The CNC Machining that is based on CATIA V5 is overall imitate technology

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CNC machining copy is numerical control really fictitious a when make important segment, be based on the functional module with powerful CATIA V5, the entity that can charge a machine tool through logarithm builds a model, assemble and overall imitate, realize the emulation of CNC Machining process. With vertical 3 axes CNC Milling is in the article exemple, the compose that tells about model of 3 axes machine tool simply is built, assemble, parameter is installed and overall simulative process. As the ceaseless development of science and technology and computer, automatic process designing is in the computer the application in manufacturing industry CNC Machining is wider and wider, special in a few irregular complex curved surface, come true very hard with grand program, software of CAD/CAM of have the aid of, will improve manufacturing efficiency greatly. In the computer in automatic process designing, treatment copy is really fictitious a when make important segment, apply extensively at the design of new product, the result of the spare parts after it can reflect process of real treatment environment, treatment and treatment intuitionisticly, build machine tool model through software compose, assemble and the machine tool with actual imitate moves, can in time discover treatment process is medium cut too, interference, collision and owe cut wait for a mistake, eliminate the error the design phase that machining process designing, raise the dependability of CNC Machining process. CATIA V5 has management of centralized user interface data and compatible database to apply interface, have a few independent module. With vertical 3 axes CNC Milling is below exemple, tell about the compose in model of machine tool of the 3 axes in CATIA V5 simply to build, assemble, parameter is installed and overall simulative process. One, the form that the compose of machine tool model builds machine tool model builds want a basis the following measure: 1) obtains relevant measure;2) through measuring the size of actual part the component substance that to the machine tool according to dimension each components undertake place of basis of hypostatic modelling;3) is built builds the setting that undertakes;4) undertakes parameter of motion of machine tool model assembly in module in compose of NC machine tool. 1.

The machine tool component of 3 axes CNC Milling basically includes the hypostatic modelling vertical of machine tool component component of axis of lathe bed, X, Y axis component and Z axis component, among them lathe bed is fixed component. The spare parts that enters mechanical design module above all designs module, use protruding stage, groove to command the real measure according to machine tool component, establish the 3D model of the component of the machine tool, it is with suffixal name " CATPart " the file is saved respectively, if pursue,1 is shown. 2.

The assembly of model of 3D of machine tool component   (the treatment imitate that 1) clicks software to begin menu to fall above all (in VNC) module " NC machines and tools is defined (NC Machine Tool Builder) " , (The attention does not enter mechanical design module in assemble module (Assembly Design)) , after entering, can appear in top left corner for " product 1 " course tree, click " product 1 " by mouse right key, choose " attribute " , will " product 1 " instead " abstain a machine tool " . (Right key of 2) mouse is bit more ordinal anthology " abstain a machine tool " → " component " → " existing component " , the system plays a file to choose a dialog box, by Ctrl key nods those who pick part of all scale machine tool to save a file, each part is earthly after transferring into interspersion everywhere, can use compass to retroflexion each component go ahead of the rest to proper place first, if pursue,2 are shown. (Pushbutton of new machines and tools undertakes machines and tools is assembled in column of 3) choice tool (perhaps be chosen in menu column choose " insert " → " DNB New Creation Menu " → " New Machine " ) , the conference on course tree appears " NCController " reach " Application " node, the proposal is nodded first pick fixed part, nod again choose Fixed Part, the system shoots a dialog box of new fixed share, nod again after pick lathe bed base, at this moment lathe bed component can appear tie symbol of green, tie node can appear on course tree at the same time, express to be secured. (The each axis kinematic pair of 3 axes CNC Milling is 4) mobile deputy, use columnar component of base of contact general lathe bed and Y axis component, X axis component and join of Z axis component, restrain its, make each orgnaization can undertake emulation motion. Choose what Prismatic Joint of pushbutton of connect of shape of tool column center pillar has Y axis part to assemble, the system after clicking is played the connect that if the graph is shown 3 times,goes out founds a dialog box, respectively component of axis of dot choosing Y and lathe bed base cooperate to guide groove is mixed relative to two answering foul line two surfaces, the attention should be ticked off anthology " length drive " only option, the system after deciding can be played piece " the mechanism can be emulated " information dialog box (if did not appear,express base to did not secure) . After finishing, y axis component and lathe bed base cooperate together, in guide groove is in symbol of meeting occurrence tie, at the same time course establishs the tie that two photographs can appear to close in the tie node that go up. Undertake the assembly of X axis component and Z axis component with same method, set is met correctly reappear two " the mechanism can be emulated " the window, if did not appear to was not ticked off possibly,choose " drive length " option, assemble finish whole model of 3 axes machine tool. Nextpage     3.

The setting   of parameter of machine tool model (the joint dot of installation of 1) definition workpiece and cutting tool. Go up in course tree " NCController " there are two nodes inside node, it is   respectively " workpiece of Workpiece Mount Point(installs a dot) " and " cutting tool of Tool Mount Point(installs a dot) " . Workpiece installation dot can be set in the aleatoric position of the surface on workbench, best setting is in a center the position, cutting tool installs a dot to be in the center of face of lower end of Z axis main shaft to be in, to go to the lavatory, can the central part of position of center of preexistence workbench surface and face of main shaft lower end founds to nod each. With the mouse Zun Jian is doubleclicked " Workpiece Mount Point " node, green compass appears on machine tool model right now, on the point that establishs compass center shift to position of center of the surface on workbench, if the graph is shown 4 times, reoccupy mouse wrong key clicks workbench component, shoot a set position dialog box, press " affirmatory " the setting that can finish workpiece joint to nod (of course, the coordinate of axis of changeable also X, Y axis will adjust the positional) of compass, will set point of cutting tool joint with same method. (Property of 2) set plant. Can basis " property of Device Attributes(plant) " tool column is ordinal have set, if the graph is shown 5 times, click the journey to restrict pushbutton, play a modification command to restrict a dialog box, revise the journey of each reference axis. Click origin position pushbutton, play piece " origin position postmortem implement " dialog box, dot choosing builds pushbutton, play the origin position editor that if the graph is shown 6 times,gives, first 10mm of will linear removed instead, control is spent to set the position of origin in DOFControls freedom, can press the cursor in the dialog box to control shift to adjust buy of each position of axle with mouse wrong key, has moved position becomes green, if be red to exceed the journey, also can press from the back numeric fluctuation pushbutton, increase every time or reduce a removed distance, the setting is over by " shut " key, origin position is set in each reference axis to be in to the biggest limit mostly, with same method the setting changes a knife to choose the place. (3) saves a file. machine tool model later compose " CAT Product " the file is saved, had better keep existence and each component file same inside folder, because if component file is missing, file of machine tool model also cannot be opened. 2, emulated implementation undertakes overall when imitate, open either already the treatment documentation that set completes, abstain the instead of machine of 3 axes tool inside the machine tool can, below to in an attempt to shows simple chamfer treatment 7 times to be exemple, the introduction emulates the process of the operation. (1) is opened already set finishs it is with suffixal name " CAT Process " the treatment documentation that save file to disk, course of meeting occurrence PPR cultivates window left. (2) doubleclicks treatment process node " Process List " the treatment set below " Part Operation.

1 " , shoot a treatment set dialog box. Pushbutton of numerical control machine tool is clicked in the dialog box, play a machine tool editor, what choose so is machine of 3 axes tool, should click at this moment " choose from the file " pushbutton opens those who abstain a machine tool to save a file, the machine tool is transferred into, spare parts and machine tool interspersion everywhere, click tool column to go up pushbutton of automatic set workpiece, workpiece will be placed automatically go up in dot of joint of workbench workpiece installation. (3) chooses treatment set node to fall with dot of mouse right key " Manufacturing Program.

1 " production form 1 node, play give next pulling menu, ordinal choice " Manufacturing Program.

1 object " → " Simulate Machine Using Tool Path " , method of use cutting tool begins imitate of machines and tools, shoot a form imitate dialog box, by " begin " key, whole platform machine tool begins cutting imitate, if pursue,8 are shown. (4) is in overall in simulative process, can have the set of imitate analysis, click " Simnlation Analysis Tools " imitate is built in analytic tool set interference pushbutton beforehand, the meeting when imitate plays an analysis to diagnose a dialog box, if interference or collision can shoot an analytic information dialog box, show give a warning to request information, move to be able to see the report of labor in interference detailed list. 3, what article curtly introduced the last word to use CATIA software to undertake abstaining 3 coordinate machine tool is overall imitate, the application on the machine tool in four-axle or 5 axes linkage is wider, if pursue 9 with the graph 10 are shown. Overall imitate has very important real sense in CNC Machining, detect in fictitious environment the validity of the program, avoided the huge loss that causes because of producing collision, also shortened at the same time the design of the product is periodic, improved manufacturing efficiency. CNC Milling CNC Machining