Tte of Alfred H.Sch ü carries a machine tool to be tasted newly ginseng exhibit CIMT 2007

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Alfred H of manufacturer of German machine tool.

Company of Sch ü Tte, will at exhibition of machine tool of the 10th China International (CIMT2007, came 15 days on April 9 at Beijing) on reveal a machine tool to be tasted newly. Grinding machine of a when be about to reveal all-purpose tool 305, distribute stock 5 CNC axis, can have direct drive. Regard a tool as grinder, its can undertake gyral with blame rotate the production of metallic cutting equipment and carpentry tool and grind again; In the meantime, regard an all-purpose type of production as grinder, this equipment can be used at what complex outline produces a part to be ground beforehand grind with essence of life. This machine tool has 5 to be ground automatically annulus, and refrigerant mouth converter, its are all-purpose the rotate speed of runner shaft coming back can be in 0 with ± alternate between 2500rpm. In addition, its still can deploy unifinication workpiece to carry system, rear push frame, and artificial with automatic stable device. System of abrade software of Sch ü Tte can undertake to specific function compositive, the user interface of window type makes process designing and treatment operation more convenience. CNC Milling CNC Machining