Plastic crowded bilge shape technology and equipment

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Current, whole world the plastic products of 80 % above is go out through squeezing and of Injection Molding, pressure delay, the plastic treatment that blows model, rotational moulding to wait to appear ceaselessly and shape while the method is raising plastic products yield, also be in be perfected ceaselessly and expand the sort of plastic products reachs his to apply. The method of plastic products treatment that mature increasingly and perfects gives sexes of all sorts of new-style, function plastic make, drive plastic treatment industry to develop to material of energy-saving, province and efficient method ceaselessly. Although current plastic shape the plastic products that the method can process all sorts of form almost, but to a few product that have special figure, using existing method may not be most economy is efficient, 3 in be like pipe fitting, 4 and a few different goods. Fall in the circumstance with lesser production lot especially, high mould cost will by a few make partake, note model method so producing this kind of part from time to tome certain difficulty, more differ to dimension of long and thin, end panel at present what is more,the rather that bigger or expand the mouth such as the section is alvine kinds big are made, cannot use even note model to reach general and plastic shape the method will machine. Plastic squeeze those who bilge to shape even if lay arise at the historic moment in this kind of trend. Pass the comparison with groovy plastic processing method, can see crowded bilge shape using at plastic treatment to shape the respect has the following advantage: 1.

Shape equipment structure is relatively simple, installation cost is low; 2.

Be not arisen to change by treatment material, and shape the process can undertake below inferior temperature normally, the sources of energy is little; 3.

Comfortable differ at producing section size older product, strong to the section dimension adaptability of goods; 4.

Control system is simpler, technology control is very quick, through controlling extruding route, use same deputy pattern, get the product of different measurement likely; 5.

Can make full use of crowded piece make model the tall productivity of base and low cost; 6.

In production lot lesser circumstance falls, can reduce manufacturing cost to wait a moment substantially. Plastic machinery and plastic project institute had had university of Beijing chemical industry at present much experimental research, successful preparation the goods of all sorts of appearance, at present this technology has obtained a country to invent patent accredit, own own intellectual property. Hope and annals is planted at developing this the manufacturer coact of new technology, strive for at an early date will plastic crowded bilge shape the technology realizes industrialization. CNC Milling CNC Machining