The round part that nicety casts and rake

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One, cast round horn Die Casting on always the surface of inside and outside of wall and wall turns to joint to should form round part, call cast round part, among them nicety casts round horn to be like next action. 1. Can prolong the life of the mould, the acute angle on cast allows easy attaint mould, cause model the avalanche of edges and corners on core, model the included angle place inside antrum produces crackle. 2. Round horn radius shoulds not be too big. Too big radius can make join place generation " hot item " etc. 3. Conduce to pressure deliver the flow with metallic fluid, reduce eddy current to include gas, be helpful for figuration, can make cast avoids to be in generation to stress is centered and appear in acute angle again at the same time crackle, raise nicety to cast the intensity of product oneself. 2, cast rake to cast rake to call drawing of patterns rake again, the size that nicety casts rake follows wall of alloy sort, cast thick, height or deepness and different. Die Casting the structure must consider enough nicety to cast rake, with benefit at cast smoothly drawing of patterns. Of general provision casting rake is: Chemical fertilizer is special the side outside be in charge of inside to be more than; Large wall is more than Bao Bi; Alloy of high melting point is more than alloy of low melting point. Cast rake general not plan into tolerancepublic errand limits inside. When setting nicety casts rake, do not machine the surface, aperture is with small end fiducial; The axis is with main aspects fiducial; Work surface, aperture is with main aspects fiducial, the axis is with small end fiducial. CNC Milling CNC Machining