CNC Turning machines feed course to be decided really

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Treatment course must maintain quality of the surface that be mixed by the dimension precision of treatment spare parts above all surely really, consider to count estimation to calculate simple, line taking a knife next as far as possible short, efficiency is more advanced. Because along its basically order of spare parts outline has the feed line of finish machining, the feed course that because this defines the working focal point of feed course,is affirmatory rough machining and idle stroke. Below will concrete analysis: 1.

The relation that machines course and mental allowance has not been achieved in numerical control lathe popularize use condition to fall, should get on wool blank commonly overmuch surplus, the surplus arrangement that contains hard cortex of forge, casting especially is machined on common lathe. If must use numerical control lathe to add man-hour, want to notice the agile arrangement of the program. Arrange the place with a few overmuch to surplus subprograms to make certain cutting machine first. The treatment route chart when ① undertakes cutting of a flight of stairs to large surplus semifinished product shows the line of two kinds of treatment that is workpiece of turning large surplus 1 times, graph (the course of cutting of a flight of stairs that A) is a mistake, graph (B) presses 1 → the ordinal cutting of 5, every time cutting place leaves surplus equal, it is course of right cutting of a flight of stairs. Because be below the condition that bears amount of penetration of a cutting tool likewise, press a plan (the surplus of remnant of place of A) means treatment is overmuch. Graph the basis of course of a flight of stairs of semifinished product of 1 turning large surplus the characteristic of CNC Machining, still can abandon standard of commonly used turning of a flight of stairs, convert ordinal the course that takes a knife from outline of semifinished product of axial and radial feed, suitable work (show 2 times like the graph) pursue 2 two-way feed walk along ② of cutter track line statified buy becomes the stop bit of the cutting tool when cutting the surplus of some surface is more need statified for many times, begin to be about to notice to prevent a knife to arrive when terminus from the 2nd knife of cutting deepness jump. If the graph is shown 3 times, set with 900 tool cutting edge angle the knife is statified the circle outside turning, the cutting terminus that reasonable arrangement should be each knife is ordinal shift to an earlier date E(of a paragraph of small distance for example desirable E=0.

05 ㎜) . If E=0, criterion each knife is stopped in same axial locally, advocate cutting blade is pounded possibly by the heavy load of instantaneous. Be more than when the tool cutting edge angle of cutting tool 900, but adjacent still 900 when, also appropriate is made layer upon layer give the arrangement that retreat, experience makes clear, this is advantageous to prolonging the life of rough machining cutting tool. Graph 3 statified the stop bit buy of the cutting tool when cutting 2.

Of cutting tool cut, cut when undertaking machining on numerical control machine tool, want those who arrange good cutting tool to be cut, cut outlet line, make the tangent direction of outline of cutting tool edge is cut as far as possible, cut. Especially when car whorl, must install litre fast paragraph δ 1 and fall fast paragraph δ 2 (if pursue 4) , what because lathe tool rises to fall and affect pitch,can avoid so is stable. Graph when 4 cars whorl introduce be apart from and surmount a distance 3.

Decide the shortest idle stroke course determines the shortest course taking a knife, besides relying on much practice experience, still should be good at an analysis, when necessary complementary with a few simple calculation. Design the part in practice method or introduction of train of thought to be as follows now. ① uses pair of knives to nod graph 5(a) to undertake the general situation give typical examples of thick car to use rectangular loop means opportunely. The set that its have a knife to nod A is to consider to need to change a knife conveniently in the treatment process such as fine vehicle, reason setting is in further from preform position office, will remove a knife at the same time dot and its nod coincide to be together to the knife, by 3 knives the course taking a knife of thick car arranges as follows: The first knife is A of → of D of → of C of → of A → B the 2nd knife is A of → of G of → of F of → of A → E the 3rd knife is 5(b) of graph of A of → of J of → of I of → of A → H is artful will remove a knife dot and detached to knife dot, and B of locate graphic representation chooses the place, still have 3 knives thick car by identical cutting dosage, its walk along cutter track line to arrange as follows: Dot removing a knife and the idle stroke that nod depart to the knife are A → B the first knife is B of → of E of → of D of → of B → C the 2nd knife is B of → of H of → of G of → of B → F the 3rd knife is B of → of K of → of J of → of B → I apparent, the line taking a knife that graph 5(b) place shows is short. Graph 5 use a knife to nod opportunely (the knife since A) nods pair of knives to nod coincide (the knife since B) nods pair of knives to nod depart ② sets the dot that change a knife to be changed for the consideration opportunely (turn) the convenience of the knife and safety, will change sometimes (turn) knife dot also is installed be in in further from blank position (if pursue 5 in A is nodded) , so, after changing have a smattering of a subject, the idle stroke course when having car of essence of life inevitable longer also; If also set the point changing a knife of have a smattering of a subject the B in graph 5(b) ,nod locally, can shorten idle stroke distance. ③ reasonable arrangement " time 0 " the course weaves in handiwork when the machine program of more complex outline, to make its are calculated the process simplifies as far as possible, make mistake not easily already, facilitate again school nucleus, process designing person (especially abecedarian) the cutting tool terminus after machining each knife sometimes is passed carry out " time 0 " (return pair of knives to nod namely) instruction, make its all returns pair of knives to choose the place, have follow-up program again next. Such meetings add the space of cutter track line, reduce manufacturing efficiency greatly thereby. Accordingly, in reasonable arrangement " time 0 " when the course, should make terminus of before its one knife and hind the distance between one knife start is decreased as far as possible short, perhaps be 0, can satisfy cutter track line to be the shortest requirement. 4.

Decide course of the shortest feed of cutting of cutting feed course is short, can improve manufacturing efficiency effectively, reduce cutting tool loss to wait. When the cutting feed line that arranges rough machining or semifinishing machining, should the requirement such as the craft sex that at the same time give attention to two or morethings goes to to be reached to machine by the tigidity of treatment spare parts, do not want have too many things to take care of at the same time. Graph the arrangement give typical examples of course of feed of a few kinds of 6 different cutting when be thick car work. Among them, what graph 6(a) expresses to use numerical control system to have is enclosed compound loop function and the route that controls lathe tool to undertake a knife along workpiece outline; Graph 6(b) arranges to use function of its program loop " triangle " course taking a knife; Graph 6(c) arranges to use function of its rectangle loop " rectangular " course taking a knife. Graph give typical examples of 6 courses taking a knife (outline of A) edge workpiece takes a knife (B) " triangle " take a knife (C) " rectangular " take a knife to above course of feed of 3 kinds of cutting, via analyse and sentencing bring up the rear the length taking a knife of course of feed of knowable and rectangular loop adds up to the shortest. Accordingly, below coequal condition, its cutting place needs time (do not contain idle stroke) for the shortest, the loss of cutting tool is small. Additional, the block form that rectangular loop processes is simpler, so this is planted the arrangement of feed course, the application when making treatment plan is more. CNC Milling CNC Machining