Delcam releases a car to enclothe a major to machine module PT

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An industry is enclothed to receive wide application in the car as PowerMILL, cover a treatment automation process designing and the demand that automation machines to be satisfied can weller, more professionally, delcam rolled out the major that is aimed at this industry to machine module, car of PT-MILL For PowerMILL enclothes a treatment bag. This professional treatment bag is the advanced and custom-built development that is based on PowerMIL L, the major that makes in the light of different company and body of different application quantity machines module, make the core engineering technology of the enterprise be able to inheritance. 1, standard of PT- MILL For PowerMILL(wraps) advantage: ◆ improves CNC Machining efficiency 30% above (may operate personnel in order to reduce 1/3 above) ; ◆ improves the CNC Machining quality of the mould, reduce the workload of benchwork, shorten the production of the mould is periodic; ◆ protects equipment, cutting tool, made play arrives the greatest benefit; ◆ reduces factitious operation error effectively; ◆ exercise process is standardized; Standard of process designing process is changed subtly; All craft pattern plate is changed; ◆ is helpful for what the mould makes the technology in the process and experience accumulating, the long-term development that conduces to an enterprise () of abundant cropland mode; ◆ is helpful for will making file of technology of experience translate into share; ◆ improves the figure of production technology level of the enterprise and position of domestic and international industry; Standard of PT-MILL For PowerMILL(of treatment of ◆ implementation automation wraps) functional brief introduction: 2, standard of PT-MILL For PowerMILL(wraps) partial function introduces: 1) guide plate installed surface, pour sliding surface to machine 2) automatic bore identifies 5 axes automatically the model is all some type aperture (pull the blowhole that extend a pattern for instance) , mix 3 axes automatically by the requirement 5 axes aperture is apart, create drilling program alone or order a document. Nextpage3) 3D outline is machined and contour line of 2D of clear root basis makes 3D rough sketch directly, can judge corner of need clear root automatically, generate automatically wait for a high level to cut clear root program, make safe collision inspection automatically. 4) model the high-definition root such as the high-definition root such as the face can resolve small diameter cutting tool area Qing Genyu amount is large, decide the issue of the knife easily. Strategy can press clear root program Z to or law to statified, make sure cutting surplus is even. 5) the program is broken up (automation is machined) the block that breaks up handling time automatically to be more than cutting tool life by cutting tool life, the course after section automatic coincide is taken receive, avoid to have the mark that receive a knife, combine the program after breaking up to be automation machine program. Cutting tool life is achieved after booking time, programme controll machine tool changes a knife automatically, or clew handiwork changes a knife. CNC Milling CNC Machining