Germany on the west case awn is three-dimensional combine workbench

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Welder installs clamping apparatus to always lag behind quite in our country, and unvalued. Each manufacturer executes him to develop a design to make, special sex is strong, take time takes a lot of work, tool cost is very high. Flexible assorted welder is installed basically is a blank. Germany on the west case awn company (System) carries on in oneself in the manufacturing process of the structural member of client change diversity, use the design idea of built up fixture, with its the structure of the clever conception of originality and innovation, agile diversity is combined, original creation combined-type is three-dimensional welder makes a stand, use the user that supplies all trades and professions from what satisfy ego gradually. Flexible the welder outfit that change absolved design personnel to repeat design and the investment of the tool that make, be in 10 years short inside right-and-left time, had soldered to apply successfully with cutting industry in thousands of Euramerican and famous machinery. The tool assistant that the domain is win universal praise is machined in German metal. On the west case awn company (System) is three-dimensional and flexible change assorted welder to made stage technology had won multinomial patent in Europe, United States and China. Three-dimensional combination solders clamp system introduces Germany on the west case awn company (welder of System) three-dimensional combination makes a stage have D28 and D16 two series. On the mesa of high accuracy, every other 100mm all the round hole of cloth D28 or every other 50mm all the round hole of cloth D16, these aperture can be used at joining together the fixed position module of all sorts of functions and clamping apparatus. All sorts of function module divide mesa outside, still have fixed position piece, right angle piece, pillar, aleatoric angle is adjusted, v form piece, sell bolt, of all kinds and fast clamping apparatus, clearance tab reachs all sorts of auxiliary module. The design conception of module is clever, can undertake all sorts of combination are mixed apply repeatedly. System16 system is used between module to tighten solid connective to sell bolt each other, interior uses 5 homocentric steel ball. When selling bolt to loosen, ball bearing is retreated annul inside bolt, inside the aperture that sells bolt to be able to insert module conveniently right now. When screwing gradually with the hand, 5 ball bearing are played gradually piece, in be opposite automatically and clamp module. Pull with spanner after tightening, its can amount to 5 tons to the clamping force of module, shearing force can amount to 25 tons. System28 system 1.

Mesa mesa is used take form of Kong Ge board. In mesa above with flank, every other 100mm all the round hole of cloth φ 28mm (System28 series) , or every other 50mm all the round hole of cloth φ 16mm (System16 series) , delimit with same interval have dimension line, mesa brim has millimeter graduation mark. These round hole can be used at joining together the fixed position module of all sorts of functions and clamping apparatus. Mesa dimension arrives from 500mm × 1000mm 2000mm × 4000mm, the measure that and can be combined according to need becomes aleatoric size and an appearance. The foot propping up of mesa has standard foot, adjustable foot, area shift annulus foot, fixed foot and Jian Shisheng fall the foot, in order to get used to all sorts of different need. This a series of elaborate design, offerred huge to go to the lavatory to the person that use. 2.

Sell bolt the key that an aperture is clamp system depends on securing sell bolt. Case awn sells bolt to use structure of steel ball clamp on the west, already simple and economic security is firm, facilitate again clean, and want single hand to be able to be used only. Clamp sells bolt to be made with high grade material, have certain hardness. 3.

Right angle piece is orthogonal piece can use at stopping, calm right angle, compose builds three-dimensional and stereo structure and outspread job mesa to wait. Large right angle piece the chute that goes up to still deserve to width is 28mm or 16mm, can slide with around, fluctuation, the place that needs in random is used sell bolt to tighten solid to locate. 4.

The pillar of all sorts of length has pillar (100*200*h) or (200*200*h) working face, deserve to have the systematic opening of φ 28mm or φ 16mm on working surface. Pillar can be used at compose to build three-dimensional and stereo structure, perhaps cooperate with mesa, form all sorts of abnormity mesa. 5.

Breed of clamping apparatus clamping apparatus is various, but reduce is the following 3 kinds of forms: (The insertion of 1) cantilever clamping apparatus according to clamping apparatus direction and clamping force direction, have 180 ° , 90 ° , 45 ° 3 kinds. According to the type of clamp handle, have manual screw type, fast clamp type, short type of 6 horn bolt. (Because clamping apparatus is on mesa,2) compensates cantilever clamping apparatus is the form that uses round club to insert Kong Zhong, of the clearance of marvellous Kong Jian and clamping apparatus itself tiny and flexible, make clamping apparatus has the tendency that drives workpiece deflexion in clamp process. To prevent this kind of deflexion, case awn company invented compensation cantilever clamping apparatus on the west. This kind of clamping apparatus added flexibility in cantilever adjustable, dissolve the side direction component of force when clamp, be out of shape and insert the clearance in the process of itself in order to compensate clamping apparatus, the clamping force that assures clamping apparatus and clamp direction are consistent. (3) fast clamping apparatus on the west knead in case awn product added up to Germany the hand of another well-known AMF company is moved or pneumatic is fast clamping apparatus. The hand with the various breed such as perpendicular impaction type, horizontal push-pull type is moved, pneumatic clamping apparatus, the transition that passes one φ 28mm, can install the place in need conveniently. 6.

Aleatoric angle is adjusted piece can adjust continuously the aleatoric angle of 225 ° of 0 ° ~ , the means locking that can use oil pressure is in in the angle of need, can make the same score lie or erect use. The two side on included angle arm have systematic aperture and chamfer respectively, can be above its fixed position of farther installation module or clamp. 7.

Stop piece all sorts of diminutive stop piece the design has systematic aperture or chamfer, so that be built in compose,locate in the place of need conveniently when tool. Stop piece dimension design is very scientific and reasonable, the adjustment that can achieve the smallest 25mm is measured. The span of usable form a complete set when adjusting 25mm the following dimension further moves a complete set of. Theoretic use compose builds case awn workbench on the west when tool, it is redundant that measure becomes. 8.

All sorts of auxiliary module include in this kind of module: The V that is used technically at locating the circle is in charge of form piece and chain clamping apparatus; The standard flange of fixed position flange board; The horny module that uses when direction of on mesa horn 45 ° is outspread; Span moves a complete set of; φ 28mm and φ 16mm system transfer annul; Use impaction of a clamping apparatus at 2 o'clock (clamp circle is in charge of) clamp bridge; Use at the user to abstain with connective of case awn standard component transfers on the west interface piece; Remove heavy rings; The mesa when preventing to solder and solder the special outlet that electric spark appears between cable and prevent to solder splatter those who use is special set etc. Three-dimensional combination solders clamp system characteristic: Germany on the west case awn is three-dimensional and flexible assorted fixture system applies extensively at machine of of all kinds steel structure, project to make, frame of pressure vessel, building, auto industry, bicycle (autocycle) make, conduit of furniture of Sheet Metal Fabrication, metal, industry (flange) , robot technology and equipment are assembled and detect equipment. The outstanding advantage of this kind of built up fixture is: 1) modular: All component classify, undertook standardization and seriation, match each other. Choose least module, with respect to the function that can realize all sorts of fast fixed position and clamp. 2) flexible change: Spell outfit means diversity, the user should develop imagination adequately only, can achieve the fixed position with any same special fixture and clamp function almost. Go all out outfit is fast, outfit tear open convenient; Workbench face can undertake going all out installing assorted according to workpiece appearance, size. The design of the scale on mesa and module dimension, make jockey person need not be measured it is OK to provide the tool that takes need giving place quickly according to work measure. 3) high accuracy: Workbench face and the every other on all sorts of function module 50 or the round hole of the D16 of 100mm form a complete set or D28, the public errand of aperture span dimension of aleatoric aperture is less than 0.

02mm, this kind of precision will be mirrorred in the product that user place processes. So, also the user uses this workbench as the fiducial platform that check provides. 4) patent design: Have in each function module many it is patent product, sell bolt like what the join between module uses, to avoid the zone of workpiece in the shift in clamp process special design compensatory flexibility clamping apparatus. 5) three-dimensional and stereo design: The pillar in module, right angle piece can use joining together of space of Yu Xiangsan dimension, facilitating production is of all kinds and stereo component part. Three-dimensional combination solders the applied example of clamp system had welder of this kind of combination to make a stand, for the user that designs tool to repeating ceaselessly, but big political integrity repeats investment to expend the design on tool to make time and capital about. The user can give the tool of diverse demand according to needing fast joining together, play like children like spelling the toy that fit pattern. This kind three-dimensional and flexible tool can be used at the car to make a trade, project machinery industry, steel structure produces an industry, pull gold to process a trade, bicycle (autocycle) production industry, with solder robot or special welder form a complete set are waited a moment. Be like: German Benz company (Situjiate factory) the application that go up is had in car mould and check; Liebherr and MAN company are manufacturing tool of Siegmund of the application in project car and machinery, solder spell outfit batholith and frame; Schwing Stetter company applies Siegmund tool to produce agitate car and construction machinery; The laser beam welding that regards Trumpf as the company with Siegmund workbench is received and the working platform of cut equipment. Of course, regard routine as indispensable auxiliary tool, siegmund product more apply in widely all sorts of soldering in the circumstance. Believe to solder in our country craft develops ceaselessly in, siegmund product can get more and more China users welcome certainly. (Plan institute shows 1) application example to produce fork-lift truck for some factory bearing arm. Because this bearings brachial norms is much, batch is not big, special welder must be made install before solder previously, in order to assure the parallelism of or so arm and the angle that bend horn. Arrive from the design only so make the tool that finish, need 4 weeks time at least, and should invest a large number of capital; After giving out, tool still needs certain space to deposit, use in order to have next time. Had on the west case awn is flexible after combining tool, from the consideration conception tool arrives go all out outfit finish, most between one climate (as right on the west case awn is flexible tool is familiar with degree rise to still can shorten greatly) . This tool after giving out can be demolished instantly, build other tool again, do not take up space. Although pass a certain number of after year, the user is ordered again do change spare parts, also need not worry about the problem of tool. The more important fixed position measure in this one example is or so arm what two end ministry reachs aperture of corner place axis is homocentric degree. Before the proposal solders, use additional core club is right wear two aperture, hold core club clip next go up at workbench face. Finish after soldering, loosen and take out core club. (2) applies example 2 times to pursue in developing new car for some famous car plant, use on the west case awn is flexible tool. The frame of whole car is used case awn tool locates on the west and clamp. The end that such doing, the batch that is itself of this kind of model is not big, solder holds not applicable and special automation line; Another kind is the solder that produces for large quantities of quantities outfit production seeks first-rate clamp technology. (3 plans institute shows 3) application example a bent housing in be some conduit (flange) solder example, because was used on the west case awn is flexible tool, those who made sure flange locates is accurate, avoided the amlposition when conduit is installed finally. As a result of on the west case awn is three-dimensional the flexibility that combines tool, its applied example is many. Wait for the fixed position when soldering to simpler planar component, stereo frame, casing, it is very OK come true conveniently. Even if more complex component part, also can connect fetch of excessive pace solder to come true actually. Realized the convenient sex of the operation already so, raised the utilization rate of workbench greatly again. Carry out a proof, this are three-dimensional combination solders clamp system is OK the sufficient imagination according to the user, in the majority solder application is won in the process. CNC Milling CNC Machining