Introduction MP SCALE

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MP SCALE of company of 3 water chestnut begins to have production at cooperating with technology of American INDUCTSYN company 1970. MP SCALE is the spare parts that ensures in tool machine precision is important, to the stability of the precision when temperature changes, wait to oil or eyewinker use it is better to have be able to bear or endure environmental sex, easy installation reachs the high strenth with spare parts qualitative material. 3 water chestnut are versed in these necessary basic function the condition is joined again, with alone technical development is improved piece can be in high speed, tall the product that analytic absolutely detects, except use going up from the tool machine of the company besides, the tool engine plant that still sells world each country is used. Next, will make the introduction about principle and feature. 1.

Utility MP SCALE is the linear shift that applies in high accuracy machine and the positional detector that corner coming back spends, direct installation shuts return circuit completely at moving to be able to detect directly half, the back that does not get drive share is unoccupied place the influence that expands with span precision and heat, can promote machine stage integral precision. Following it is the advantage that the introduction exploits MP SCALE and use model. 1 ) when high accuracy machines 5 axes Machining Center Rotary Scale to tilt when bend inclined shaft, although Scale installs attitude to metabolic precision also still can maintain actual check to go out, the curved surface of applicable high accuracy is machined. Be able to bear or endure environmental sex uses the splash below many cutting fluid circumstance to also won't have a problem to Scale, the use that can set his mind at. 2) world of Super Miller (is the greatest tool machine) the Scale join way that grows the journey to use every 1m, in all 32.

Below the journey of 5m controallable in 0.

001mm goes out. Absolutely check goes out to be used with stage of large scale computer on origin revert needs a few time after devoted power source, but collect MP Scale but absolute value check goes out, do not need to switch on the mobile phone origin revert movement. 3) 5 axes Head is thinner the Scale on the design is thinner, head interference space is OK also very small, because this Head is close to working space but bigger. Aperture of large requirements be well versed in uses large requirements because of the construction of Scale itself hollow aperture design, can design layout · tubing freely so. 4) add function is compound the main shaft high accuracy of lathe, high rate undertakes with second unit in compound treatment high accuracy is machined, rotating when cutting is machined controallable in 10, 000min-1 rotates. (When serial interface) construction of itself of Scale of aperture of large requirements be well versed in is use large requirements hollow, so material of big stick-means of intimidation also can pass aperture of be well versed in. 2.

The principle depends on 2 conductor, little space separates parallel to be opposite, if one party adds alternating current and electromagnetism revulsive action causes tension of other one party revulsive action. MP SCALE is to take out this change that causes tension to undertake positional check goes out. MP SCALE always is combined with having 2, one is SCALE, another calls SLIDER(to detect the Rotary MP Scale of angle call them Rotor and Stator) , because the electromagnetism between Scale and Slider joins degree of concern,this causes voltage volume, cause relative position to change. Relative position and electromagnetism join positional concern. Positional A, the conductor of Scale and Slider falls in the position of complete one on top of another, cause tension the value is the greatest. Make an appointment with the positional B of deviate 1/4 Pitch from positional A, magnetism bundle can eliminate generation to cause voltage to become each other 0. Arrive from positional A between positional B can decrease slowly. Make an appointment with the positional C of deviate 1/2 from positional A, the direction of configuration pouring body of positional A is become return way, cause the biggest look to go against polarity voltage. The positional D later is 0 voltage, positional E and positional A are identical. Cause the change of voltage along with what write Slider parallel to move, conductor can form beautiful SIN curve between every 1Pitch. The content of above indicates with following formula. 0   of V = KI   of   of   of   of   of   of CoskXsin ω T is formulary (V of   of   of   of   of 1)     : Cause K of voltage     : The I of   of   of   of coefficient     of Gap depend on sb or sth for existence 0: The k of   of   of   of amplitude     that induces electric current: The X of   of   of   of length     of the 1 Cycle of Pattern of 2 π / : ω of displacement     : The t of angle speed   of magnetizing current: Time emphasizes formula (the displacement amount that 1) causes voltage V is by Slider displacement X, or of clearance change the metabolic generation that reachs magnetizing current I0 is not had divisional. Accordingly, to eliminate gap fluctuant or the influence of magnetizing current I0, on the Slider of MP Scale, the means that uses deviate 1/4 Pitch combines 2 coil. Deviate after a 1/4, the formula of another conductor is KI of = of     V   of   of   of   of   of T of 0   SinkXsin ω is formulary (the method that 2) takes out displacement X has, (1) takes out a discrepant kind (DPM: Digital Phase Modulation) and (the amplitude kind that 2) takes out amplitude (DSCG: Digital Sin Cos Generator) two kinds. (1) photograph kind photograph kind is 2 coil Slider in shift 90 degrees get along input excitation signal, displacement with the means that differs to go out from Scale check. Wave of online circle A SIN (Sin ω T) go up wave of input coil B COS (Cos ω T) when, of Scale cause voltage to be 0sin of KI of = of   of   of T of ω of 0sinkXcos of KI of + of T of ω of 0coskXsin of V = KI (T of ω of k X + )   of   of       is formulary (3) formula (the fluctuant influence of 3) displacement X and Gap and magnetizing current amplitude, but can check gives a X of posture change k . (Means of amplitude of 2) amplitude means is the electric current that flows with 2 coil identical, let amplitude produce metabolic kind. If the amplitude of coil A and B flow electric current is mixed with I 0sink Y - if the magnetizing current of Y of I 0cos k flows, of Scale cause voltage to be: T of CoskXsin ω of Y of 0sink of V = KI - KI of = of   of   of   of T of SinkXsin ω of KI 0cosk Y 0 (Sink Y CoskX - Cosk Y SinkX) K of   of 0sin of KI of = of   of   of   of Sin ω T (Y- X) formula of   of   of   of   of Sin ω T, scale causes voltage to need to be 0, at that time the of Y no matter coefficient KI 0 can measure displacement X directly. Amplitude means but check gives shake 0, change to heat with interference stronger, because this 3 water chestnut weigh the A/D transformer of labour,use the means of amplitude. 3.

Tectonic these construction are exceedingly pure, in armor plate above material of besmear cloth insulation etchs on Copper Foil next comb, have on Slider(Stator) affix to fight electrostatic aluminum foil. 4.

Diagnostic MP Scale has following advantage. The assurance of 1) high accuracy with MPI-1272A precision is high resolution of 2 seconds 2) / high accuracy strings together line I/F with 0.

0001 check go out, can rotate 10, 000 Min-1. (When serial interface) 3) fights an eyewinker, oily, because knot dew is electromagnetism revulsive means, won't get so smeary.


The influence such as knot dew. 4) direct check goes out collect direct check to go out, won't get so the Pitch of drive part and influence error. The space that 5) installs is lesser for the Scale with 5 Inch, ply has 14mm only is a very deft and convenient product. And use hollow aperture Type. 6) blame contacts wear to because do not have,collect bearing or bedspring high not to need completely to contact and the change that does not need afraid and long-term time causes precision to degrade. The coder combination that although standard Scale needs batteries to support only,check of 7) absolutely gives can detect already an absolutely , also have application additionally the Scale that at DD motor special and absolutely detects. 8) heat changes the copper of an identical Pattern has malleability, the rate of hot coefficient of expansion that Scale base material uses rolled steel and system of machine a playscript with stage directions is identical. 9) can join with device of other home NC can join with the NC such as electric machinery of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut, FANUC, SEIMES, An Chuan. When using MP Scale to gain the attention on the use of high accuracy, lest happen,notice following item please detect error. 1 ) of installed surface tilt and core axis deflection with general Scale installed surface tilt to with core axis can what be 1 cycle 360 degrees determine error happening. General Scale meeting configuration has 2 symmetrical check to give Head to avoid core axis deflection. MP Scale uses overall be careful in one's conduct to give Head, make of installed surface tilt to slant with core axis the influence of core is minor, of the installed surface of 10 μ m tilt and the deflection of axis of core of 10 μ m is with generation of MPI-1272B citing error 0.

4 seconds, this error tilts and core axis deflection is to become scale, still will tilt to slant with core axis as far as possible so core adjusts small Caikede relatively the precision of beautiful. 2) because the electromagnetism union of layout causes error MP Scale,be cause by Scale(Rotor) and Slider(Stator) electromagnetism union cause voltage to detect the position. If carelessly wiring causes the word that electromagnetism tie produces between wiring, MP Scale is met cannot cause voltage to cause an error through happening directly. Use Twist correctly to keep apart a line to undertake layout can prevent this electromagnetism union. 3) encourage brace up electric current is lopsided those who bring about an error to generate excitation alternating current when 2 coil of Slider(Stator) is lopsided when happening, the 1/2 Pitch error that can have cycle happens. This can undertake adjustment according to excitation signal very small. Before our company A/D transformer shipment already presetting is finished, the speed inward turning with the machine can let be in certain if if need to undertake the error makes good omissions again,passing turns, undertake wave of positional deviation cycle is adjusted again. Above, narrated the electromagnetism with concerned comprehensive MP Scale to tie kind. The hope is using MP Scale to go up to be helped somewhat to everybody. CNC Milling CNC Machining