The type selecting element of combing machine

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1 preface from 20 centuries after 90 time metaphase, a lot of cotton spinning enterprises begin to pay attention to the investment of pair of combing machine, with increasing the proportion of combing gauze ceaselessly. In this development process, as combing machine professional manufacturer is experienced, this invisible hand is in the market the development that controlling a product, at the same time also derive the nutrition that the product develops. The foundation of type selecting of 2 combing machine the development of each product always is around move the development of spinning craft and progress. In recent years, combing machine market was formed stage by stage common model, middling speed, machine of 3 kinds of high speed combing. The breed of the fundamental essence comber of type selecting of 2 combing machine, norms is very much, the demand of the market also is rich and colorful likewise, cannot be onefold. We think function of a kind of combing denies the choice object that serves as an user, have two postulate: (1) is the requirement that combing machine must get used to user spinning craft; (2) is to spin the yarn that go out to be able to reach quality level. 2.

Design of 1 combing machine wants to be able to get used to the main task of the requirement mechanical design of spinning craft, wraparound case for: (The choice of principle of 1) machine job, in order to satisfy the requirement of manufacturing technology. The main function that serves as combing machine is to remove short fine hair, raise fibrous average length and unbend are spent; At the same time as far as possible knot of cotton of much ground purify, impurity, make the yarn of high quality in order to spin. (On the basis that 2) determines in the principle, the athletic design of the machine is the mechanical movement that becomes impulsion change executive part, xi Lin, wool is machine to combing brush the whirligig that wait, of detached Luo La pour clockwise, the move back and forth of clamp board swings wait for mechanical movement to use structure of what machinery drive to come true. This can have a lot of methods to be able to be used. For example: Depart collect helps PX2J combing aircraft pour clockwise, come with planetary gear and conjugate cam busy move, and CJ25 combing opportunity comes with planetary gear and linkage mechanism true view is detached Luo La's motion. (The design of 3) component. This involves a design more meticulously a component uses what data, requirement what dimension precision, in order to satisfy the special requirement of spinning craft and quality. End rises undertake designing on the spinning technology base that combing machine wants to satisfying combing namely, otherwise again good product also is no use. The occupation standard according to combing machine (FZ / T93046-97) , differentiate to combing machine it is 3 kinds, namely common model, middling speed, high speed. This differentiates is a standard with rotate speed of Xi Lin axis, do not be a basis to differentiate with spinning integral performance and standard of integrated yarn quality. So we think, some can spin combing yarn with what type, what type can spin half combing gauze to regard as only differentiate standard view is not comprehensive, unscientific, to type selecting person can cause misunderstanding. 2. Of the foundation of type selecting of up to mark of 2 quality index is to spin a yarn, quality index should reach quality level. To combing gauze character, limitted quality index has two: It is value of Uster bulletin statistic, it is to pass the data that the statistic on the base that a large number of sample collect inside alive bound limits gives, it is the quality language with a kind of general international. 2 it is the requirement that the user raises, in market economy, the requirement of the user also is a kind of quality standard that must satisfy. The fact that comes for years makes clear, comber of afore-mentioned 3 kinds of essence satisfied different spinning technology, can reach the quality level of yarn of all sorts of diverse demand combing. The element of type selecting of 3 combings machine is told to mechanical and electrical products, want to consider the following essential factor when type selecting commonly: Productivity essential factor, craft sex element, maintainability element, economy element, of course still element of dependability element, security element, environmental protection sex is waited a moment. 3. 1 productivity essential factor basically points to the balance on a product line, should accomplish on, next line working procedure supply both neither keep long in stock, also differ labour. Combing machine Chinese hackberrya is in of spinning Ding Yi before spin a part, those who consider combing output want to match on type selecting. 3. Element of 2 craft sex is the ability that shows equipment satisfies manufacturing technology to ask, common model with machine of middling speed combing, get used to medium, small mensurable craft commonly. Machine of high speed combing gets used to heavy mensurable craft commonly, and because latter is right below high speed condition the control of environmental temperature and humidity and cotton wool demand are higher, taller also to requirement of quality of surface of Pi Gun, Luo La. Just can develop taller efficiency so only. 3. 3 maintainability element is to point to the difficult easy degree that prevent and remove the trouble such as system, equipment, component through repairing with method of care and maintenance, opposite and rate of unifinication of Electromechanical of machine of character high speed combing is high, in it may not be a bad idea of the dependability in movement, the skill of requirement maintenance technician is high also. 3. The economy range that discusses when choice device of 4 economy element is very big, using a word to try to define to economy is very difficult. Combing ought to one-time investment, at ordinary times bad news report, with labour, cover an area of area, complementary makings, fittings to undertake be assessmented integratedly. 4 citing are with CJ40 of / of A201E, CJ25, PX2 exemple, show machine of 3 kinds of combing the characteristic in each element. In recent years, common model, middling speed, machine of high speed combing all presented produce and sale the situation of two flourishing, this explained machine of 3 kinds of combing all can satisfy an user to be opposite the quality index of the requirement of craft of of all kinds spinning and yarn, also explain they are put in the characteristic with respective move at the same time, can not replace completely each other. A201E serves as common model combing machine grows fill do not decline, because this product is apple-pie,not be, however because all the time since user factory and manufactory develop and improved this product. Wait to A201A, A201B, A201C, A201D, A201E from A201, get used to the requirement of the new technology of spinning and new quality ceaselessly. For example: The drive of detached Luo La from inside differential changes heterodyne to move: Draft from 3 and 1 change 6 and 1; Circle can match 0400mm, also can match ① 500mm. At the same time A201E also maintained its a few characteristics, for example: The move about of detached Pi Gun makes web is built below the circumstance of lighter ration receive good, clarity and maintenance simple, economy is applicable etc. CJ25 is to be on base of engine of FA251 series combing, drew engine of the new generation middling speed that a few advantages of machine of high speed combing develop and comes combing. It basically uses installation structure of whole, raised the tigidity of frame, went to the lavatory user installation; Suck with collective fall cotton is replaced suck alone fall cotton, reduced worker labor intensity, can increase speed appropriately; Draft uses on 5 4 structures, improved a dry quality further. Passed new product appraisal 2002, got the reception of the user. PX2J / CJ40 spins engine total plant to be in as Shanghai transfer of technology of comber of essence of life is passed on special foundation homebred the new product that change and develops 2 times, the integral frame structure with the fine tigidity that introduced stability, comb from clean top, distinctive conjugate cam drive is the transmission structure of detached Luo La, advanced pass feeling technology, convenient man-machine interface, for cotton spinning enterprise the informatization henceforth develops obligate of spot bus line up communication interface. The investment with 3 kinds of one-time equipment differs not much, machine of combing of PX2J / CJ40 high speed is covered an area of, with labour more province. Comparative to having for the enterprise of dimensions and technical force, can yet be regarded as of machine of combing of CJ40 of investment PX2J / a kind of good choice. Compare general gauze on average by combing gauze 3000 yuan tall / ton plan, consider again fall cotton loss, the accrual of combing gauze is 2000 yuan of / ton, the one crop that covers PX2J one day is 4248kg(everyday with 20 Xiaoshi plan) , criterion installation cost can reclaim inside a year. The satisfaction of the adaptability that the postulate of type selecting of machine of 5 epilogue combing depends on combing spinning craft and quality index is spent. Next, comb with respect to essence of life on this one foundation the productivity essential factor of machine, craft sex element, maintainability element, economy element undertakes be assessmented integratedly. Come for years the fact makes clear, common model, middling speed, machine of high speed combing the logical choice of enterprise of spinning of can yet be regarded as, because they have certain characteristic severally, and improve the standard with contented craft and quality ceaselessly. CNC Milling CNC Machining