The associate with the efficient cutting of metal of heavy industry industry that individual plant gets

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Individual plant of characteristic of bit body of series of FMD03, FME04, FMP continent series of the FMD03 of limited company of diamond cutting cutting tool, FME04, FMP03 is gravitational cutting cutting tool, cut deep big, feed is big, cutting force is small, efficiency is tall. Good cutter hub of cutter hub durability uses favorable alloy steel data, exterior classics is special heat treatment, raised corrosion resistance and wear-resisting caustic sex. Shuang Zhengqian horn designs bit and cutter hub union to form Shuang Zhengqian corner structure, can reduce the cutting force when gravitational cutting effectively. Reliable clip holds bolt brawny, clamp is firm, exterior classics is special heat treatment, durability is tall. Tailor-made steel knife fills up mat of tailor-made steel knife, protect bit body, bit body durability is tall. Razor blade of series of bit characteristic LNKT used transverse suppress to shape technology, in bit before knife face suppress gives the horn before blade dip is mixed. Use bit tangential bolt installs clip firmly to be inside chamfer of cutter hub razor blade, with general-purpose photograph of face milling cutter is compared, milling cutter of cutting of gravity of series of FMD03, FME04, FMP03 establishs outfit structure distinctly, link bit curve point, the cutting in be being machined is light, machine tool power is used up small. Additional, the design of the 4 cutting blade of bit, have good economy. Ø400 of ~ of Ø125 of diameter of series cutting tool 3 small series, install LNKT2007DN-ZR with Yu An respectively, LMMX221024R-ZR, LNKT2510-ZR, can contented the biggest cut deeply 12mm, 15mm, the thick mill face of 17mm is machined. The industry of great technology equipment that applies a domain to be in our country, in waiting for an industry like heavy machinery, heavy-duty electrician, heavy chemical industry, because workmanship is restricted, work semifinished product left bigger mental allowance (60 ~ 200mm) , and the surface is uneven. Surplus of semifinished product of fast purify work, improve rough machining efficiency, become the issue of each big company attention. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, limited company of cutting tool of cutting of diamond of individual plant continent developed FMD03 of burden face milling cutter in succession, FME04, FMP03 series product, basically use at the planar and efficient treatment of afore-mentioned domain spare partses. CNC Milling CNC Machining