Industry of medical apparatus and instruments raises new requirement to accurate cutting cutting tool

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The material of difficult treatment, complex workpiece form and frequent small lot produced the cutting tool of professional to be being used at treatment medical apparatus and instruments to raise very tall requirement. The accurate cutting tool that covers with tiles Er spy company is produced enjoys very tall reputation in this respect. Medical apparatus and instruments, be like transplanting product and artificial limb, very main effect is having in successful surgical operation, can help a surgeon achieve result of first-rate medical treatment. The cutting tool that machines medical apparatus and instruments is deciding the quality of medical apparatus and instruments greatly. It is diversiform and extensive that cutting tool makes medium use in medical apparatus and instruments, can machine large facility (like cinematograph of fault of computer X line) crust kind simpler work, and sex of richer to transplanting product or the workpiece production that are used at repair skull builds character or treating fracture challenge. Nicety -- the public errand inside the basiccest requirement micron limits is in medical treatment industry is very common, choose correct cutting tool to need the insight of acumen and rich experience. On one hand, although get,cut alveolus to also need to use lubricant to reduce attrition, reliable ground comes loose to heat up and handle the fine iron filings that edge handles; On the other hand, when producing sophisticated medical apparatus and instruments (without burr) when need is used sharp and the cutting cutting tool with smooth movement in order to gain the face of high quality. Tool of commonly used cutting is high-speed steel broach or broach of integral hard alloy. Germany Waerteji's round Waerte - Ditaikesi (be like,Walter Titex) broach is aimed at titanium, stainless steel, precious metal even the difficult treatment material such as composite material undertakes machining, the standard measure of aperture of machining center of this series product is 0.

05 ~ 46mm, the diameter of Leng Shizuan head can be amounted to inside 0.

75mm. Milling and bore -- dental rehabilitate serves as a standard, waerteji's round Waerte - Puruite (Walter Prototyp) the diametical limits of cutting tool of hard alloy of whole of product Protostar series is 0.

3 ~ 20mm. Puruitesheng produces a factory to be located in Germany, it is the famous supplier of medical treatment industry. Its tap and whorl milling cutter basically are used at machining titanium alloy, for instance bolt of set a bone or hip joint, the diameter is 1.

The whorl milling cutter of 6mm also can be used at producing dental rehabilitate product. The lathe tool of production transplanting product although Waerte (Walter) early with respect to industry of sortie medical treatment, but the classical application of the product basically is centered at asking to precision extremely tall small size medical treatment is implemental partly (like bolt of set a bone and implant) . But WSM10 of razor blade of dislocation hard alloy, WSM20 and WSM30 basically are used at much axis machine tool. "Tiger razor blade " Tiger-tec® coating and microcrystalline matrix provided the biggest stability to machine craft, heat-resisting Al2O3 coating is had the biggest high temperature resistant hardness and fight wear intensity, in addition, keen cutting blade ensured the product is mixed without burr without the tumour that accumulate bits. Because titanium is one of processes often data in medical treatment industry, so new geometrical appearance NFT, NMT and NRT are used at machining titanium. NFT is used at finish machining, NMT is used at medium precision to machine, NRT is used at rough machining, these razor blade can use cutting tool system (if made of baked clay Er is special (Walter) arbor XLDE) undertake be assorteded simply, so that the user is operated. Plan of custom-built and compound cutting tool saves time and money and the company that pursue other industry same, the company that pursues medical treatment trade also is facing the cost pressure that increases increasingly. A company wants base oneself upon contends for intense internationalization large stage at contest, must produce the product that gives high quality with low cost. To transplanting product (make by tall alloy steel, titanium or titanium alloy commonly) , special material and complex workpiece geometry form posed very big challenge to the accuracy of the product. Be aimed at certain treatment, need 3 standards cutting tool possibly before, but need a compound cutting tool only now, replace with a working procedure before 3 working procedure, saved time and cost thereby. For instance, process 1500 work, each workpiece is managing 2 minutes, OK and managing machine-hour of 50 hours. The defect of plan of this kind of compound cutting tool is do not reflect in example of general cutting tool. And those who cover with tiles Er spy company puts forward " CATexpress " the service of the custom-built cutting tool that be not mark, differ with the groovy service that be not mark, its date of delivery but from before 6-8 week decreases. This service is a foundation with a special software program, receive internet repeatedly when the user and inputted all information (if use information or machine tool type) hind, the system can output an order record that includes need parameter. The company is in after receiving order, can begin to manufacture the requires cutting tool that be not mark inside the shortest time. The public errand of the diameter of rigid standard bore of medical treatment industry is normally + / - 0.

005mm left and right sides; Directional public errand is about + / - 0.

07mm (be aimed at 108mm) the left and right sides. CNC Milling CNC Machining