The treatment of gear of 61 ° helix

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When the M1075 inadvertently grinding machine that we produce without factory of stannic machine tool in maintenance, discovery wears away to helix gear serious, affected the transmission precision of the machine tool, must change, and do not have fittings temporarily in the market. The problem is this helix gear it is helix angle the dextral gear that is 61 ° , gear appearance is shown 1 times like the graph, gear parameter is a law to Ms4 of modulus of modulus Mn2mm end panel.

° of A20 of pressure angle of dextrorotation of direction of helix of ° of B61 of helix angle of Z16 of 125mm tine number because helix angle is too big, conventional methodological treatment is pressed on gear-hobbing machine, can cause head of main aspects of hob tool carrier and workbench photograph to touch, appear to interfere and cannot be machined, see a picture 2. B1 is the helix angle of hob, when hob is left hob coming back, take a cost 61 ° + B1: When hob is dextral hob, take a cost 61 ° - B1. To above this is planted circumstance, we consider to rotate hob to go up upright, cage turns to the lower end, because bearing support over all dimension is less than hob to wear far, removed interference thereby, resolved the difficulty that machines 61 ° helix angle, see a picture 3. Graph 11.

Hob is worn 2.

Hob 3.

Hob cage 4.

Workpiece 5.

Workbench pursues 2 graphs the adjustment above 3 courses, although resolved the difficulty that machines 61 ° helix angle on gear-hobbing machine, but bring another issue at the same time, because rolled tool carrier to rotate more 180 ° , the direction of rotation of the direction of rotation of hob and method of groovy before treatment is consequently contrary. Come back groovily so to make the direction of rotation of hob restores to, can exchange the gearshift in the machine tool on another rod that the rotate of a tine in gear uses change hob direction of rotation to machine tool design. Such ability from go up at all solved a problem, finished treatment job. Pass such adjustment actually, we can solve aborning the gear cutting that a lot of helix angle are more than 60 ° . CNC Milling CNC Machining