5 notes that explosion proof electric machinery overhauls

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1, explosion proof electric machinery must not disassemble at will; disassembles when the overhaul, the explosion proof face that cannot use a part makes the fulcrum of prize club, more do not allow to beat or strike explosion proof area. 2, disassemble when electric machinery, should get off first fan housing, fan, reoccupy covers tube plate hand to disassemble upright lid and the bolt that bearing builds, next, bump an axis to extend with log or axial of cupreous strong edge, make carry lid and baseplate departure, get off finally rotor. Dismantle a part, explosion proof face should be laid aside on face, go up with rubber or cloth gasket lid, tighten solid bolt, the attention such as bedspring mat is not missing. 3, when dip Qi He is assembled, the insulating varnish that should adhere to explosion proof face or dirty content are cleaned clean, must not use iron piece wait for good thing to blow delimit, but can use oilstone abrade and rough whole place. 4, if explosion proof face is injured, must use HISnPb58-2 of plumbic stannum solder, welding flux is hydrochloric acid of 30% pH indicator (to steeliness spare parts) or the stannic zinc solder of the 58~60% that contain stannum, welding flux is ammonium chloride 30% , chloridize zinc 70% , the 100~150% that add water mixes solution (right cast-iron) undertake solder fills, the union of solder and spare parts wants firm, raised part should be ground smooth, those who obtain a provision is bright and clean degree. 5, become rusty to prevent explosion proof look unfamiliar, should go up in explosion proof face daub engine oil or 204-1 displacement antirust oil. CNC Milling CNC Machining