OMAX application example -- Asterisk metal processing factory

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Asterisk company held water 1987, provide excellent machining service for disparate industry. Asterisk is located in administrative division of division of health Nie surname old Saibuluke, the Ha Tefu austral the distance is special distance of a hour. Asterisk is offerred serve to treatment one continuous line from the design, because this used a lot of traditional treatment tools, include to control curved machine, vertical milling machine, sawing machine, lathe. A few works are included outside be being met with them, but as a result of product lifecycle shorten with each passing day, need is in the pressure that the product makes inside short time as far as possible is greater and greater also. Economic cost with time cost the bag outside making comes true unlikely, finish in factory interior became first selection. Through investigation, cut of OMAX ® water tries cut a project to have an advantage very much, then Asterisk decides to increase cut of water of an OMAX 2652 to machine equipment in the workshop. After introducing device of cut of OMAX 2652 water, arsterisk basically is to be used make appearance design development. This equipment brought very big change for them now, manufacturing cycle is shorter, can answer mass production. 2652 cover an area of 2X4 foot, cut area 2X4 foot, bulk is cabinet, suit to be put inside the factory very much. Asterisk is develop and be made what handle equipment with automation and documentation and famous, and OMAX 2652 suits Asterisk very much, the part that needs to do sometimes can have a lot of very little change, OMAX can be adjusted at any time. "OMAX was changed ' finished product spare parts ' concept, before the thing that we need a few weeks of time to do needed a few hours to be accomplished only now " the Peter Hotkowski of Asterisk says, "Profit from arrives this kind from the design the mode that one pace finishs the cut that make, asterisk can check cut inside a day the workpiece of a few kinds of different quality, the bag outside this process is impossible to come true. " since had facility of OMAX water cut, the business opportunity of Asterisk widens, flexibility and used a gender easily to get expanding. "The versatility of OMAX 2652 solved the problem of respect of a lot of designs, and open up new design possibility, " Hotkowski says, this kind of versatility basically is reflected material sort and ply can be being machined in a lot of water cut is traditional laser or punch equipment cannot handle. Manufacturing rate is rapidder, this has great sense to improving productivity. Hotkowski memory says: "After a lot of component use OMAX water cut, speed promoted 200% . " Asterisk expanded energetically now their water cut business. Because Asterisk is in an area,other machining inn does not have water cut, this makes they show itself from inside competition. Business of the bag outside also letting need from before from the company transfers become carry on business of the bag outside other company. Asterisk can cut off traditional metal to be like stainless steel and aluminium, OK also cut those because material is too thick, cut of inn of laser of other this locality not workpiece. They still cut off other data, be like glass, ceramic tile, use at the similar bubble spacer of auto industry. OMAX 2652 still makes Asterisk has processing a few individual works, doing not have OMAX is impossible almost, if custom-built contest uses the hub of the lorry, need achieves place to need specific angle and wheel of aluminium alloy of index rear wall. Make meticulously, control reasonable cost even. Same Asterisk develops device ceaselessly, with cut the tube wall of all sorts of complex form, enlarge the good of water knife further. Asterisk also makes full use of the extensive function that discovers software of Intelli - MAX ® . Use software to take gear maker to found place to require gear oneself very simple, shape to produce place actually to needed plastic gear to use very short time only from the concept. The versatility of software of Intelli - MAX and center of cut of OMAX JetMachining water still helped Asterisk finish another challenge to spend extremely expensive work -- the paint of the artist that cut fills a large number of daedal line. Through scanning these paint input Intelli – TRACEtm, use track a function, the circumstance that Asterisk is participating in without a large number of handiwork fell to complete 60 many complex and distinctive form with respect to cut. Asterisk is sought to OMAX JetMachining Center at the beginning settle way, it is to shorten delivery time, raise product quality to control, cost is less important. The precision of OMAX and versatility, together with of software of its intelligence system agile, these targets can come true easily, also ensured Asterisk is in prospective position. "The lifecycle of the product is becoming shorter and shorter ceaselessly, this brings supply catenary upward pressure, make the product produces the cycle that puts in the market from archetypal, spare parts faster also " Hotkowski says, "OMAX water cut makes we can catch up with these demand. "OMAX water cut makes we can catch up with these demand.. CNC Milling CNC Machining