The method of interference prevents when turning circular arc

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With common outside when round lathe tool machines circular arc, the biggest question is generation interference. The article introduced to pass what machine a kind of effective that find actually to defend interference method. Graph 1 treatment sketch map pursues 2 computation sketch map pursues graph of analysis of 3 spare partses pursues 4 treatment sketch map is used common outside when round lathe tool machines circular arc, the biggest question is generation interference. Through effective treatment, we found a kind of effective defend interference method, show brief introduction to be as follows: When the account that 1 interference produces is machining the ⌒ of circular arc ABC that the graph shows 1 times, ⌒ of circular arc AB paragraph won't generate interference: But Duan Ke of ⌒ of circular arc BC can generate interference, and the possibility that C dot generation interferes is the largest. If can prove C dot won't generate interference, outside can using this directly, round lathe tool machines ⌒ of circular arc ABC. And but the cost that leave out purchases circular arc lathe tool. 2 calculation method is shown 2 times like the graph, first A of horn of cipher out the centre of a circle. 1-L2/R2x) of Sina=L/R H=R-Rcosa=R(1- √ is apparent, when R is certain L increases, or the R when L is certain reduces a H to increase, the possibility that interference generates when cutting increases. Producing interference possibility is C greatly most dot bowstring cuts horn to be equal to A of horn of the centre of a circle, those who be like cutting tool is deputy slant the bowstring that horny κ R is more than C to nod cuts corner, won't generate interference. 3 example analyse treatment to be like the part that the graph shows 3 times, original design circular arc is ABC ⌒ . : of lathe tool of the circle outside choosing cutting tool to be? ° of =90 of Sheng of kneecap  lead, deputy slant ° of horny κ R=35. Radius of circular arc of point of a knife is 0.

4mm, calculate first the A of horn of the centre of a circle that C nods. Sina=27/46=0.

5217 A=35.

R of κ of 94 ° ≥ is apparent, can generate interference, hind ⌒ of BD of circular arc of instead of ⌒ of circular arc BC, other is shown like plan institute, criterion Sina=24/46=0.

5217 A=31.

R of κ of 45 ° < is apparent, won't generate interference. Be aimed at a graph the analysis of 3, the picture gives a picture the treatment sketch map of 4. Graph 4 in showed contrail taking a knife and cut to wait. Use machine tool is Vturn16, numerical control system is FANUC 0T system. 4 conclusion because outside the lathe tool of arc of cutting ability strong Yu Yuan of round lathe tool, fall in hands-off condition so, lathe tool of the circle outside be being used as far as possible. When having interference a bit, if design a license,should shorten appropriately L value. What if intensity of point of a knife is permitted,should increase cutting tool appropriately is deputy slant horn. It is when interference is more serious, can use tune to divide the method of treatment of the circular arc that finish. But should assure Z right now to school knife precision. CNC Milling CNC Machining