4 kinds of high-powered high-speed steel

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High-powered high-speed steel points to a few alloy are joined not to have element in common high-speed steel, wait like Co, AL, V, make its hear resistance, wearability has again rise further, thermal stability is tall. Basically use the difficult treatment data such as treatment stainless steel, refractory steel and high temperature alloy. 1) the tall carbon high-speed steel that our country of tall carbon high-speed steel produces has 9W8Cr4V(abbreviation 9W18) and 9W6Mo5Cr4V2(abbreviation CM2) , normal temperature hardness can amount to 66 ~ 68HRC, 600 degrees of hardness when raise 51 ~ 52HRC, apply to the wearability that make to ask tall reamer, Huo getting and silk are attacked wait for cutting tool, also can use at cutting austenite stainless steel. But the addition that carbolic amount contains in steel makes quench leftover austenite grow in quantity, need increases temper number, at the same time tenacity is reduced, cannot bear to be pounded greatly. 2) aluminous high rate contains aluminium to exceed 501) of abbreviation of W6Mo5Cr4V2AL(of hard high-speed steel, with W10Mo4Cr4V3AL(abbreviation 5F-6) the new steel bell that is our country original creation. Normal temperature hardness amounts to 67 ~ 69HRC, 600 degrees hardness achieves 54 ~ 55HRC, cutting function and M42 of cobaltic high-speed steel comparative, cutting tool life raises 1 ~ than W18 2 times above, and the price is similar however, the cutting rate that permits when hob of the gear that make is 1.

67m/s. Because contain vanadium the capacity is much, its grinding processability is poorer, and overheat sensitivity is strong, oxidation decarbonization liability is bigger, when using, want to master heat treatment craft strictly. 3) the thermal stability that cobalt joins to be able to raise steel in high-speed steel of cobaltic high-speed steel, normal temperature and high temperature hardness and fight oxidation ability. Improve the thermal conductivity of high-speed steel, reduce coefficient of friction, raise cutting rate thereby. The M42 in be like American M40 series (W2Mo9Cr4VCo8) , normal temperature hardness amounts to 67 ~ 69HRC, 600 degrees of hardness when achieve 54 ~ 55HRC.

Agree with the high-speed steel cutting tool of material of difficult treatment of etc of alloy of production treatment high temperature, cobaltic alloy. Because our country is cobaltic natural resources is limited, be produced at present and use not much. 4) because tall vanadium high-speed steel forms the carbonization vanadium dispersion of a large number of tall hardness, wear-resisting to be in steel, raised the wearability of high-speed steel, and can refine grain and the overheat sensitivity that reduce steel. Agree with treatment vulcanite, plastic wait to wear away to cutting tool serious stuff; Cutting tool of the poor to low speed precision work that cut bits, if broach, reamer and silk are attacked,wait, tall vanadium high-speed steel has longer life. Its are main defect is grinding processability is differred, main brand has W6Mo5Cr4V3, W12Cr4V4Mo to wait. Our country is raising the applied level of high-powered high-speed steel hard, if develop W12Mo3Cr4V3Co5Si of low cobaltic high-speed steel, the result when processing high strenth steel is favorable. In addition, still B212) of abbreviation of B2O1) of abbreviation of W6Mo5Cr4V5SiNbAl(of aluminous high-speed steel of the niobium that contain silicon, W18Cr4V4SiNbAL(waits, silicon, aluminium increases the hardness of steel and thermal stability, niobium can raise wearability and tenacity, basically use at material of cutting difficult treatment, but the grinding performance of this kind of steel is very poor. CNC Milling CNC Machining