Protect machine tool cutting tool, the actor of economic handling time accuses a technology

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Show will extensive on numerical control machine tool applying introduce from adaptive control system. Numerical control machine tool was being installed from adaptive control system later but managing 10% to the handling time of 40% , right main shaft, cutting tool and workpiece undertake protective, also can undertake monitoring to producing a course at the same time. OMAT is in from adaptive control system the user of aviation manufacturing industry is very general, be like France " airbus " , american Boeing and company of global aircraft engine, of Canada stride, german Daimule - Kelaisile and Aersitong - ABB, japanese aircraft production company of Japan. In the car production domain has: General motors company of the United States, this cropland of Japan, day is produced, feng Tian and 3 water chestnut; Of Korea contemporary, case inferior wait with Woerwo. Limited company of technology of Israel OMAT control is international is famous the professional corporation that is engaged in producing process monitoring from adaptive control technology and factory.

Its should control a system the first times oneself at 96 years already already research and development is successful, successful application at production. The actor mill that shows level OMATIVE company (OPTIMILL) , actor car (OPTITURN) , actor is ground and actor getting controller reachs Asian Korea and Japan extensively already to wait in Europe and United States. OMAT from adaptive control system compositive already the 810D/840D in Xi Menzi, the Millplus of DMG, in the X-POWER of the ITNC530 of Haidenhain and Fidia.

In Fanuc system compositive will at be being finished before the end of the year. OMAT is passed from adaptive control system detect the load of main shaft, the expert system that uses interior reachs data data to undertake analytic handling to collected main shaft signal and corresponding cutting tool, make through adjusting the feed fold of the machine tool numerical control machine tool works to machine condition in first-rate.

OMAT actor accuses implement the treatment efficiency that can improve 10%-40% of numerical control machine tool, effective undertake cutting tool attaint is mixed wear away detect, real time monitors effective treatment state to prevent the happening of grave accident, can machine 48 hours actually state notes to come down, the user is OK online or examine later. If contain OMATIVE-PRO manager people the statistical analysis that can have real time monitoring and administrative data to the machine tool of every couplet net.

Can record treatment backup to come down through the network, after be in, can undertake consulting waiting to producing a record. From this the factory can form the archives of the numerical control machine tool that in the light of installation OMAT actor controls a system, include to open stay time, cutting time, the type name amount that processes a spare parts, and the information such as uses cutting tool. Form the system of machine tool file with whole whole factory thereby. OMAT actor controls a system special agree with treatment is changed to compare by the material hardness of treatment workpiece big, form is complex the workpiece such as diversity. Can reflect the advantage that gives it to come more between rough machining and semifinishing machining. It is craft at the same time member the powerful assistant that analyses craft and manufacturing management. If you have the material hardness that processes work,inhomogenous difficult problem and costly cutting tool should undertake protective, perhaps need to raise treatment effect to lead hand-in-hand travel to produce a course real time monitoring when, can contact with us, can solving you to produce the difficult problem in machining a process and the help that provide in one's power to you is our very big honor. We assure go ahead of the rest with character, acceptance is undertaken be installed freely and grooming by Israel expert to the user that uses first, after the user is used, decide to whether buy this product again. Express regret greatly to delaying your valuable time.

Thank your attention and support. One, the function explains 1. Although change as cutting process and cutting condition changes,summarize, but every pace of numerical control machine tool walks along a knife to be made up by the program those who decide is constant feed undertakes. However, if OMAT from adaptive control implement (OptiMil-XL of actor mill controller, optiTurn-XL of actor car controller, actor gets controller OptiDrill-XL, actor grinds controller OptiGrand-XL) as direct as numerical control machine tool link, can come true monitor actual cutting condition, walk along the feed rate of the knife to adjust automatically to the most appropriate numerical value to each pace. OMAT from adaptive control implement the feed rate that makes sure the user gets set of program of be confined to no longer. Can avoid in protective cutting tool so damaged shorten at the same time treatment is periodic. The OptiMonitor-XL of OMAT (actor inspect controller) monitor cutting process continuously, just take an action below overload circumstance only (stop machine or call the police) 2. Protection of cutting tool attaint falls from the control of adaptive control system in OMAT, the parameter of treatment can get used to cutting tool bear and cutting operating mode automatically in real time. For example: Below overweighted circumstance, appear in sudden incident namely the diameter of semifinished product of the concussion of cutting tool or workpiece, work increases too big etc, what the expert system place that feed rate can reduce systematic interior automatically decides is the biggest allow a value. After extreme case goes, the system raises feed rate the biggest allow a value. When use OptiMonitor-XL, each pace takes a knife " use only monitor " (is not to use " feed is controlled " ) , should appear when the overload of two kinds of different level, LED general appeared with different glow color report the following the overload of two kinds of different level: A. Stop engine level overload: What achieved cutting tool when overload is the biggest permit rate, for example: When using overload of main shaft and the cutting tool that has worn away bad, cutting tool, of the system call the police the lamp is aglow, the machine tool suspends campaign. B. Call the police degree overload: When overload reached this kind of level, of the system call the police the lamp sends Huang Guang, can let a machine tool stop feed optionally at this moment. OptiDrill-XL deployed special algorithm in order to prevent the damage of cutting tool, when including to encounter extreme situation, for example: Be in " cross aperture " in cutting. 3. OptiTurn-XL of   of protection of main shaft drive can be experienced when what cutting bear reached unit of main shaft roll is the biggest allow a value. OptiTurn-XL feeling is answered through reducing feed to give after this one condition, fall in the limits that can accept till cutting bear in. Want cutting circumstance to allow only, optiTurn-XL raises feed to the level that answers relatively with bear of cutting of cost of the biggest allow. OptiMil-XL, OptiDrill-XL and OptiMonitor-XL undertake detecting to operating mode, what when achieve main shaft in order to judge is the biggest allow bear, stopping a machine tool to damage in order to prevent main shaft and machine tool when necessary, issue warning at the same time in order to remind handlers. 4. Undertake to compensate cutting tool to wear away automatic feed adjusts considering as cutting tool wear away, the bear of main shaft can increase gradually, OMAT from adaptive control implement can assure can the wear extent of cutting tool will try appropriate feed. Apply OMAT from adaptive control system, numerical control programmer does not need to be guarded overly when feed of process designing set. Can resemble like using brand-new and poignant cutting tool case set feed. In cutting process from adaptive control implement can be opposite in whole cutting process of cutting tool wear away undertake compensating. This means treatment cycle is the smallest forever, and do not have serve as cost with the life of sacrificial cutting tool. 5. Cutting tool tatty monitors aborning, OAMT actor accuses a system to be able to pass the study when processing the first work to wear away to cutting tool undertake monitoring. In subsequently treatment, OMAT actor accuses a system to continue to undertake monitoring to the state of cutting tool, press cutting tool wear away degree is occupied the biggest wear away the percent of degree will undertake indication. In can remind handlers to change to achieve the biggest cutting efficiency when the program ends when necessary cutting tool. If some getting cuts working procedure to booked aperture processes amount, so when this one working procedure ends, if appear,cutting tool wears away overly, so OptiDrill-XL still can remind handlers to change cutting tool. If of cutting tool wear away achieved 100% , OMAT actor accuses a system to be able to start special output, this one output can be received go up in peripheral, for example: Reserve off-the-pegly cutting tool library. 6. If the user enables this one function,the attaint of cutting tool detects, of OMAT from adaptive control implement can be in with OptiMonitor-XL cutting learns when the first workpiece detect the attaint of cutting tool. If appear,when cutting sequel work cutting tool damages, optiMil-XL, OptiDrill-XL and OptiMonitor-XL give immediately answer, issue warning of cutting tool attaint, suspend the campaign of the machine tool and put through special output. And this one output can be received go up in peripheral, for example: Reserve off-the-pegly cutting tool library. OptiTurn-XL is walking along the attaint that cutting tool just begins when the knife ends to answer currently only. 7. Cutting tool overload detects in cutting process, to an any specific cutting tool, achieve when actual cutting tool negative charge " call the police " when overload limit, from adaptive control implement give with OptiMonitor-XL answer, illume overload LED in order to issue warning. So that adopt remedial measure, for example: Change in time cutting tool, modification feed and main shaft rotate speed. When use OptiMonitor-XL, achieve when bear " overload calls the police " any actions do not need when degree, and achieve in actual cutting tool negative charge " overload stops machine " the machine tool stops when degree in order to answer overload. 8. The extension of cutting tool life falls in the circumstance of exceeding overload, OMAT from adaptive control implement lower feed rate. Wear away in what cutting tool can decrease in a lot of circumstances so, prolong the service life of cutting tool then. 9. The OMAT of the   that monitor of cutting power from adaptive control implement the real power that shows knife cutting continuously with OptiMonitor-XL. The power here expresses with holding the percentage of main shaft rated power. 10, data of statistic of cutting tool function is in by OMAT from adaptive control implement be controlled with OptiMonitor-XL and monitor while, can will all the performance data count that uses cutting tool in cutting process rises. These data include to be in from adaptive control implement the fold of in wear away and taking knife cutting course, measures the smallest feed that participate in and does not participate in the cutting time below control circumstance, cutting tool. The data of current cutting taking a knife is walking along the ability when the knife ends to show only, but all data taking a knife of place accumulative total can show in any moment. If use OMAT-Pro software, can obtain more detailed statistic data. 11, the flow that its can let monitor cooling fluid continuously through the setting when cooling fluid monitors use OMAT to optimize a system. The user can install threshold values of a discharge according to his desire, so that be in cutting process,maintain this flow all the time. If discharge is interrupted the time length that time achieved user process designing to install, the system will suspend the campaign of the machine tool. 2, OMAT of mode setting   optimizes a system to be able to let an user choose function of a kind of control in the light of the knife since each pace, work with making optimize a system: 1, optimize mode completely: Namely real time feed rate adjusts (the cutting tool that raises efficiency and trends in rough machining and semifinishing machining protects)     2, the mode that monitor: (the cutting tool protection in finish machining process and process monitor) : 3, incident records pattern: Undertake data logging merely, so that download the data of the record to the PC that installed OMAT-Pro subsequently. Once chose some to plant working mode, show the parameter that concerns with this job mode only on menu. Take a knife to each pace cutting, the material of cutting tool and workpiece is chosen from inside cutting tool library of the system and material library, the parameter of cutting also needs an input. Additionally one kind of method uses OMAT-Pro software namely, the setting of working procedure has on the PC, download the setting data of working procedure automatically from PC next. Need to hope to monitor to those only in working procedure, the measure taking a knife that gets used to feed control or incident record oneself undertakes installing. The system can go many cutting knife data (see technical standards) memory comes down, so that be used when having equal treatment subsequently. When setting process, join simple program string besides the place that trades a knife every time in the program outside, do not need to be opposite already some numerical control programs undertake any modification. The destination that adds string is an announcement when the system begins or stop. Additionally every begin an instruction to return a department to unite an announcement, begin which one pace in order to tell a machine tool to take a knife. If installed OMAT-Pro, these numerical control string can insert numerical control program automatically through OMAT-Pro in. 3, after operation setting is finished, the system enters automatic mode naturally, the cutting that has installed to those in whole cutting process walks along a knife to undertake controlling automatically. OMAT from adaptive control implement the cutting tool that chooses in phase of working procedure setting through identifying and material, make the bear of cutting tool maintains in its the biggest allow a level to go up. This means controller to undertake controlling according to the special algorithm that with every pace cutting photograph taking a knife gets used to, and the bear estimation that basis of ground of the add side this kind of algorithm measures the feed rate with appropriate cipher out. Ultimate machine tool uses rate of this one feed in real time in treatment. OMAT from adaptive control implement undertaking stabilizing successive feed rate pilot at the same time, still change to all exterior states inside whole cutting range the dynamic protection effect that has cutting tool. OMAT from adaptive control implement do not need predefine when the job limiting value of a bear. 4, option function 1, the XL version of system of control of OMAT of OMAT-Pro     can be mixed OMAT-Pro software cooperates to use. OMAT-Pro is an application software that is based on Windows, this software can be on the PC or use on the PC network that joins OMAT actor controls a system. OMAT-Pro is the administrative tool of administrator of a spot, it is monitored effectively and control the production of the machine tool. Regard the workshop of the machine tool as manufacturing management system, OMAT-Pro is compositive incident record, productivity can be monitored and the function such as data statistic report. OMAT-Pro can report and show the production that be as follows, machine tool and data of cutting tool statistic: " " the machine down time of the machine tool; " " of machine tool and cutting tool use a case; " " the condition of the machine tool (for example: The whirl of main shaft circumstance of condition, overload, whether be in cutting position to wait) ; " " the frequency of the treatment that finish; " " the work number that machines; " " personnel of cutting tool, machine tool, operation and relief circumstance. OMAT-Pro is OK the cutting course that real time ground, graph changes the ground to explain how OptiMill-XL, OptiTurn-XL, OptiDrill-XL, OptiGrand-XL and OptiMonitor-XL control numerical control machine tool. These data can change the ground to show in real time in the graph on the screen of the PC, still can be opposite through processing cutting process puts forward to sum up. The OMAT-Pro in cutting process controls a system to receive incident data from OMAT. Indication working procedure of OMAT-Pro record and real time, take knife, cutting tool incident and call the police wait for a circumstance. OMAT-Pro can handle a record to be on the PC according to need the data related to incident, ever since can instantly or cross some of moment to show these data with statistical data form. These reports included to concern state of job of manufacturing work, machine tool and cutting tool to use the comprehensive information of the circumstance. Have the aid of at OMAT-Pro, the user can compare the setting on far PC in distance machine tool its OMAT controls a system, the database of cutting working procedure can arise on the PC. Additional, OMAT-Pro can help a setting working procedure parameter, establish cutting tool library, government program of numerical control of working parameter library, editor and receive through the signal company with OMAT control system undertakes data switch is waited a moment. Had OMAT-Pro, changed different process to not be not the data-in in controlling a system toward OMAT actor with manual method certainly, this is particularly useful to repeating treatment. No matter have how many machine tool, how many cutting tool, OMAT-Pro can store relevant data rise, although involve,arrive most large-scale treatment job also can provide active support. 2, data logging appearance this kind of optional system is a kind of height compositive and portable store temporarily equipment, can store the data of working procedure and cutting tool. No matter be in,workshop spot environment still is in the office environment, data logging appearance all can be used at storing data, also can use at be in from adaptive control implement with data is transmitted between the PC that installed OMAT-Pro. If there is RS232 join between the machine tool of OMAT-Pro user and PC, recommend service data recorder. 3, exterior siren calls the police besides standard LED beyond the lamp, still can give OMAT from adaptive control implement deploy exterior siren. If appeared all sorts of extreme circumstances, the system brought about a machine tool stop, can remind the handlers of the machine tool at this moment. 5, apply actually, OMAT actor controls a system is to use a process to go up to undertake monitoring mixing to main shaft power self-adjusting to feed rate. Listed below more particular application situation: (Subordinate list 1) 6, installation installation is one-time process, finish by the delegate of OMAT accredit, installation divides a level: " " actor accuses implement with the join   OMAT of numerical control machine tool actor accuses implement it is general " add " peripheral system, can use actually join with any numerical control machine tools. Although actor accuses implement the style upgrades ceaselessly, do not need to undertake any altering to the machine tool however. Regard one a complete set of as complete solution, actor accuses implement include an I/O board. According to particular machine tool structure, i/O board is installed normally inside Control Panel of machine tool operator, in perhaps assembling the electric control cabinet in the machine tool. This I/O board formed the interface of system and NC and machine tool. This kind of electric installation does not need any special sensor, because this won't make,installation process becomes complex with take time.   of   of   of   of   of   of       needs to want to put through when installing the following and of all kinds signal: 1.

Over the base that the job of system of output of the imitate that monitor builds bear to monitor output signal in bear of driving unit of machine tool main shaft. OMAT controller wove technically oneself algorithm, use this kind of algorithm to be able to be planted according to this the moment of force with signal estimation corresponding cipher out. These signal below most circumstance are off-the-peg on main shaft driving unit. The load that can handling Control Panel even sometimes obtains this one signal on the watch. If do not have bear to monitor output signal sometimes, OMAT can offer the power sensor module of a kind of special design. This module is the component of product of a complete set of. 2.

The speed imitate that monitor is outputted (apply to OptiTurn-XL only)     OptiTurn-XL besides the basis beyond bear signal, still need to monitor output signal ability to work according to the speed of main shaft driving unit. 3.

Feed fold inputs the specific configuration according to numerical control machine tool, controller of OMAT feed rate offers imitate for the feed rate of programming or digital fold outputs signal, this accepts the feed fold signal of simulative or number with respect to machine tool of demand numerical control. 4.

The M function of numerical control machine tool is outputted or the interface of RS-232 accuses to control to be started automatically after cutting tool is called or stop actor, the system uses what one of the following methods will finish cutting tool to call: The   of function of M of user of 2) of M function   of 1)BCD or binary code form   of 3)RS-232 interface function " " the setting of controller and adjust after electric installation is finished, need undertakes one-time setting and adjust, need to complete treatment of certain standard working procedure among them. The objective that has the process with these brief for the moment is to make the system suits at specific machine tool requirement. CNC Milling CNC Machining