Muti_function borer of double circumgyrate bushing comes out

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From head steel group learns, a few days ago head limited company of mechanical technology of foundation of steel peaceful Cheng is own the ST series of research and development is muti_function the prototype of borer of double circumgyrate bushing develops a success, this borer has the core technology of own intellectual property, technical level belongs to initiate in home, already applied for a country to invent patent. According to introducing, this company by head limited company of mechanical technology of foundation of steel Electromechanical company and Cheng of Beijing east peaceful is established jointly. Hold water only 5 many months finished design of technical research and development, blueprint and the prototype in serious chance branch to make, prototype gets the result via trying on the spot good, reach design technology target completely. Introduce according to personnel of this company technology, ST series is muti_function borer of double circumgyrate bushing is to be used at building construction, traffic to carry, the project machine product of a variety of domain infrastructure construction such as irrigation works flood prevention, environmental protection. Kong Chengzhuang can be gotten below all sorts of complex and geological conditions; Use at the construction of ferroconcrete perfusion picket and CFG picket; Apply to the construction of the compound stake that all sorts of steel tube increase concrete to wait; Configure corresponding accessory to be able to be hit without oscillatory ground set grant to make cement manage stake, steel tube picket grant to control stake; Configure corresponding accessory, can undertake depth mixes agitate, undertake to soft qualitative foundation deep-seated consolidate is handled. Craft of this product construction is simple, efficiency is tall, the precision that control stake quality of tall, project is good, can reduce cost 30-40% , one chance is much can, scope of application is wide. And, because overcame the problem such as the noise of traditional monkey engine, vibration, make its make the environmental protection that does not have social effects of pollution drilling machine. Its are main technical feature is: Use distinctive compound double turn double fast head drive, use distinctive drill pipe and outside get kind of covered converse double circumgyrate cut; Deploy a variety of combination drilling rig, complex and geological condition can wait to issue relaxed construction drilling to become stake in layer of all sorts of soft hard layer, clastic rock and terrane; As a result of a protection is gotten outside having, picket Kong Mo needs slop to protect a wall also won't cave in, get the perpendicular precision that cuts hole tall, construction rate is rapid. CNC Milling CNC Machining