Shallow talk about the conductance application in accumulator industry

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The summary is with MSEC series batteries exemple, studied specific applying conductance is certain in accumulator industry, if pass conductance to check internal resistance of batteries of estimation cipher out to be worth, whether will mirror plate of batteries capacity, batteries to corrode interior of degree, batteries with conductance circumstance of loop electric conduction, batteries and join fittings tighten firm program to wait. And also discussed the limitation of certain respect in conductance application. Plate of batteries of capacity of batteries of internal resistance of batteries of conductance of keyword lead acerbity accumulator is corroded, battery life, unusual battery one, introductive in recent years, a powerful person charges pattern sealed maintenance-free plumbic acerbity accumulator (VRLA batteries) the use in communication industry is more and more general. As a result of VRLA batteries relatively the acerbity storage battery of mouth type lead that uses generally before used relatively complex gas interior to absorb technology and sealed structure, can come true consequently " avoid dimension " , do not need to add water, filling acid namely, do not need to detect again electrolyte proportion, but the sealed structure of the batteries that avoid dimension reachs an user to use those who safeguard personnel to judge accumulator to used a state to bring certain difficulty to accumulator manufacturer again, need the capacity after accumulator of more accurate judgement uses period of time for example, commonly through batteries actual discharge experiment undertakes, time is long, need specialized discharge test equipment, and during discharge during the equipment that must assure adequately to need batteries power supply is discharging won't cut off the power because of town report power cut. Be in like accumulator again the course is longer after using, how to judge accumulator interior to plate corrodes a circumstance and promote the service life that breaks batteries with this? Consequently people hope can solve this kind of problem through other and simple and easy way and method. Recently, somebody puts forward conductance applicable to solve a few problems that exist at present in accumulator industry, did a part to study the work through the experiment for this author, sum up as follows now, the person of the same trade inside the user that uses my company storage battery for wide ambassador only and course of study is referenced. 2, experiment and discuss above all, via consulting data, conductance, namely the reciprocal of resistor, its international unit is Siemens (Xi Menzi) , american unit is Ω - 1 (mho) . Batteries conductance checks a principle to be: In batteries two end add the alternating voltage signal of a foregone frequency and amplitude, measure go out to be worth with phasic alternating current with alternating voltage, the ratio of heft of its alternating current and alternating voltage is the conductance of batteries namely. Accordingly, through measuring the conductance of batteries the value can be calculated approximately the internal resistance of batteries (the reciprocal value) that batteries internal resistance is conductance namely. The internal resistance of a lot of character of accumulator and batteries itself is having close relationship or the metabolic report that can carry internal resistance to come out. It is the conductivity gauge that manufacturer of Han Mou of benefit use force produces below, study a result to what a few respects of batteries function undertake: 1, the internal resistance that conductivity gauge measures accumulator. 1~2 of quiet place of the open a way after via be opposite the test charges completely in the future MSE-300C batteries, its conductance value is in about 3.

10KS left and right sides, if press the internal resistance of accumulator to be its,the reciprocal value of conductance is calculated, it is about 3.

Ω of 2 × 10-4, namely 0.

32m Ω . This numerical value and the batteries internal resistance that measure through other method are worth (0.

30m Ω is controlled) more adjacent. 2, the capacity of 1 hour of rate that the MSE-300C batteries after the concern that accumulator charges the capacity in discharge process and conductance fills discharge 4 times to circulate to passing again after classics initial charge has (discharge) experiment: 165A of discharge electric current, 25 Celsius control environmental temperature, every other checks the conductance of batteries and voltage 10 minutes. The numeric change circumstance that the conductance in discharge process and batteries give off capacity, voltage and batteries to give off a capacity sees a picture 1, graph 2 by the graph 1 visible, as discharge process undertake, conductance is worth as the capacity decrease and reduce gradually, this and graph show voltage 2 times to change along with batteries capacity the curve is relatively similar. Circumstance of this kind of change is not fathomless: The chemical reaction that batteries produces in discharge process is: PbO2+Pb+2H2SO4 → 2PbSO4+2H2O is well-known, pb of material of active of the active material PbO2 on positive electrode, negative pole and H2SO4 electrolyte, have stronger electric capacity, and the electric capacity of PbSO4 and H2O is very weak however, react by above type can see, in discharge process, the H2SO4 in Pb of material of active of the active material PbO2 on the anode with electric strong capability, negative pole and electrolyte is used up ceaselessly and the PbSO4 with very weak ability of translate into electric conduction is mixed H2O, make batteries interior guides electric energy force is reduced ceaselessly thereby, the internal resistance of batteries itself increases ceaselessly, namely conductance is reduced ceaselessly. Consequently batteries conductance can carry voltage with batteries same, the reaction wear out condition that reflects material of batteries interior active below certain condition, namely the capacity circumstance of batteries. 3, batteries interior plate corrodes the condition impact to batteries conductance generally speaking VRLA batteries anode board corroding is an influence batteries float charges the main factor of life. Batteries anode board in long float fills use process in, because positive electrode potential is higher, material of positive electrode active has stronger oxidisability, in together with electrolyte vitriolic also have strong oxidisability, the anode that reason is cast by plumbic alloy and becomes board bar is corroded easily ceaselessly, the process is corrupted in board bar in, material of positive electrode active and the union of board bar can go to fall off loose then gradually, bring about batteries to guide electric energy force is reduced ceaselessly, batteries internal resistance increases gradually, conductance value is reduced, also make batteries capacity is reduced. Express 1 it is 3 charge too (via 0.

02C (6A) electric current charges too after 12 months) the conductance value of the MSE-300C batteries after, the conductance that can see the batteries with strong production is worth photograph comparing, the batteries conductance value after charging too is already lesser. Because charge via passing for long,this is, make batteries plate is corroded serious. Active material and board bar union are inattentive, batteries guides electric energy force drops, consequently expression is worth for conductance lesser. investigation of this batteries disintegrate, also confirmed this. Watch 1, the conductance circumstance project of the batteries after charging too charges too the batteries of 12 months just left factory batteries is dormant conductance 2.






98610 rate final voltage 1.






8464, the connection of batteries breakdown and conductance if accumulator solders as a result of interior (extremely group solder, terminal and terminal solder) undesirable, overmuch or the quantity that note fluid is too little, its are in-house after batteries classics initial charge function of loop electric conduction can be affected for certain, its internal resistance also can appear necessarily unusual. If solder undesirable or electrolyte quantity can make batteries internal resistance increases significantly not quite, batteries conductance can be reduced apparently. If batteries is in-house,short circuit or electrolyte quantity are brought about to exceed as a result of certain reason when soldering conversely, will make batteries internal resistance is behaved to reduce, batteries conductance increases accordingly. Can see from above: Conductivity gauge can be used detect the existence of certain breakdown batteries, be helpful for solving the problem with other method insoluble place. Those who go up is put in certain level to solder like batteries of the some in using open circuit, but the electric current when charging as a result of float is small, it is relatively normal that float fills voltage to may behave the ground, if do not undertake discharge or checking conductance, be hard to discover this fault relatively. 5, the conductance of the batteries after state of the join between batteries passes a test to discharge join via copper to the influence of batteries conductance, close firm degree is insufficient when can discovering link (close solid bolt did not screw) or join interface (cupreous platoon and terminal) undesirable batteries, can avoid the join between batteries to bolt originallies not closely and make batteries is in in filling discharge process, give out heat and damage. Express the 2 conductance that are the with not close solid batteries after bolt originallies closely to check data. The batteries conductance value that the conductance value that can see bolt tightens the batteries after solid from this wants to compare not close solid is great, differ even multiple, because cupreous platoon and terminal classics bolt tighten resistor of the contact after solid to be reduced greatly,this is, if use conductivity gauge to measure upright clip to hold batteries copper,the platoon undertakes conductance is worth checking, because loop of whole test included batteries copper to discharge resistor and terminal and cupreous platoon to contact resistor, and make the resistor of whole test loop increases and make batteries conductance slants small. This shows discharges the conductance of the batteries after join through measuring classics copper, also can mirror batteries copper to discharge join to whether tighten solid. Watch 2, cupreous platoon originallies closely the comparison that batteries conductance is worth the batteries that 1#2#3#4# of result batteries serial number originallies not closely (KS) 2.




The batteries after 443 close solid (KS) 2.




197 although from above can see conductance is made to the production of accumulator industry in 5 o'clock, quality controls what process and user are in to move defend the action with arrive particular since the metropolis, but investigate its are essential, conductance test just measures conductivity gauge between two tests end resistor, it is batteries resistor showed a few issues. The application that consequently conductance checks puts in certain limitation: 1, the electric ability that conductance value just reflected batteries interior, the bulk that is not worth can purely with conductance will show the volume of batteries capacity, batteries capacity is a factor that affects batteries conductance merely. Be like from the watch 1 in we can have seen charge although the batteries conductance value after 12 months is lesser already, be like pure ground from the graph 1 will look is batteries capacity it seems that already place remnant very few, but prove through the experiment, size of 10 hours of rate still can obtain this batches of cell 100% . Conductance value is lesser just explained batteries course is long charge too, electrolyte quantity reduces batteries interior, board bar is corroded serious, cause batteries internal resistance to increase substantially, but batteries capacity was not affected greatly because of the accretion of resistor. Can pass the fiducial cost of set batteries conductance as to conductivity gauge, determine the size of batteries through undertaking comparative coming with the batteries conductance value of actual measurement, the author thinks more do not answer so simple. Decide fiducially about batteries conductance additionally, average is taken to be worth as the reference with fiducial conductance after the conductivity gauge that suggests the user uses a hold surveys a certain quantity of batteries group actually. 2, same, the life that the author thinks the conductance value that uses cell will judge batteries well and truly is relatively difficult also. Although take no account of batteries to fill the effect that discharge circulation time helps to batteries, consider batteries to always be in float to fill only use, and maintained first-rate float to charge voltage and environmental temperature, because domestic a powerful person accuses the time since type batteries is used generally in each industry not to grow, and a powerful person charges type storage battery float fills service life longer (can amount to 10 years of) commonly, accumulator manufacturer may accumulate the metabolic numerical value that is hard to offer batteries conductance to fill time along with batteries float to the user not quite as a result of data now, the numerical value that uses conductance consequently will decide well and truly the life of batteries comes round to see a likelihood be hard to accomplish from eye. 3, to same batteries, conductance checks place to differ, its measured value can have certain difference, because measure place to differ,this is formed those who differ to measure return. Additional, batteries is in join of the platoon that do not have copper and batteries terminal and copper discharge ability of electric conduction of linked list face to differ to also can make the test value of batteries conductance appears big difference. The reason is a test from time to tome when copper discharges existence, a copper discharge itself to be put in certain resistance, second the existence between cupreous platoon and terminal contacts resistor. 4, be designed according to what batteries produces manufacturer and manufacture technology and the internal resistance of batteries decides, different battery manufacturer because design and manufacturing technology are different, the internal resistance of batteries also can differ somewhat. If use lesser losing plate to assemble the clapboard with distance, use lesser resistance, perfusion to use the welder with vitriolic bigger electrolyte, advanced chroma art can make accumulator internal resistance is reduced, conductance increases. Because differ to manufacturer conductance base differs and appear,the function of the certain respect that will judge batteries with conductance is met deviation. 5, the conductivity gauge that different manufacturer produces may use different technology severally, the size of the alternating voltage that arises like the conductivity gauge when conductance checks, discretion that communicates frequency, difference that gauges precision, of these elements different, may make measured value appears different. To identical batteries, the conductivity gauge that different manufacturer produces checks a value to may differ somewhat. 6, an element that temperature is influence conductance value, temperature is higher, batteries internal resistance is less, batteries conductance value is greater. When because this is in,to batteries conductance the value undertakes metrical, must consider the temperature impact to batteries conductance, be aimed at the environmental temperature when conductivity gauge set checks. 3, conclusion is mixed from above experiment discuss in light of, on one hand, use conductivity gauge to be able to move in batteries really safeguard and positive effect arrives since quality control respect: 1, the internal resistance numerical value that conductivity gauge can use reflective cell on certain level reachs his to run the metabolic condition in the process in batteries; 2, the comparison that is worth through conductance, can discover individual and potential unusual battery, be like the batteries with different level short circuit, open circuit, bad connection, the existence of these unusual battery, have greater harm to rectifying group batteries to tell, need to reserve especially the power supply that different level will cause when batteries group throws power supply to move is interrupted ahead of schedule. The part in if can use conductance to send,showing to move actually consequently is unusual batteries, batteries will rise to regard as on certain level reserve the dependability of power source. On the other hand, conductance application also has notable problem: Be safeguarded as a kind in use conductance and quality pilot method, the author thinks had better be the profundity on the principle understands and know from its, be like the relation of batteries capacity, life and batteries conductance, want to reflect the concern of meantime well and truly, still need many sided (include conductivity gauge to produce manufacturer of manufacturer, battery the home, user) hard. Condition of the join between temperature change circumstance, batteries should notice when conductance is measured, the conductivity gauge that had better make be produced with same manufacturer will measure batteries conductance and undertake contrast, when measuring, should notice to measure same position, then passes what electric derivative occupies to accumulate will mirror batteries the metabolic circumstance of certain property index, if batteries interior is corroded, life, capacity. Finally, author hope can is the same as in the following job the person of the same trade inside broad user, course of study does farther experiment and research to this together, gather data, so that provide better proposal and experience, the use that is accumulator is safeguarded and quality control serves better. Finally, because author level is finite, here cordial ground hopes everybody is aimed at article place to narrate content to offer precious opinion. CNC Milling CNC Machining