The aperture inside cylinder body of crock of the hydraulic pressure that prop up machines shallow analyse of craft and problem

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Summary: The influence that in analysing crane to prop up the aperture inside cylinder body of hydraulic pressure crock to machine craft and treatment process, appears machines a certain number of problems of quality. Graph part drawing of crock of 1 hydraulic pressure pursues 2 workpiece outfit places sketch map 3 treatment sketch map sketch map of 4 float boring cutter 1.

Float boring cutter 2.

Oriented piece 3.

Sealing ring 4.

Impaction nut pursues plan of 6 hob plan spends composition of a picture of knot of head of 5 boring cutter 7 times phenomenal signal one, a the overview props up hydraulic pressure crock is crane important part, the function of hydraulic pressure crock mattered to the safety when crane condole is heavy reliably, demand of technology of crock of the hydraulic pressure that prop up is so high, body machines precision to the spare parts now the demand is high. Cylinder body is the important part of hydraulic pressure crock, it is by contact and flange dish solder to be comprised on earthen pipe. If the graph is shown 1 times, the steel tube of cylinder body, connect and flange dish uses data all is 45 steel. The aperture inside work semifinished product is Ø210mm, the circle is Ø300mm outside, long for 740mm. Because cylinder body aperture is small, what use boring rod fine, cut bits not easy eduction, medicinal powder heat energy force is poor, cutting tool wears away easily, bring certain difficulty to machining. Accordingly, should use proper technology to undertake machining. 2, inside a problem that appears in aperture treatment in machining a process, treatment of the aperture inside cylinder body appears as follows problem. Inside aperture center line is deflective, cylinder body wall is large inhomogenous. The aperture inside cylinder body the question with different measurement of two port occurrence diameter. Inside aperture surface is scraggly, short of of exterior surface roughness asks. 3, the choice cylinder body with fiducial craft must pass the following much talk working procedure: Thick vehicle center wears → of tool reference plane the circle outside thick car, inside aperture → solders flange → delimits → of 6-Ø20 opening line gets → of 6-Ø20 of bore with a reamer to deserve to column is sold and solder → of boring of essence of → of half essence boring rolls → of thick boring of → of face of fixed position of flange of vehicle of fine of → of → anneal processing press. The problem with the internal stress that solder to because cylinder body is combined,be eliminated and appears and material inhomogenous hardness, must undertake going to cylinder body stress anneal, in order to reduce workpiece deflection. Crucial in these working procedure working procedure comes for keyhole boil pressure inside aperture. Reach to assure to bore hole roll wall of the workpiece after pressing thick even, achieve the technical requirement of a need, in the following bore hole reach boil pressure, each chamfer machines the aperture inside the car in reach a center to wear tool reference plane to be with flange face fiducial, follow fiducial and unified principle. 4, the analysis of a certain number of problems reachs influence treatment mass solve main analysis bores hole below method to boil pressure inside the problem that appears in the working procedure such as aperture. Reach in boring of thick boring, half essence boring, essence of life boil in pressing treatment, place is TZ120A deep aperture to get boring machine with equipment. If the graph is shown 2 times,workpiece outfit places means. To eliminate a large number of heat in metal cutting of the generation in machining, facilitate eliminate to cut bits, lubricate pair of knife piece and oriented piece, the oily fluid that gear pump outputs should have constant pressure and flow, via the via inside boring cutter lever and boring cutter hub 8 alveolus are poured out of, cooling knife head, will cut bits to rush from raw surface at the same time. To make a bits easy, cut bits to should be C form bits. Thick boring, half essence boring is in the treatment of thick boring, half essence boring, to reduce the radial load Fy when boring hole, make cutting speed is mixed quickly cutting deepness is big, should use tool cutting edge angle to be the hard alloy boring cutter of 75 ° , to assure ideal cutting process, when the long crock canister with boring small aperture, because boring staff is thin, systematic stiffness is poor, accordingly, should choose reasonable cutting dosage. When thick boring, machine tool rotate speed is 30r/min, feed is 7.

5mm/min, cutting deepness is 1.

5mm, size control is in aperture inside Ø218mm; When half essence file, machine tool rotate speed is 30r/min, feed is 10.

6mm/rnin, cutting deepness is 0.

75mm, internal diameter size control is in Ø219.

5mm left and right sides. Appear inside aperture center line is deflective, create crock canister wall thick inhomogenous reason and countermeasure are in treatment of half essence boring, existing craft is accorded with to ask to fall in cutter hub dimension, cutter hub is oriented piece it is with clearance of the aperture inside its 0.

When boring undertaking below the circumstance of 10m M, because boring lever stiffness is poor, what fight force in cutting is counteractive below, cutting tool can produce minim displacement phenomenon. Although direct in boring head piece below control, place boring goes out inside aperture measure is true, but central line is in in the entrance inevitable and deflective 0.

10mm, create here wall large difference 0.

20mm. Be over when boring work is full-length after 736mm, mural large difference will be added to 1.

14mm. It is as a result of the mental allowance between half essence boring and boring of essence of life 0.

50mm, because central line is deflective,cannot amend after boring of essence of life so create cylinder body wall thick differ phenomenon. The measure that solves this problem is: Should will oriented set direct with cutter hub piece clearance is affirmatory in 0.

02mm left and right sides. Such cutting tool won't deflection, cylinder body wall is large a problem that differ solved. The measure of one aspect of the matter of the workpiece after half essence boring is true and the treatment of the reason of out of tolerance of another upright dimension and countermeasure in half essence boring is medium, although be measured so that the entrance carries dimension to be in tolerancepublic errand limits when test-drive, but because be to close cutting, the treatment in workpiece cannot undertake metrical in the process, when boring ends to undertake metrical again, the exit that discovers crock canister possibly carries dimension out of tolerance, and make boring of essence of life does not have mental allowance, appear easily reject. If the graph is shown 3 times, the account that produces waste product is line of boring lever center and line of center of boring cutter head form A part. As a result of deflective, when boring workpiece, cause boring head to be in brace up place condition. Such, the Kong Yu inside treatment is long, deflective swing more big, exit carries dimension to also heal big. The method that solves this one problem is to be in the design of boring head, make line of boring head center and coincide of line of boring lever center, do not form A part. Solved the problem with port different measurement so. Precision of the cylinder body after boring of essence of life is pressed to make boil achieves sketch design requirement, float essence boring should undertake 2 times after half essence boring, choice boring cutter is adjustable type float boring cutter. If pursue,4 are shown. Knife head has 1 ° the oriented horn of 2 ° of 30 ~ , have flat Xiu Guangren, hind role is minor, namely 6 ° of A=4 ° ~ . Extruding effect has when such boring, make inside aperture surface surface roughness amounts to Ra1.

6µm, precision amounts to IT7 class. Because boring cutter piece drifts, and workpiece is in again rotate condition, accordingly knife piece has be opposite automatically neuter, and oriented and good. Structure of boring cutter head is shown 5 times like the graph, those who pursue medium is oriented piece for nylon, have certain flexibility. Make with this kind of material oriented piece, can avoid the appearance that abrade already machined already, the oriented requirement with essential tenability. Adjusting oriented piece when, oriented piece should adjust to be more than dimension of boring cutter piece slightly. Such, interference of can automatic when boring of essence of life abrasion, and the oriented precision that keeps more accurate. In producing practice, we used experiment method. When boring of essence of first time float, use optimal rotate speed to be 30r/min, feed is 15mm/min, cutting deepness is 0.

2mm, size control is in aperture inside Ø219.

9 ± 0.

01mm. When boring of the 2nd essence. Use optimal rotate speed to be 30r/min, feed is only 7.

5mm/min, cutting deepness is 0.

05mm, size control is in aperture inside Ø220+0.


05mm. Show through real operation this cutting dosage is more appropriate, for from the back boil pressed treatment to lay solid foundation. Boil if the graph is shown 6 times,press treatment, the design is achieved to ask after to make the Kong Zaigun inside cylinder body is pressed, rolling material of the basis when pressing to reach structural size character, use boil press interference to should be in 0.

02 ~ 0.

Between 04mm. Place is the globose field roller that can adjust dimension with field roller. Boiling in pressing treatment, feed is too big, boil inside unit time pressure density is insufficient, accordingly, boil after pressing inside Kong Hui produces scraggly appearance, namely generation wave spends a phenomenon, if pursue,7 are shown. To make the aperture inside cylinder body smoother further, average first time boils press rotate speed to be 70r/min, boil press feed to be 15mm/min. Boil the 2nd times pressure fall feed for 7.

5mm/min. Make surface roughness of surface of the aperture inside cylinder body achieved technical requirement thereby. Inside such unit time boil control a number somewhat grow in quantity, boil press density to also increase, achieved thereby overcome wave spend a phenomenon, improved product quality. Boil controlling treatment process is globose roller is medium part of upright R body is pressed forcibly to workpiece surface, make workpiece surface layer produces plasticity metabolic course. Boil those who control a process is lubricant with refrigeration and boring of essence of life. 5, the article passes the last word to machine craft to propping up the aperture inside cylinder body of hydraulic pressure crock boring of fiducial choice, thick boring, half essence boring, essence of life and boil press treatment craft and an appearing problem to analyse, offerred reasonable and feasible craft course and means, made sure cylinder body machines quality, have referenced effect to be the same as the treatment of the aperture inside crock of type hydraulic pressure. CNC Milling CNC Machining