SOUVIS: Laser beam welding is received with tool of pilot of quality of drill rod solder

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Laser beam welding receives the solder of white automobile body that reachs solder of laser drill rod to apply increasingly already at auto industry in outfit and component production. Because check welding line quality to lack dependability and stability artificially, accordingly, be necessary to use dependability the quality supervisory and control arrangement with tall, advanced efficiency, those who no keeping anything from each other is the whole journey that realizes parameter of pair of welding line quality, synchronous, accurate detect. To get used to this kind of demand, development of limited company of Soudronic car system goes the 2nd acting laser beam welding to receive reach supervisory system of quality of welding line of solder of laser drill rod -- " SOUVIS(r) 5000 " . This system uses new-style optics to take picture with laser induction technology, can realize parameter of face of three-dimensional to welding line shape and parameter of uniformity of welding line surface to undertake synchronism detects, and two kinds detect function organic ground is compositive in the inductive device that becomes independent at. In auto industry, use laser beam welding earlier to receive a technology and already realized big batch production to differ thick board laser spells solder technology. Limited company of Soudronic car system (the following abbreviation " Soudronic " ) the laser with department banner whole world spells solder equipment and systematic supplier. According to statistic, global laser spelled solder board output 2004 for 1.

800 million pieces, predict to will be added 2005 go up to 2.

500 million pieces. Because laser spells solder board,ask to welding line quality particularly strict, accordingly, earlier development went Soudronic to be based on optics to become supervisory system of online like the is used at spelling monitoring of quality of solder board welding line generation with laser induction technology real time, use this system Yu Jiji to spell solder equipment and equipment of pipe of laser beam welding to go up solely. The adoption of this system raised Soudronic to spell the technical competition ability of solder domain in laser greatly, pass as constant as what spell solder board supplier and car manufacturer communication at the same time, soudronic development went new generation more simple and easy and reliable can inspect testing system of quality of type welding line -- " SOUVIS(r) 5000 " (SOUdronic VIsion System) . Because original technical characteristic reachs this system,detect crackajackly function, in can applying extensively at the car to make industrial laser beam welding receive, if laser of car white automobile body solders,reach fuel spray system and gear-box gear to solder with solder of laser drill rod etc. Solder craft and its technology limitation are in industrial application, the technology that laser beam welding receives controls special key, because,this basically is: * is waited for solder the precision of workpiece, workpiece solders of combination repeat fixed position and clamp precision to have certain limit, the clearance before soldering must be controlled inside certain precision; * solders to some shape face, laser focusing dot dogs unoccupied place contrail of whole solder juncture (length can amount to 2m above) 10% what precision asks not to exceed diameter of laser light beam; * waits for welder sometimes the surface can have metallic coat (the zine plate that be like plating) , and metallic coating because its material melting point is inferior often can create solder coherent hole. In the application of big batch production in auto industry, laser solders to be used more " thorough solder " or " appear solder " craft. But, even if is controlled again well to seaming clearance, also cannot avoid occurrence weld defects. From its the surface looks, welding line blemish basically can divide it is two kinds big: Blemish of face of shape of welding line geometry and random blemish, former and general can discover through having observation to a paragraph of welding line, latter points out the local defect of unpredictable now position. "SOUVIS(r) 5000 " image processing system " SOUVIS(r) 5000 " hardware platform is the industrial computer with a powerful function, buy has image processing system and real time operating system inside. Inductive head is photographed for a CMOS like the head, photograph have like the head get used to feedback characteristic and special flashy technology oneself. This system but compositive undertake in TCP/IP network data is exchanged, also can pass bus bar (CAN, INTERBUS) with PLC join has exterior control. This system also can join with long-range server, realize long-range quality monitoring and systematic breakdown from examine. Image processing computer of the system also can realize partial function to be controlled directly (I/Os) . Image is gotten project by proper point of view by a two laser lines such as the root wait for detect the three-dimensional data that will get welding line on welding line, namely data of face of shape of welding line geometry. The flashy instant of 20 μ S lasts in a flashy device in the meantime, CMOS is photographed film like the head wait for detect the photograph end the ash of welding line area. The biggest contrast that goes up in image to get two kinds of afore-mentioned way, photograph have already like the head get used to optical characteristic oneself, also can adopt special software set, accordingly, can mirror instead in the single picture that the system gets finally wait for detect the complete information of welding line area. The standard image measure that the system gets is 10 Mm of 10 Mm × , resolution is 10 μ M. In producing a course actually, inductive head or wait for detect workpiece needs to be taken in successive movement picture, systematic extraction resembles sparking device can assure to take the image of two photographs adjacent that resemble to have certain jackknife continuously, realize very close to each other to break thereby take resemble detecting. Suffer be confined to to photograph take like the head transmit speed like speed and data, of the system detect speed is 30m/min. Because the system is taken,resemble with detect rate is rapid, accordingly, in applying actually, the influence detects the bottleneck of speed often is other production unit, if solder,robot, workpiece moves back and forth device. The welding line quality that laser beam welding of analysis of extraction of welding line feature receives detects basically depend on the data feature of two respects: The uniformity of the implicit measured value of face of shape of welding line geometry and welding line surface. The local defect of welding line can reach exterior vision to welding line intensity beautiful generation influence, accordingly, "SOUVIS(r) 5000 " use synchronism of following 3 kinds of means to explore welding line local defect: Analysis of three-dimensional data analysis, structure of welding line organization and pinhole analyse face of welding line shape. Structure of welding line organization passes commonly conclusive, structure of sex of fiber of homogeneous of random, blame will mirror, namely structure of " of " fishbone form. To undertake an analysis to welding line structure, the system reachs much means resembling element to make feature of welding line structure according to the rake of fiber structure, direction. These structural features can be passed only a few the number will reflect the feature such as quality of welding line surface and flowing uniformity. If be in,these structural character occupy area of every welding line change is very big, explain welding line appears local weld defects, the dissolve that because plasma is protected,causes for instance burns the hole that be not worth deep or creates as a result of workpiece surface coating or solder hole. Petty weld defects (like pinhole) cannot explore through this kind of means, accordingly, this system uses algorithm of the 3rd kind of analysis to discover the petty weld defects that is less than M of hundreds of μ , if the diameter is explored to be the pinhole of 200 μ M only on welding line of solder of laser drill rod, this kind of method calls pinhole to analyse a way. Current application example " SOUVIS(r) 5000 " had been in Europe the solder of white automobile body of manufacturer of a few cars installs product line jacket to deserve to apply, in order to detects quality of welding line of solder of drill rod of car roof laser and floor assembly laser beam welding receive welding line quality. Among them an Ao Di car that basically uses example to be Germany. 1 year many before, ao Di is in its A3 and new A6 installed quality of this welding line on line of outfit of solder of white automobile body supervisory system of online real time. Be worth what carry is, ao Di not only use this system to detect the welding line quality of solder of coping laser drill rod, and detect selectively the welding line quality after spray priming paint, latter can assure the top class production quality of Ao Di car further. Be in truckload manufacturer phase in " SOUVIS(r) 5000 " hind, vendor of one class assembly also plans the part to receive equipment jacket to distribute this system in its laser beam welding. Conclusion is depended on soldering quality synchronism can inspect monitoring domain 10 old experience, soudronic development went to have original technology " SOUVIS(r) 5000 " welding line quality is online real time supervisory system, use at detecting laser beam welding is received or the welding line quality of solder of laser drill rod. Because used high resolution of laser induction and μ M class to take,resemble a technology, this system has crackajack exploration and resolution function. Whole system is compositive in an unit, facilitate its produce the installation on equipment in solder deliver a child, can undertake through long-range server systematic breakdown is diagnosed. Supervisory system of this online real time has operation interface friendly, requirement sets parameter little, operation goes to the lavatory simply wait for an advantage, this system hardware is solid at the same time, can satisfy workshop environment completely the requirement of 3 serial production. (End) CNC Milling CNC Machining