The data of NUM1000 series and PC transmits a method

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System of NUM1000 numerical control is in last few years the system of new generation NC that French NUM company rolls out to China. Use range as its increasingly capacious, the data of system of this numerical control transmits a function times get attention. Its powerful communication function (the random that offers way of communication of 2 communication interface and RS232, RS485, RS422 chooses) , offerred according to transmitting for this system number assure goodly. Use PC and news report of NC system implementation, need not special device, can go to the lavatory, transmit quickly into travel data. NUM system has the respondent communication kind with other commonly used system not only, and the communication function that still increased place of other numerical control to do not have -- principal and subordinate transmits means. Use rise very convenient, nevertheless this communication means must use NUM software of special news report, here spreads out a specification no longer. Current, breed of PC communication software is various, among them PCIN software is one of software that domain of domestic numerical control uses extensively. Author him basis uses the experience of this system, use PCIN software realizes the data news report of the numerical control system of PC and NUM1000 series successfully, in light of the case that uses according to the spot, the effect is very ideal. 1 hardware and jumper     (the system of aleatoric fund numerical control of 1)NUM1000 series. (2)486 above is compatible machine. (Cable of 3) RS232 communication. Basis (graph 1) brings a foot to join line attempt, can make RS232 communication cable. When using, the 9 needles outlet of cable and computer COM mouth are linked together. On 25 needles outlet and face plate of NUM system machine tool turn interface is linked together. (4)SIEMENS-PCIN software 4.

2 or above version. PC of   of   of 2 data news report and news report of NUM system data can implement PROGRAM(part program) , parameter of PARAMETER(machine tool) , PITCH (pitch error compensates a watch) , MACRO(grand parameter) , OFFSET(cutting tool slants buy is expressed) , WORK(workpiece coordinate is) etc, but need to install PC end and CNC to carry corresponding communication agreement respectively. 2.

The both ends of the cable of join   communication of 1 communication circuitry receives PC and CNC repeatedly respectively. (Warning: Because the leakage of electricity of table machine may cause the damage of RS232 interface, if use table computer,must join the ground wire of the ground wire of PC and CNC firmly together. ) 2.

The   of communication agreement   of software of PCIN of 2 settings PC (now goes out to list bill of fare after 1) runs PCIN software: V24-INI DATA-IN DATA-OUT FIIE SPECIAL PC-FORMAT AR-CHIV-FIIE EXIT. (2) uses left, right cursor key, choose V24-INI, carriage return affirms, give now to list bill of fare: The communication port that COM NUMBER 1(uses actually according to PC chooses) baud of     BAUDRAIE 19200 (is led) odd even check of     PARTIY EVEN ()     STOP BITS (stops 2) data of     DATA BITS (7) TIME OUT 2S of   of   of ON of   of UPEND W-M30 of   of   of     XON/XOFF SET (when overtime, can transmit binary document)     TURBOMODE OFF (show mode chooses when transmission data)     DON ' T CHECK DSR. Among them if option of XON/XOFF SET UP sets buy: XON/XOFF ON (if NUM uses RST flow control, set here if NUM uses XON/XOFF flow control,be OFF; , set here for X ON CHARACTER:1 of   of   of ON)X OFF CHARACTER:1 of   of 1    of   of SEND XON of   of   of WAIT FOR XON of   of 3   (3) is used on, next cursor key choose afore-mentioned each menu, use left, right cursor key to choose the option inside each menu, the carriage return after by afore-mentioned requirements the setting is finished affirms, after saving, return to initiative menu. 2.

It is with deferent part program below the communication agreement   of system of numerical control of series of 3 settings NUM1000 exemple, introduce consultative setting in detail, the consultative set that other data transmits can consult the consultative set with deferent part program. (1) starts a machine tool, ensure the machine tool already was in regular job status. (2) presses F11 (UTIL)   of;   (3) chooses 1 (Serial Line Parameters) , press   of   of carriage return Nextpage (4)     (each option shows 5) menu as follows: The communication port that NC of basis of Line 1 (uses actually chooses, optional choose Line 0 or Standard RS232 of   of   of Line 1) (communication standard chooses)     Input Speed (Bds) 19200 (input baud rate, must as identical as PC) Output Speed(Bds) 19200 (output baud rate, must as identical as PC) Number Of Start Bits 2 (begins digit) data of Number Of Data Bits 8 () Number Of Stop Bits 1 (stops) Parity None (without desired result) Protocal None (communication agreement) Flow Control Xon/Xoff (must as identical as PC) Logicol Name COM1 (logistic name, facilitate the user chooses when communication)     (choice of environment of mouth of termination of 6)NUM system NC, particular operation is as follows: Choose 0 by F11(UTIL); , press carriage return; Choose 7, press carriage return; Input " V " , press carriage return; Screen appears " Invalidate The Port Configured Exclusively For PLCTools " by F11(EXIT) , press CTRL+S, exit set. 2.

Can mix in CNC after overfulfil set of   of 4 data news report begin to undertake between PC, PROGRAM(part program) , parameter of PARAMETER(machine tool) , PITCH (pitch error compensates a watch) , MACRO(grand parameter) , OFFSET(cutting tool slants buy is expressed) , WORK(workpiece coordinate is) the input that waits for data or output operation. Detailed of particular operation measure sees NUM system operates a specification, do not make give uncecessary details here. The case that makes machine program in the light of software of user application CAD/CAM is increasing also. When part program is very big, NUM system offerred an edge to machine an edge to transmit a function to be used special transmit the part program on the computer to CNC side conveniently, the introduction spreads out at this point below. 2.


1The PC carries the operation     of PCIN software (following menu appears after 1) runs PCIN software: V24-INI DATA-IN DATA-OUT FIIE SPECIAL PC-FORMAT AR-CHIV-FIIE EXIT. (2)     (3) screen appears " % " hind, enter await condition. 2.


2NC end operates     (1) switchs on the mobile phone wind reference point. (2) bolts 2 times by MODE. (3) chooses logistic name by left, right Xiang Jian (the communication parameter below activation logic name, make sure communication parameter and PC photograph match) . (4) presses F4(LOAD) , enter LOAD mode. (5) chooses 3 (Selection Of Active Programme) , press carriage return 2 times, right now on NC face plate " CYCLE START " green indicator light illumes. (6) is inputted " PPR " hind, carriage return (on NC face plate " CYCLE START " green indicator light destroys) , mode is gone to automatically by switch AUTO mode. (close till NC machine, "PPR " will effective all the time)     (7) is pressed " CYCLE START " the operation that can begin online treatment. CNC Milling CNC Machining