Slanted at 0 o'clock buy G54 - G59 instruction

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The G instruction ★ related coordinate department slanted at 0 o'clock one G59 of buy G54 dictates slanted at 0 o'clock a kind of character that buy is numerical control system, the origin that allows a numerical control to survey a system namely is mobile inside the formulary limits with opposite fiducial machine tool, and the position of permanent origin is put lay aside is in numerical control system. Accordingly, when need not set of G54 -G59 instruction can be used when G92 dictates set workpiece coordinate is fastened department of 6 workpiece coordinate passes 6 coordinate with peculiar place of set machine tool namely is origin (namely the origin that workpiece coordinate is 1 -6) fasten in machine tool coordinate medium sit. (namely work zero shift is worth) . This value can lose a person with MDI means corresponding in, operation method detailed sees the 4th chapter shows this book. Pursue for example 1 shows: O1005 (1)G55G90 GOO X20 Z100X40 Z20M30 seeing a picture this in (20, 100) reach (40, 20) the position is fastened at coordinate by fixed position 2 on. G53G53 of process designing of department of coordinate of ★ direct machine tool is machine tool coordinate department process designing is in the block that contains G53. The statement cost when absolute value process designing is to be in department of machine tool coordinate) coordinate value. Its dictate to be not mode. ★ absolute value inputs G90 X__Z of instruction of G9O and G91 of increment size input. G91 X__Z. G90 instruction presses coordinate of person of cheerful of set of absolute value means, move namely the coordinate value X of instruction terminus, Z is with workpiece coordinate department origin is fiducial will calculate, x. Z is value of the coordinate in workpiece coordinate department. G91 instruction is defeated by person coordinate by increment means set, move namely the coordinate value X of instruction terminus, Z is with only then the dot is fiducial come plan study basis is terminal and opposite at only then judgement is losing the direction of the dot to be the same as with reference axis to take taking reversely negative. G20 of ★ imperial input (unit In) with metric input G21 (unit Mm) dictating instruction of use G20 / G21 can choose is imperial lose a person metric perhaps lose a person, g94 / G95 is mode function, can live each other annul, g94 is default value. When leaving factory, general set is condition of G21 bend over. After when the set G94 of ★ feed and G95 instruction system carried out G, dictating. When encountering F to dictate again, the feed speed unit that makes think F place is appointed is Mm / Min or Ln / Min, till the system was carried out again,contain the block of G95 effectively all the time, criterion G94 is denied, and G95 happening action. If the system carried out the block that contains G95 to encounter F instruction again, appoints feed speed unit is Mm / R or In / R should cancel G95 condition to must appoint G94 afresh. Turn when use fine and soft when feed means, coder of a position must be installed on main shaft. Note: G94, G95 is mode function, can cancel G94 to be default value each other CNC Milling CNC Machining