of photoelectron of contemporary information society, the development of laser technology and laser industry is taken seriously by the height of world advanced nation. Laser beam machining is the biggest project in foreign laser application, also be the important step that transforms to traditional industry, advocate if KW class arrives laser of 10kW class CO2 and the cut that 100 tile implement all sorts of pair of material to laser of kilowatt class YAG, solder, stiletto, score and heat treatment. According to 1997~1998 year newest laser market is commented and forecast, sale of market of whole world total laser was amounted to 1997 32.

200 million dollar, grow 14 % than 1996, among them material treatment is 8.

2.9 billion dollar, medical treatment uses 300 million dollar, research a field 1.

500 million dollar. Gross income predicted to grow 19 % 1998, can achieve 38.

200 million dollar. Occupy the first material treatment to predict to exceed 1 billion dollar among them, medical laser is the 2nd big application of foreign. In domain of application of laser beam machining, CO2 laser is used with cut and solder reinforce the widest, occupy respectively 70 % and 20 % , finishing is less than 10 % . And the application of YAG laser is in order to solder, mark (50 % ) with cut (15 % ) give priority to. 70~80 % was occupied in the United States and European CO2 laser. 10 % are occupied with what cut gives priority to in our country laser beam machining, among them the CO2 laser of 98 % above, power is in 1.

Inside 5kW~2kW limits, and the agreement that gives priority to with heat treatment occupies 15 % , great majority is the steam cylinder bushing that undertakes laser handles car engine. The economy of this technology and social benefit are very tall, reason has very big market perspective. In auto industry, technology of laser beam machining developed his adequately advanced, fast, neatly treatment characteristic. If be in car prototype and small lot production,use machine of three-dimensional Laser Cutting in great quantities, saved example and tool equipment not only, still shortened greatly manufacturing preparation is periodic; Stimulate beam of light to be mixed in tall hardness material complex and bent surface spile, rate is rapid and do not produce damaged; Laser solders to already made standard technology in auto industry, japanese Toyota already soldered what laser uses at automobile body face plate, the plate of will different ply and different face coating solders together, undertake punch again next. Although laser heat treatment is in abroad to be inferior to,solder and cut is general, but still apply in auto industry extensive, wait for the heat treatment of component like annulus of cylinder bushing, crankshaft, piston, commutator, gear. In industrial developed country, technology of laser beam machining and technology of computerized numerical control and flexible production technology photograph is united in wedlock, derive gives laser to become form technology quickly. This technology can make a model quickly not only, and OK still and direct by metallic powder melt, create a metallic pattern. Arrived 80 time, YAG laser is soldering, the respect such as cut, stiletto and mark produced bigger and bigger effect. The cut quality that thinks YAG laser cut can have gotten normally and tall cut precision, but be restricted on cut speed. Rise as what YAG laser outputs power and quality of beam of light and be broken through. YAG laser already began to be squeezed into market of cut of laser of Kw class CO2. YAG laser suits to solder not to allow to heat is out of shape and solder particularly miniature parts of an apparatus of pollution, the batteries that be like lithium, pacemaker, sealed relay. YAG laser stiletto already developed make application of the biggest laser beam machining. Current, foreign laser stiletto basically applies in aerospace, car to make, the industry such as electronic appearance, chemical industry. The rapid development of laser stiletto, main body used the average output power of YAG laser to already raised 800w by the 400w 5 years ago to 1000w in stiletto now. Power of stiletto peak value is as high as 30~50kw, the pulse width that stiletto uses is narrower and narrower, repeat frequency taller and taller, of laser output parameter rise, improved stiletto quality greatly, raised stiletto rate, also enlarged the applied limits of stiletto. In the production that the application of the laser stiletto that home matures quite at present is the production that hauls filar model in making synthetic diamond and natural diamond and watch gem bearing. The stress that at present technology of laser beam machining studies to develop but reduce: - - - research of laser of new generation industry, the newer period that goes up at the technology at present, its indicate the development that is laser of whole solid state of diode pump riverside reachs application; - - - careful laser beam machining, imperceptible in statistic of application of laser beam machining treatment occupied 6 % only 1996, broke up 1997 one times amount to 12 % , already increased 19 % 1998; - - - treatment system intelligence is changed, the system is compositive it is treatment itself not only, contain real time to detect however, feedback processing, as expert system build, treatment system intelligence is changed already made inevitable development trend. Laser technology passes 30 old development in our country, obtained positive result of on 1000 science and technology, a lot of already used at producing practice, yield of equipment of laser beam machining is average and annual grow with the speed of 20 % , the technical reformation that is traditional industry, raised product quality to solve a lot of problems, if laser wool changes fine technology to be in the large section factory such as this treasure steel, steel to popularize, the change our country car is covered the state that armor plate counts an import completely, laser sign chance and laser beam welding receive the quality of machine, function, price to accord with home at present the demand of the market, the market is had rate amount to 90 % above. Put the main problem that be in: - - - the ability of commodity of translate into of scientific research achievement is poor, a lot of positive result that have market perspective stay in the prototype phase of the lab; - - - the breed of the core component laser of system of laser beam machining backward, dependability needs little, technology. Abroad not only the laser of whole solid state of diode pump riverside already was used in manufacturing process, and diode laser also is applied, and the laser of whole solid state of riverside of our country diode pump still lies to just began to consider to develop level. - - - little to the research of processing technique, be opposite especially the research of careful processing technique is more fragile, right ultraviolet what wave laser undertakes the research of treatment undertakes is few. - - - the dependability of equipment of laser beam machining, security, but sex of maintainability, form a complete set is poorer, satisfy the need that industry produces hard. 3, " 15 " target and main research content 1. Target " 15 " the development that main job is industry of stimulative laser beam machining, maintain laser annual produce the average increase rate of 20 % , realize annual produce 20 billion yuan of above; Gain ground in manufacturing application and processing technique is popularized in industry, the traditional industry such as the key electron that finish, car, steely, oil, shipbuilding, aviation applies laser technology to have transformed demonstrative project; Offer brand-new laser equipment and instrument for the domain of 6 big high-tech such as information, material, biology, the sources of energy, space, ocean. 2. Main research content (1) laser beam machining reachs those who follow molecular laser to introduce type research with high-power CO2 and solid laser, raise homebred engine level; Be developed at the same time and develop the machine tool of laser beam machining of special form a complete set, raise laser product to stabilize the cycle that move on product line, strive to build more comprehensive treatment to use the manufacturing base of laser in home. (2) those who establish parameter of equipment of laser beam machining detect method, undertake the method studies. (3) research of Laser Cutting technology. Undertake development and industrialization 2 times to existing Laser Cutting system, provide performance good, low-cost 2 - machine of cut of CO2 of 3 axes numerical control, begin the research of corresponding cut craft, make this craft is used extensively at the domain such as material treatment, car, spaceflight and shipbuilding. It is this to should be emphasized in laser periphery device, be like: Guide optical system, process monitors the respect such as the design with device of control, nozzle, float and development and CAD / CAM to begin the work. (4) laser beam welding receives a technology to consider. Begin laser beam welding to receive craft and material, welder art ask to reach to equipment solder to process parameter is monitored and control a technology to consider, the welder that masters nonferrous metal and common rolled steel, special rolled steel thereby art. (5) research of laser finishing technology. Begin craft of function of craft of finishing of technology of CAM of dimension CAD / , laser, material and laser finishing to parameter is monitored and dominate research, make laser finishing is versed in skill relatively substantially apply at production. (6) quality of beam of light of laser beam machining and research of treatment periphery device. Study technology of all sorts of laser beam machining are right light beam of the quality requirement of laser light beam, laser and technology of treatment quality monitoring, optical system and treatment head are designed and develop. (7) preferred support 2~3 national level processing technique research center, begin research of engineering technology of laser beam machining, the research that is material surface modified and heat treatment respect mainly and promotion apply; Begin laser to become the application of form technology to consider quickly, widen laser uses a field. CNC Milling CNC Machining