Century star HNC

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Milling machine of century star HNC-21/22M (machining center) numerical control system China in system of numerical control of " of " century star is to be in China in I, China in on the foundation of system of 2000 series numerical control, the ask and develops numerical control system with contented case, high-powered to low, simple, reliable user. This system was used 9.

LCD of TFT of 4 inches of true colour (resolution is 640 × 480, colour 256K color) , have tall brightness, tall contrast, color is rich, perspective range is broad wait for an advantage. Apply to the control of the machine tool such as machining center of all sorts of cars, milling machine, use process designing of code of international standard G, system of as automatic as all sorts of popular CAD/CAM process designing is compatible, structural firm, modelling is beautiful, bulk is cabinet, have extremely high performance/price ratio. Use extensively already at car, mill at present, grind, the equipment such as forge, gear, profile modeling, laser beam machining, spin, medical treatment. Number of axle of the biggest linkage is 4 axes. Optional the pulse pattern that matchs all sorts of types (word of HSV-16 set total number exchanges servo driving unit) , imitate type exchanges servo driving unit or the pace takes electric machinery driving unit and HSV-11 series driving unit of serial interface servo. Outside dividing Control Panel of standard machine tool, configure 40 switch to measure input and 32 switch quantity to output interface, hold control of unit interface, main shaft and coder port. Still can expand long-range 128 inputs / output terminal board 128 times. Use 7.

7//(HNC-22M is 10.

4//) color LCD (resolution is 640 × 480) , interface of operation of whole Chinese character, barrier is diagnosed with call the police, treatment contrail graph shows and emulate, the operation is handy, master easily and use. Use process designing of code of international standard G, system of as automatic as all sorts of popular CAD/CAM process designing is compatible, have linear interpolation, circular arc interpolation, corkscrewed yarn interpolation, fixed circulation, rotate, shrink put, the function such as compensation of mirror, cutting tool, grand program. Small line segment machines a function repeatedly, special agree with the treatment of mixed pattern spare parts that CAD/CAM designs. Treatment breakpoint is saved / restore a function, convenient user is used. Backlash and odd, two-way pitch error compensate a function. Process capability of huge amount program. Do not need DNC, configuration hard disk can be machined directly individual the G code program that is as high as 2GB. Inside interface of buy RS232 communication, realize news report of machine tool data easily. 8MBFlashRAM(but augment cuts off the power to 16MB) program memory, 16MBRAM (but augment so far 32MB) treatment memory buffer CNC Milling CNC Machining