The design of many mill clamping apparatus and application

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1 foreword   is in on milling machine when milling flat tenon and straight chamfer, major clamping apparatus all uses V device of form piece clamp, but more special to a few appearance, dimension spare parts, if pursue 1, if use V form piece clamp, can give milling treatment to bring difficulty. Graph 1 part drawing by the graph 1 know, with V spare parts of milling of form piece clamp when two flank, with 10 outside clamp of round fixed position, because its length is too short, have 5mm only, although can be placed,hold, but be far from clamp to choose a center, clamping force is insufficient. The workpiece when milling is hit easily to fly by milling cutter. If increase clamping force, place its clamp face easily again triangularly and discard as useless. If with of 18 outside the circle machines exterior sandwich V the treatment inside form piece, workpiece end panel cannot locate, cause machining error. For this, we designed the many mill fixture of clamp of the dambered surface that use a circle. If pursue,2 are shown. Satisfied the requirement of workpiece clamp, fixed position already, also simplified the workmanship of clamping apparatus, use this to cover clamping apparatus not only reduced percent defective, at the same time big also earth improved productivity. Graph clamping apparatus of many 2 mill 1.

Special form block a head up 2.

Columnar head bolt 3.

Special form fixed position piece 4.

Fixed position piece 5.

Clamping apparatus body 6.

Clamp piece 7.

Clamp bolt 8.

Directional key 9.

Heavy head bolt 10.

Or so cover board 11.

The structure that cylinder sells clamping apparatus of many 2 mill and technical requirement   2.

If structure of clamping apparatus of many 1 mill pursues 2 are shown. It by special form block a head up 1, fixed position piece 3, 4, clamping apparatus body 5, clamp piece 6, clamp bolt 7 reach directional key 8 wait for composition. Clamping apparatus is directional bolt 8 installation are in workbench of X62W milling machine on the face, make A face and its job mesa parallel, after installation, screw clamp bolt 7 can. 2.

The technical requirement   of clamping apparatus of many 2 mill (1) assures each fixed position piece is in to go up point-blank. (2) assures each fixed position piece all can be inside groove agile shift. (3) locates the circle outside a central aperture and spare parts the 18 transition fit that choose 18H/j56. (After whole of aperture of center of fixed position piece is machined, 4) wants center of edge center aperture each fore-and-aft incision. 2.

The part that the fixed position of clamping apparatus of many 3 mill and clamp method need a group treatment is located in each surely inside aperture of the center between fixed position piece, as a result of each fixed position piece is inside groove can move freely, bolt of clamp of the screw after fixed position, make each locate a generation extruding, achieve the goal of clamp thereby. 2.

The choice of 4 milling cutter can have end panel, flank and the treatment with planar semmetry on many mill clamping apparatus, after treatment surface is affirmatory, can choose the cutting tool of different type according to corresponding plane. Graph 2 go up in X62W milling machine to use assorted milling cutter milling two semmetry are planar. Many mill clamping apparatus has 3 epilogue the following characteristic: (1) can undertake machining to a group of spare partses, improved productivity significantly. (2) replaced V with clamp of circular arc face of form piece at 3 o'clock clamp means, assured product quality, reduced percent defective. (3) can undertake the milling of big feed, workpiece is like firmly " father-in-law " . Assured the positional precision when treatment. (In 4) actual production, if increase the fixed position of many mill clamping apparatus piece amount, its productivity still can rise further. (The craft of 5) clamping apparatus that make is simple, real operation is more convenient also. CNC Milling CNC Machining