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Regard a kind of heart as the component, pump is bearing the power supply responsibility of a lot of large facility, its stand or fall is affecting moving efficiency of whole directly. So what does the quality of pump rely on to assure again? Pass pair of Beijing hydraulic pump limited company starts in case orchid visit discovery, the function of the quality of pump and machining center is inseparable. Beijing case orchid in start hydraulic pump limited company (case of the following abbreviation orchid in achieve) , the industrial district of Shi Long of door head channel that is located in foot of Beijing west hill to fall. The company held water 1997, the maintenance that provides pump only at that time serves, stem from the consideration of the demand to the market and further to the company progress, the company began to have the production of pump 2002. As the preliminary figuration of dimensions, in March 2007, by major of 3 hydraulic pressure manufacturing company invests jointly established a joint stock company, fixed position is dominant product with pump of force plunger type, motor, it is us namely the Beijing that sees nowadays now starts hydraulic pump limited company in case orchid. Graph 1 Beijing case orchid in achieve general manager of hydraulic pump limited company Mr Wu Yajun by maintenance build up, to the production that realizes pump, arrive again establish a joint stock company, implementation is achieved in case orchid as a child mill spans to the transition of the enterprise, the pump product of the company measures limits everything needed is ready in 5~200r/ml platoon. And the strict requirement that stems from pair of quality and accuse, current, its product acquired the market in home not only, still beat the entrance door of exit, sell as far as to abroad. When the development course that company general manager Mr Wu Yajun starts in reviewing case orchid, deep feeling is quite deep, "Production initial stage, we equip with advanced equipment oneself, put quality in the first place from beginning to end, look now, this one decision-making it is completely correct. " conquer with quality market equipment is advanced be one of the biggest characteristics are achieved in case orchid, the machining center of United States of company existing entrance, Japan and numerical control machine tool 20; Equipment of numerical control of homebred famous brand 16; Produce professional need according to hydraulic pump, abstain numerical control private plane 12; Nicety 3 coordinate measuring instrument. In all machine tools, wu Zong most be contacted first and use the device that experiences the deepest wanting to count American Ha Si, "When original decision should produce hydraulic pump independently, the equipment of the first numerical control that we buy is VF2 vertical machining center of Ha Si, at present this equipment still is being used in the center, the maintenance of precision the gender is very good still. " introduce according to Wu Zong, ha Si's machining center basically is used the cylinder body in hydraulic pump product is being started in Yugelan, housing, rear cover and inclined dish treatment. Through nearly 8 years of collaboration with Ha Si, achieve in case orchid bought Ha Si in succession again machining center of vertical of additionally 6 VF2 and machining center of an EC400 horizontal. Graph 2 Ha Si VF2 are in charge of distributing oil dish produce and make what mill chamfer processes the hydraulic pump product that starts in case orchid ask completely according to the standard of ISO 9001, and the crucial part such as machine core all uses entrance raw material, lay quality foundation from fountainhead. And after product treatment is finished, chase to the product even, the ground that chase foreword undertakes detecting strictly, final ability is entered assemble a workshop enclosedly. In whole process, the control of percent defective is the most important, the technological process that this is about to rely on high quality will assure, then numerical control equipment became the 2nd quality after high grade select material is being achieved in case orchid to assure crucial phase. Hydraulic pump is not a simple product, the crucial component that comprises it has a lot of, be like an axis kind, dish kind and housing kind spare parts. Every component is in treatment process, the mainest index measures his to machine the consistency of precision namely. For instance the core component of pump -- the treatment of cylinder body, spend with respect to the position of 9 aperture above the requirement, cylinder is spent and precision is close friends. "We are very tall to the consistency requirement of dimension, right now the stability of the machine tool can mirror the precision of workpiece to maintain a gender to go up directly. This, what Ha Si's machine tool finishs is very good, and we are used is 8 years, machine the stability constant of precision. " and what the product raw material that achieves in case orchid uses more is cast-iron material, to the machine tool wear away very big, here the circumstance falls, of Ha Si machine tool maintaining a gender still is very good. Wu Zong expresses, this also is one of the mainest reasons that why buy Ha Si equipment in succession later, "Quality machines a process namely actually in to the error accumulate, we also had compared the congener machine tool that a lot of prices comparative, but the course is used, ha Si's machine tool is to maintain a gender best, we had proved this with time of 8 years. And fault rate is extremely low. " Nextpage pursues rear cover of 3 hydraulic pump is current, the hydraulic pump that develops production is achieved in case orchid, already wide application spreads the project machine such as machine and concrete pump car at roller, crane, grab, booth, and in the fluid drive system of equipment of metallurgy, mine, shipping, aviation and war industry product. The affirmation that will acquire the market eventually to holding to high qualitily for years is achieved in case orchid, show itself in congener product, of the company such as oil of the sea in be being reached via group of 31 heavy industry, Xu industry now use, it is OK to think the product that starts in case orchid is on the main index such as the exterior, noise, life consistently with the entrance product photograph is rivalled, quality can achieve the requirement of the user completely. The product that starts in case orchid also begins to export area of and other places of the country such as France, Australia, India, Turkey, Korea and Switzerland and Chinese Hong Kong. Graph the core component of 4 hydraulic pump -- besides the machine tool equipment that place of Wu of cylinder body bedding and clothing moves to be stabilized besides height, another when choose Ha Si main reason is being achieved in case orchid is the considerate and close service that Hasidi offers. "After machine tool consign, the machine tool that Ha Sihui is the operation personnel that achieves in case orchid to undertake complete, major as soon as possible is used groom, in order to ensure they use these machine tools correctly. " Wu Zong expresses, the pertinent question Ha Si that concerned equipment is used and safeguards is in be case orchid ahead of schedule, achieve made the most sufficient preparation. "In using, once the problem appears, we will be seasonable with Hasi contact, if can be solved in the phone,answer can get on the horse. If the problem cannot be solved immediately, ha Si's staff member is in those who get information to be able to be visited the following day, the spot solves a problem. " the most seasonable feedback that Ha Si gives a client and the manner that are in charge of seriously gave Wu Zong very deep impression. And the HFO that Ha Si spreads all over the whole nation at present, the site that the whole nation achieves in can giving case orchid provides a service, the career that serves for him client is started in promoting case orchid greatly, accomplished the consider that is client be considerate truly. Graph the 5 hydraulic pump that had assembled " good service makes rate of our operation personnel begin very rapid, the use of the machine tool can master inside the shortest time. Although be below the case with personnel big flow, our old stuff is used already knowledge grooms new employee, speed is very OK also fast, only new employee can master between a few climate. " Wu Zong expresses, buy the equipment of same home, leave out also is achieved in Ranggelan the grooming of very much new personality time. Besides, annual Ha Si metropolis organization grooms, still can resolve the new issue that appears in client treatment face-to-face. "And, spare parts value of Ha Si is fair, we also won't be anxious for the high component that a need changes again now. " at present, the personnel that achieves in case orchid has 150 people, annual produce is controlled in 50 million yuan, produce per month hydraulic pump product 400. But Wu Zong expresses, this kind of crop is far insufficient still, future, the productivity that achieves in case orchid still can have promote considerably. The company returned investment to build new factory building 2011, after workshop building, year of crop general that achieves in case orchid achieve on 10 thousand. And be in " 925 " during, crop still promotes year after year, wu Zong thinks, the next that achieves in case orchid spans type develops level, ha Si will become them undoubtedly most dutiful partner, better for more hydraulic pump product provides driving power. CNC Milling CNC Machining